Archadeck Creates An Outdoor Living Utopia in West Austin’s Westminster Estates

How does your idea of an“outdoor living utopia” compare to the West Austin deck / covered patio / outdoor kitchen featured here? Our clients in the West Austin neighborhood of Westminster Estates wanted a total outdoor living transformation at their home. Archadeck of Austin was happy to oblige. We designed and built a custom, multi-faceted outdoor living space combining several structures. The more you examine these photos, the more you’ll see! In addition to the elevated deck, under-deck patio (dry deck space) and outdoor kitchen, this project includes a privacy wall and an outdoor shower. Yes, a shower!

These Westminster Estates homeowners had an elevated deck overlooking their pool. The deck needed to be replaced, and the homeowners were looking for so much more than just another deck. We talked with them about creating a dry-deck area under the new deck we would build. Because their deck was quite large, and 10 ft. high, the space beneath it held tons of potential. What did they want most? A loaded outdoor kitchen with all the bells and whistles. And a shower. Done!

— Before Archadeck of Austin began the new project.

Austin Low-Maintenance Deck Builder

The homeowners knew going into this project they wanted to build their new deck with low-maintenance materials. There will be no recurring wood deck maintenance for this family! Outdoor living here will be all about outdoor relaxation, just doing what they love.

The deck we built spans 32 ft. × 16 ft., a wonderfully spacious area for relaxing, soaking up the sun and watching the swimmers below. Keep in mind, this deck is 10 ft. above grade! We used four steel posts to support the deck structure. For their low-maintenance deck, these West Austin homeowners selected PVC decking from AZEK’s Vintage Collection in English Walnut. We designed the deck with a parting board and perimeter board. No rough edges around this deck!

The clients chose cow panel railing with composite inserts to match the railing used on their existing fence. We love this railing because it doesn’t obstruct the view at all—especially compared to the wooden balusters on their old deck. An additional deck feature you won’t be able to see until the sun sets is the perimeter deck lighting we installed.

Under-Deck Tips and Tricks

What would you want to build under your deck if you had a deck that was 10 ft. off the ground? If you use the right kind of under-deck drainage system to keep the area dry, you can have anything your heart desires under that deck. For this project, Archadeck of Austin used an under-deck drainage system by Quality Edge called InsideOut® Underdeck. This system gave the homeowners a “dry deck space” and created room for an entire outdoor living area below the deck.

We are so confident that this dry deck space will stay dry, we installed a TV mount for the clients’ TV beneath the deck. While you’re looking at the TV, take a look at the “crown molding” above it. That’s not crown molding! What appears to be “trim” is actually a gutter, part of the under-deck drainage system we installed to keep the new patio dry.

Finally, another special feature of the InsideOut® Underdeck drainage system is that it accommodates electrical work in the ceiling directly below the deck. Most under-deck drainage systems cannot provide this option. Because we were able to wire electrical service here, we installed 8 recessed can lights and 3 ceiling fans in the space under the deck. Remember, it’s a large space!

West Austin Patio and Hardscape Builder

The area under this elevated deck is essentially a covered patio. We created the patio floor with a concrete overlay, and for the outdoor kitchen and posts we used white limestone. These new hardscape additions to the homeowners’ outdoor living area complement the existing hardscapes and pool surround perfectly.

Westminster Estates Outdoor Kitchen Builder

With plenty of room for the “covered patio” under this deck, we designed two distinct areas for outdoor living. One area is for the outdoor kitchen and one is for pure relaxing. This outdoor kitchen holds all of the features the homeowners wanted. They have a place for their kamado grill, a full-size fridge (not yet installed when these photos were taken), storage space and much more.

We incorporated several special features into this full-featured outdoor kitchen. With a task light above the grill, the family’s grill master will not need to work under dim lighting. With switches on the back side of the kitchen island backsplash, the homeowners will be able to control every facet of the space. This includes turning each light and each fan off and on individually. Perfect!

And There’s More!

Yes, this outdoor living combination project includes a few more special features:

• Archadeck of Austin designed a custom privacy wall behind the outdoor kitchen to keep the area private from people going up and down the deck stairs.
• Just on the other side of the privacy wall, we installed an outdoor shower. Having a shower so close to the family’s pool is a huge plus for them.
• In addition to the structures and features we designed, built and installed here, we also cleaned the existing hardscapes on the property including the steps and pool area.

Linger another moment to take it all in. Does this look like an outdoor living utopia to you?

Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email [email protected] to schedule your free design consultation.

— Jim Odom, Owner of Archadeck of Austin

Stunning New Deck and Pool Surround North of Austin in Central Texas

When a client has done enough research to know what they want for their outdoor project and why, we know things will go well. And they usually do! Today’s featured project is the perfect example. These homeowners north of Austin in Central TX had done their research and had selected low-maintenance AZEK synthetic decking for their new deck. Selecting AZEK is actually what led them to choose Archadeck of Austin as their deck builder. We are a TimberTech/AZEK Platinum Contractor, and that’s why they wanted us to design and build their new deck and pool surround.

Being named by TimberTech/AZEK as a Platinum Contractor means we’ve had an extra level of training with the company’s low-maintenance decking products. We are listed on the TimberTech/AZEK website as a Platinum Contractor. This is not the first project where homeowners have selected us because of our Platinum status.

Combination Project: Deck and Pool Surround

Before Archadeck of Austin began the new deck and patio combo.

These homeowners had a wood deck that led out to their pool area. Not only did the aging wood deck need to be replaced, the clients felt it didn’t really “gel” with the adjacent pool surround. The deck was elevated above the pool area and bordered by benches that made it feel separate from the pool. The homeowners wanted us to design a unified outdoor living space encompassing the deck and pool.

After Archadeck of Austin completed the new backyard space.

The scope of the project, then, was to design and build a custom low-maintenance AZEK deck and a new concrete patio/pool surround with an overlay. Our design really opened up the whole area and made the entire backyard—including the pool and hot tub—feel like one spacious outdoor room. It also allows for endless configurations of outdoor furnishings and decor!

We removed the original deck completely to start afresh. It was necessary to create a concrete footer for the new deck since it was almost ground contact. The concrete footer will promote drainage and allow for a very short but continuous unification between the deck and patio. We enlarged the pool surround area, too, creating a stunning new concrete patio with an overlay.

Why is AZEK a great choice near a pool?

AZEK’s premium PVC decking was an excellent choice here because of the deck’s proximity to the family’s pool. Synthetic decking provides unparalleled slip resistance and moisture resistance. This type of decking dries quickly, and it won’t splinter. Our clients selected AZEK’s Weathered Teak color, and we designed the deck with a handsome chevron pattern.

For a flawless deck surface, we countersunk the screws into the deck and filled the holes with PVC pellets as plugs. It was the perfect finishing touch for this deck. But wait! There was another final touch … we added ribbon lighting along the edge of the deck where the homeowners will step down to the patio. Lighting along the edge of the deck adds a wonderful ambiance at night and increases the family’s safety, too.

The stone we used for the rim of the hot tub is smooth, white Lueders stone. We used sawn slabs that we could custom cut to the shape we needed. For this project we used the old stone from the hot tub as a template to cut the new Lueders stone so it would fit perfectly.

Are you ready to update your deck and patio combination or add a deck that better complements your pool surround? Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, senior designer Archadeck of Austin.

Complete Outdoor Living Overhaul Creates Delightful NW Austin Patio

The project featured here illustrates that Archadeck of Austin will go to any lengths—or heights—to create the perfect outdoor project for your home. If you read our blog regularly, you know we don’t back down from a challenge. We do whatever it takes to deliver the outdoor spaces our clients want or need! For this project in NW Austin, we installed a pergola above the garage roof using a special mounting bracket called a SkyLift Roof Riser. It’s the first time we’ve used this technique, and it worked quite well.


Second-story Deck Makes Way for Above-the-Roof Pergola

To begin at the beginning, our client’s old patio was poorly-designed and her second-story deck was disintegrating and completely unsafe. We designed a patio that makes smarter use of the space available, and we replaced that elevated deck with a pergola perched above the garage roof.

— Before

— After

We designed a wide custom pergola with closely-spaced purlins that will provide a good amount of shade over the patio. We tied the pergola into the side of the house across the center and along one side of the U-shaped area. The home is two stories at both of these points. On the third side, however, there is not a second story. The roof of a single-story garage slopes down toward the patio. Mounting that side of the pergola through the garage roof was our solution.


This is where the SkyLift Roof Riser comes in. We mounted and bolted the SkyLift Roof Riser to the top of the garage’s exterior wall (hidden now by the garage roof). With the proper flashings, the SkyLift’s connection through the roof is leak-tight. This method frees up the view by eliminating the need for a post on the garage side of the home. We only needed one post to support this pergola.

As always, the finishing touches make a big difference, too. We installed new gutters on the back of the home and on the garage. We painted everything and used a solid color stain on the pergola to match the home. Finally, we installed nice, big fan in the center of the pergola—one of the things we love about pergolas.

Patio Transformation: A Bigger and Better Patio in the Same Space

The home’s existing patio had an area around it that was filled in with rocks—not a good allocation of usable space. Also, because the garage floor was higher than the patio, the original patio design required stairs leading from the garage. Those old stairs not only took up valuable patio space, they obstructed the view for anyone inside the home looking out through the windows. This area was in need of a complete overhaul.


Our patio redesign started with an elevation change. We removed the existing patio and poured a new concrete patio level with the home’s side entry and the garage, eliminating the stairs. We then applied a stunning overlay on the concrete patio, matching the stone columns and tying the colors into the patio. Raising the patio also means bugs are kept at a greater distance and are less likely to be a source of irritation.


Now the homeowner has a delightful patio, a stunning pergola, ceiling fan, party lights, the works. She is thrilled.

What could a patio or deck redesign do for your home? Whether you are replacing an outdoor structure or adding one for the first time, call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

From Covered Deck to Screened Porch in NW Austin: Bye-Bye Bugs!

Has this happened to you yet? As homeowners spend more time at home, they seem more likely to feel a pressing need to improve their outdoor living space. They get new ideas about how to better enjoy the outdoors at home, or they take action on dormant plans.

These NW Austin homeowners liked spending time on their covered deck, but the space was entirely too small. Worse, they were plagued by insects. They contacted Archadeck of Austin to design and build a bug-free space with room to move around.

— Existing covered deck before Archadeck of Austin started the new screened porch.

Your Northwest Austin Screened Porch Builder at Work

We set to work designing a screened porch that was larger than their existing space. Meanwhile, the homeowners’ battle with the bugs began. They had a landscaper clear out some of the lush foliage around this corner of the house.

— So it begins with a new shed roof!

The screened porch design features a new shed roof tied in to the upper level of the house. The roof extends about 4’ beyond the edge of the original deck. While 4’ doesn’t sound like a lot more space, it was enough to make a huge difference for the homeowners. At Archadeck we always run through a comprehensive needs analysis to be sure we’re addressing our clients’ needs. It’s part of our design process, and it’s one of the reasons we have so many satisfied customers.

— Exterior or new screened porch.

In constructing the screened porch, we replaced the posts at the rear corner of the house, added the porch roof and removed the original beam. We installed our favorite porch ceiling from Synergywood in the Auburn color. The ceiling is in two levels, the original flat ceiling and the cathedral ceiling under the new shed roof, both finished with Synergywood.

Details Make the Porch!

Our clients like the look of cedar, so they chose pressure-treated wood for their porch framing and had us wrap it in cedar throughout. For their porch floor, they chose Zuri decking, which we were able to match to the original deck floor.

— Interior of new screened porch.

The new screened porch did not require a railing by code because it’s not 30” higher than the ground. The homeowners wanted a railing anyway, primarily because they have a dog. The railing will serve a very important purpose: to prevent the dog from altering the screen. Aesthetically, the railing adds depth and dimension to the new outdoor room, so we think they made an excellent design decision to include it. They chose Deckorators balusters in black aluminum with an added touch of elegance, estate collars.

— No detail was overlooked, including painting the interior house walls.

To complete the project, we washed and painted the interior walls (the existing house walls). The homeowner installed new Hardie siding, and we washed and painted the area we did the work in. Within the scope of the project, we re-ran electric service to a few different areas of the porch. We also finished the underdeck area with cedar lattice.

These Northwest Austin Archadeck clients now have exactly what they wanted, an outdoor living area that makes the time they spend outdoors more enjoyable. The pesky insects will stay right where they belong—on the outside of this sweet screened porch.

Do you need to screen out flying pests at your home? Does your outdoor living area feel cramped? Let’s design a screened porch with all the space you need! Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Archadeck of Austin Wins 2 Design Excellence Awards!

What’s better than winning an Archadeck Design Excellence Award? Winning TWO of them at the same time, of course! Archadeck of Austin was thrilled to receive two awards in Archadeck Outdoor Living’s most recent quarterly design contest. We won in the Combination Project category and in the Porch/Roof Structure category for the 2nd Quarter 2020 contest.


Our excitement is not about having big heads or bragging rights. (OK, we do like bragging rights.) What this means is we get to show you our award-winning designs. It means when you hire Archadeck of Austin to build your patio, covered porch or deck, you aren’t just hiring Austin’s premier outdoor design and build firm. Whether we’re building your outdoor kitchen or new patio and hardscapes, you’ll know you are hiring Austin’s award-winning outdoor living design and build firm.

And, who knows, maybe the project(s) we design for your home will win our next Archadeck Design Excellence Award. You can bet we intend to win many more design awards. (And these are not our first.)

You can read more about the winning projects below:

Archadeck Design Excellence Award winner in the Combination Project category: NW Austin Pool Deck with Shade Cover Takes Outdoor Living to New Heights


In this project, we completely replaced the client’s old deck and pergola with an extensive pool deck and covered porch with living and dining areas. We used TimberTech AZEK’s capped polymer low-maintenance decking throughout. This synthetic decking provides the best moisture resistance and best slip resistance—better than composite and better than wood. These premium synthetic decking boards dry quickly, won’t splinter, and have hidden fasteners—no screws or nails that could hurt the swimmers’ tender bare feet.


The design is pleasing with diagonal decking and a contrasting color for the deck’s picture-framing and parting boards. The covered area, with a beautiful ceiling for shade, is elegantly appointed for a delightful, relaxing poolside destination. The project even features an ample under-deck storage area.

Archadeck Design Excellence Award winner in the Porch/Roof Structure category: The Lone Star is The Real Star of this Round Rock TX Covered Patio


In this project, we enlarged the homeowners’ patio, added an outdoor fireplace and built a new roof over the patio extension. We applied a custom concrete overlay to the floor throughout to bring the existing and new sections of the patio together as one big outdoor room. The fireplace is beautiful with white and nicotine limestone, and we integrated the Star of Texas into the floor’s concrete overlay in front of the hearth. Do you love it?


We hope seeing these award-winning designs convinces you to call Archadeck of Austin when you’re ready to start planning a new outdoor living addition. We want to create an award-winning outdoor living space design for your home, too. Call us for a custom design that seamlessly combines the elements you’re seeking for the ultimate outdoor living space at your home.

Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

— Jim Odom, Owner of Archadeck of Austin

— Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin

Just South of Lakeway, TX, A Covered Porch Designed for Entertaining in Style

If you enjoy entertaining outdoors, and you have room, all you need are the right structures to provide the perfect setting. Our clients at this home just South of Lakeway, TX, had a covered porch, but it wasn’t sufficient for what they had in mind. They wanted a larger covered porch for seating and dining. They wanted to add an outdoor kitchen. To top it all off, their plans for expansion included everyone’s favorite, an outdoor fireplace.


Project Management Expertise Keeps Your Project on Track

At Archadeck of Austin, we love being able to satisfy even the most exacting customer. These homeowners had planned ahead for this project because they needed it to be completed by mid-June. They had family coming in from California to spend the summer with them, so the timing was important.

— Existing space before Archadeck of Austin began the new covered patio design.

As long as you contact us far enough ahead of time, we can work with you to make sure your project is completed on schedule. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. While there is always the possibility of extenuating circumstances, we excel at planning and coordinating the job so all the moving parts come together on time. On some projects, permitting and inspections can create delays, but since this job was located in an unincorporated area of Austin, we had no problems. Permitting and inspections were handled in a timely fashion.

Your Austin Patio Builder – Patios are Our Specialty

— New covered patio.

While it’s true we have more than one specialty—we specialize in custom designing and building all outdoor living structures—we create amazing patios. Here, we first removed the original concrete patio. The new covered area is twice as big as the original, and the patio we designed spans the area around the client’s pool. We poured concrete and then finished the surface with a flagstone pattern. Our overlayment process is a very artful, creative process carried out by hand on site.

Your Austin Porch Builder – Everything Under One Roof

If the columns/posts on this project look exceptionally large, that was by design. Anything less would have looked like toothpicks in a project of this scale.


We designed this covered porch with the outdoor kitchen at one end and the outdoor fireplace at the other end. The wood-burning fireplace has room for a large-screen TV over the mantel. We designed the fireplace with firewood boxes to hold plenty of wood on either side of the hearth. The outdoor kitchen is U-shaped and contains a built-in area to house the homeowners’ Traeger smoker/grill.


This covered porch is spacious enough for a large dining table and chairs as well as another grouping of chairs in front of the hearth. For the porch ceiling, we used Synergywood, a beautiful, rich, prefinished wood ceiling. We installed 8 can lights in the ceiling and 3 ceiling fans, given the size of the space. We also ran all the electric required so the homeowners can install their hot tub behind the fireplace in the near future.


The homeowner is very detailed oriented and was quite involved in the project. That is not a problem for us! Every aspect of this project was finished to meet and exceed expectations. The homeowner worked with us on the lighting and put a lot of effort into making sure each fixture was perfectly angled for the greatest effect. Mission accomplished, wouldn’t you say?

Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

— Jim Odom, Owner of Archadeck of Austin

Unusual Project Demonstrates Our Commitment to Outdoor Accessibility!


Sometimes the purpose of an outdoor living project is simply to make your life a little easier. The Lago Vista, TX, project featured here is the perfect example. The homeowners live on a lake and needed a safer way to traverse the steep, rocky hill from their home to their deck and boat dock.

At Archadeck of Austin, we love a challenge!

The homeowners have a little driveway for their golf cart and use that to travel part of the distance down to the lake. They wanted to add a patio at the end of the golf cart driveway and add a concrete walkway from there down to the wood deck. Then they needed another concrete walkway from the deck down to the boat dock. The ultimate goal of this project was to make getting to the boat easier and safer for our clients.

— During the installation of the project.

More than 500 square feet of concrete later, we delivered the solution these dear homeowners were hoping for. Designing the project was our first challenge, and then transporting the necessary materials from the road to the project site was another. We used a buggy to move all of the materials across this distance of at least half a mile. Then we had to carry the concrete in 5-gallon buckets to each section of the walkway as we poured it. As the homeowners observed our efforts, they were thrilled that we were able to do whatever it took to achieve their goal.

From steep, rocky hill to smooth, terraced walkways

We designed the concrete walkways in a way that eliminated stairs entirely. With this terraced approach, the homeowners can walk a little way and take one step down, walk a little more and take another step down. Walking and stepping down, walking and stepping down will reduce the amount of stress on the body—compared to walking down a set of stairs.

— The upper part descends from the driveway down to the dock and water’s edge.

Every day these clients go down to the dock, they will appreciate the work we did to make this trip easier and safer for them. We love that we were able to help them to this extent. Now they can enjoy their beautiful lakeside property without dreading the trip down—and up—that rocky hill.

— Completed project.

Do you need to make your outdoor living area more accessible, safer or more functional? Now is the time to get started! Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Shade-loving Backyard Makeover in Pflugerville, TX

When your outdoor living area faces west, standard efforts to create shade will probably not be sufficient. Extreme measures may be required. At Archadeck of Austin, we will go to any lengths necessary to create the shade your family needs on your patio or deck. Does the back of your home face west, too? If so, then you need a builder who knows how to shade your west-facing patio effectively.


Patio Builder Archadeck of Austin Can Enlarge Your Patio, Too!

At this Pflugerville home, our clients wanted a larger patio, and they needed plenty of shade to go with it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to enjoy their new patio from mid-day until sunset every day, and where’s the fun in that?

— Before

In terms of patio size, you can see that they barely had enough room to turn around on the original patio. They made good use of the space they had with a table and chairs and a hot tub, too. We extended the concrete patio to make their outdoor living space larger and more functional. Then we covered the existing concrete and the new extension with a beautiful flagstone surface to unify the old and new sections. We love how the colors in the flagstone pick up the same tones in the brick on the home’s exterior.

Custom Shade Structure in Pflugerville, TX

Even though the original patio was covered by a porch roof, the area was blasted by the sun every afternoon. In our Before photo, you can see that the sun even bleached the stain out of the wood on the roof gable. The direction and angle of the sun rendered that roof ineffective as a shade structure, so afternoon shade simply could not exist here. To remedy that situation, we designed and built a new beam system over the extended patio and added a custom free-standing pergola. The cedar pergola is big and beefy and complements the new patio in both scale and color.


The top row of wood across the pergola is designed to meet the sun head-on. These purlins or slats are positioned close together for increased shade, but we didn’t stop there. We also added a TopGal polycarbonate cover to the pergola for increased protection from the sun. The homeowners chose a bronze-tinted TopGal cover because it filters out more sun than clear polycarbonate sheets would filter. TopGal blocks UV rays while allowing light to penetrate, and it will also reduce the heat on this patio in the afternoons.

Another Ingenious Solution from Porch Builder Archadeck of Austin

We didn’t stop with a sun-filtering TopGal pergola cover, either! When we custom-built the new gable porch roof, we added something the original gable didn’t have: a solar screen. That’s right, we hand-stretched solar screening across the gable opening to block the intense late-afternoon heat. These screens block 90% of the sun’s heat that would normally enter through the gable opening. We outflanked the clients’ concerns from every angle!


We also added a ceiling fan to the covered patio for cooling breezes. The ceiling is so tall we installed a 7-8 ft. drop rod to bring the fan down to the best level for effective cooling. Our electrician also installed the necessary electrical capacity to facilitate the homeowners’ hot tub on the patio. Our Pflugerville clients are loving their new covered patio with shade, shade, and more shade.


Do you need shade, a covered patio, or a bigger covered patio than the one you currently have? Now is the time to get started! Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

NW Austin Pool Deck with Shade Cover Takes Outdoor Living to New Heights

Adding a swimming pool to your back yard gives you the opportunity to redesign everything about your back yard. Out go any older structures that are too worn to be included in the new design of your outdoor living space. If you have areas in your yard that were not being used before, we can put those areas to good use now. Let us know everything about your back yard that you want to change, and anything you want to keep the same. With those directives, Archadeck of Austin can create your dream outdoor living area.


These homeowners in NW Austin originally had a wooden deck and pergola that had been there for about 15-20 years—since they first moved in. The deck had become rickety and had reached the end of its useful life. There was no question that the old deck had to go. Our clients wanted a pool deck all the way around the pool, not just a concrete pool surround. They wanted a shaded area, too, where they could enjoy meals—and where swimmers of all ages could find refuge from the hot Texas sun.

Caution: Photos of this project may make you want to slip down into this pool and let your cares drain away. When you climb back out, later, you will feel refreshed and revitalized.

How to Build a Beautiful NW Austin Pool Deck

Every sturdy, well-constructed outdoor structure begins with a flawless design, something we’re known for at Archadeck of Austin. We designed this pool deck with the decking boards laid diagonally throughout. We used hidden fasteners to ensure a cohesive, seamless look.


Two design elements that contribute to the deck’s distinctive finished appearance are picture framing and parting boards. You see the art of picture framing where we used darker contrasting boards to frame the pool and its concrete shoulder. We inserted parting boards where two sections of the deck meet with boards running diagonally in different directions. Diagonals running in different directions and set off with parting boards are visual markers indicating sections of the deck that can be used as individual rooms.


The homeowners originally wanted a two-level deck, but when we calculated the cost, they decided to go with a design contained on one level. We made another design alteration after we encountered permitting issues and had to redesign a portion of the project to address those issues.

PVC Decking is an Excellent Choice Around the Pool

For their decking material, these clients chose the Weathered Teak color from the TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection. TimberTech AZEK’s capped polymer low-maintenance decking, also known as PVC or synthetic decking, provides the best moisture resistance and best slip resistance. These premium synthetic decking boards give the pool deck a smooth surface that dries quickly. Swimmers will not run into splinters, and because we used hidden fasteners, they also won’t run across screws or nails.


Those are not the only benefits of using TimberTech AZEK decking in this poolside setting. Their Weathered Teak color is one of several that the manufacturer designates as cooler to the touch, absorbing less heat. TimberTech AZEK decking is also designed to resist fading from sunlight and weathering—yes, even with the intensity of our Austin, TX, sunlight. The fact that the manufacturer provides a 50-year limited fade and stain warranty tells you sunlight has met its match.


The decking color used for picture framing and parting boards in this project is TimberTech AZEK’s English Walnut, the perfect contrast to Weathered Teak. For the ceiling on the interior of their new shade cover, the clients selected rich, luxurious Synergywood in the Auburn color. The roof cover itself is supported by six steel posts that run all the way to the ground. With the deck 6’ above the ground, we were able to supply the homeowners with a huge under-deck storage area of 26’ x 14’.

Who Doesn’t Love a Pool Deck with a View?


This NW Austin home has a phenomenal view overlooking one of the many beautiful canyons found on the western side of Austin. With a spacious pool deck and plenty of shade, these homeowners are making the most of the spectacular view. They’ve furnished the covered area as a dining room in one section and living room in another. Recessed lighting and ceiling fans allow them to enjoy this magnificent setting in comfort, any time of day or night. The term “outdoor living” takes on special significance here, enhanced even more by the beautiful landscaping the homeowners have added.

Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

— Jim Odom, Owner of Archadeck of Austin

Round Rock TX Patio & Pergola – the Perfect Pair for Summer

We all enjoy having fun in the sun, but with summer just days away, let’s hear it for fun in the shade! At Archadeck of Austin, one of our most requested items is a covered patio. It’s no surprise that this time of year, shade is on high on the priority list for homeowners—especially those with young children. What about you? Do you have enough shade at your home, or could you use more?


Kids are kids, and they love to play outside. We understand! Before you know it, they’re likely to be sunburned. Either that, or they complain it’s just too hot to play outside. Archadeck of Austin has the remedy for both extremes: a covered patio —and not just any covered patio. A stylish patio and pergola combination covered with Topgal tinted sheeting to block UV rays and some of the sun’s heat! As an added bonus, a covered pergola will also protect your patio from rain. If it’s protecting your patio, it’s protecting your family.

Your Austin and Round Rock Patio Builder

— Just look how the new patio and pergola transformed this backyard for the better!

Our clients whose covered patio you see here wanted a shaded area where their children and dogs could play. Their home had a tiny patio, only 10×10’, but worse than its inadequate size was the fact that it didn’t have any shade. The first thing we did was sketch out a much larger patio for this active family. At 26’ long and 14’ deep, the new patio spans the length of the house across the back. We removed the original patio, and also extended the original footprint. We then applied a custom concrete overlay to the entire patio area.

— Custom concrete overlay for a new and improved patio aesthetic.

… Is Also Your Austin and Round Rock Pergola Builder

While these homeowners were primarily seeking shade, they still wanted to be able to sit outdoors and soak up the sun on cooler days. Who says you can’t have it both ways? We designed a pergola to cover most—but not all—of their expanded patio. If they want to enjoy the sun’s gentle warmth in the cooler months, they can use the uncovered portion of the patio. That open area is also perfect for stargazing at night. So, they gained shade but didn’t lose their view of the night sky.

Besides being absolutely gorgeous, this custom cedar pergola has some great features:


  • The bronze tinted Topgal pergola cover provides protection and lots of shade. We’re talking about protection from rain as well as sun, so that’s a two-fer. The Topgal sheet covering the pergola allows plenty of light through but blocks UV rays and also blocks heat. In technical terms, it reduces solar heat gain. In a Round Rock TX summer, that’s exactly what you want!
  • If you look closely at the pergola, you may notice a water spigot on one of the posts. (It’s the post on the left.) We ran the clients’ water under the patio and up the cedar post with a spigot there for access to water for the yard. This way the hose isn’t snaking across the patio and creating a tripping hazard.
  • Finally, what could make this delightful shade cover even better? Ceiling fans! Besides adding shade and rain protection, a pergola provides a place to hang ceiling fans outdoors. The kids might not pay much attention to them, but the adults will definitely appreciate the breezes these two fans will stir up all summer long.


Do you need shade, a covered patio, or a bigger covered patio than the one you currently have? Now is the time to get started! Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

The Lone Star is The Real Star of this Round Rock TX Covered Patio

How do you like the Star of Texas incorporated into the concrete overlay of the patio pictured here? We’ve seen clients add the Texas star to many a covered patio as wall art or as an ornament over an outdoor fireplace mantel. This is the first time Archadeck of Austin has etched the Lone Star directly into a patio. We wouldn’t be surprised to see additional interest in new patios based on this project.


Whether you’re a born and bred Texan or new to the area, we’re guessing you appreciate the value of a covered patio. There are plenty of days around Austin and Round Rock when nothing is more valuable than fresh air and a spot of shade.

Archadeck of Austin, Your Round Rock TX Patio Builder

The Round Rock TX home pictured here had a covered patio outside the back door. The homeowners enjoyed spending time there but wanted to enlarge their covered outdoor space. They also wanted to add something special: a wood-burning outdoor fireplace.

— Before

Our job was to enlarge the patio, add an outdoor fireplace and build a new roof structure over the patio extension. We applied a custom concrete overlay to the floor throughout to bring the existing and new sections of the patio together as one big outdoor room.

— After

Cedar beams and 8 × 8” posts wrapped in cedar provide support for the new patio roof. We used Synergywood for the new ceiling and to cover the ridge wall as well. The clients’ selection of Synergywood in the Colonial color adds richness and complements the cedar elements beautifully. We added a new ceiling fan and recessed lighting in the ceiling, bringing creature comforts outdoors.

— Interior views from within new patio cover.

We built the 6’ wood-burning outdoor fireplace at one end, in the center, designed with hardscape firewood storage boxes on either side. We carefully matched the stone here to the stone on the front of home, a combination of white limestone with nicotine and blue Lueders limestone. Finally, we used standard buff Lueders stone to top the horizontal surfaces—the mantel, the hearth and the hardscape firewood storage boxes.

The Lone Star has a Starring Role in this Round Rock Covered Patio


Now, about that patio floor with a concrete overlay featuring the Star of Texas integrated into the surface. To create the star, our patio installers etched out the pattern with a grinder and scored the opening. They stained the star and the circle around it first and then covered the shapes carefully so they could stain the remainder of the patio surface. Depending on which historical account you read, the Lone Star emblem has represented Texans’ rugged individualism and independent spirit since 1817, 1819, 1836, or 1839. That spirit is celebrated here today.

— Amazing before and after.

Do you need shade, a covered patio, or a bigger covered patio than the one you currently have? If you’ve been putting it off, now is the time to get started. Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Could Your Austin TX Patio Be a Screened Porch Waiting to Happen?

Could a simple concrete slab patio actually be the foundation for a screened porch that’s just waiting to hatch? That’s how it seems now at this sweet stucco home in the Zilker neighborhood south of downtown Austin. The homeowners wanted a screened room and a little privacy, please! Archadeck of Austin was able to accomplish both of those objectives with a new screened porch using a bronze aluminum screened wall system.


Porch Builder Archadeck of Austin on the Scene!

At Archadeck of Austin, we are equally adept at designing and building all sizes and shapes of screened porches. From the smallest to the largest, we design the porch to fit the scale of the home. When our work is completed, the porch looks like it has been there all along.

— Before work on this project began.

For the Zilker project featured here, we had a small area to work with. We used the existing concrete slab as the foundation of the new screened porch, so the existing patio determined the porch size. To erect the structure, we added a cedar post-and-beam system and attached everything right against the stucco wall of the home. We designed a shed roof for the porch cover—the perfect roof type here given the size and position of the porch.

— During construction of the project.

To build the porch ceiling, we used prefinished tongue-and-groove planks from Synergywood. Made from natural wood that is sourced sustainably, Synergywood creates an attractive, high-quality ceiling every time. A Synergywood ceiling is beautiful enough to use indoors and gives your porch an extra touch of elegance. These homeowners chose the company’s Colonial color for their porch ceiling. Notice the ceiling fan in the center. That’s one of the best things about having a porch ceiling: suddenly you have a place to hang a ceiling fan for breezes on demand.

Roof + Ceiling + Screened Wall System = Screened Porch

This Zilker screened porch is a simple yet effective design. With the support posts, roof structure and ceiling in place, we painted the trim to match the home and added new gutters. Finally, we added a bronze aluminum screened wall system and stained the cedar posts and beam to match the bronze aluminum. The bronze screens give the homeowners more privacy than typical screens would provide.


As you can see here, the homeowners have chosen sturdy, comfortable furniture for their new outdoor room decor. They’ve hung their festive string lighting as well. Comfort, privacy, a breeze and protection from insects—life is good in Austin today.

Are you itching to add a screened porch at your home? If you’ve been putting it off, now is the time to get started. Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Beautiful Georgetown TX Patio and Hardscapes Restore Unobstructed View

At first glance, this beautiful Georgetown TX patio is a celebration of color in flagstone. What you don’t see are the old wooden railings and pickets that previously spoiled the view. The homeowners have their view restored, and they are thrilled. Archadeck of Austin heard the client, loud and clear, and we delivered.


Deck Replacement by Patio Designer Archadeck of Austin

We need to state, right up front, that Archadeck of Austin builds decks, and we build patios. We don’t want to take sides. There are times when a client will ask us to replace a patio with a deck. There are times a client will request that we replace a deck with a patio. This is one of those times.

— Before

The home’s deck, made of pressure-treated wood, was old and outdated. It had reached the end of its useful life, as we like to say. The homeowners’ least favorite part of the deck were the bulky wooden railings and pickets, or balusters. Those wood railings and pickets were so wide and thick, they effectively blocked the view of anyone sitting on the deck. They also blocked the view of anyone inside the home who wanted to look out through the windows and into the back yard. The clients were quite tired of looking out through the windows and seeing railings and pickets.

— Before, notice how the deck railings obstructed the view from within the home.

— After, the views are open and airy!

You might think, since the deck was elevated several steps from the ground to meet the floor level of the home, they needed another deck. But as you see here, a patio can have steps, too. There is no requirement that a patio must be flush with the ground.

Beautiful Flagstone Patio in Georgetown, TX

Archadeck of Austin designs and builds the most beautiful custom patios and hardscapes in Georgetown, TX. The patio project featured here is a prime example! One of the prettiest color blends we have ever used, the flagstones making up this patio surface include Silver Mist, Rosa, and Mexican Cream. Together, they are stunning.


A custom patio deserves custom hardscapes, of course! We built the retaining walls/seating benches with limestone matching the home’s exterior and topped the retaining walls with smooth Lueders stone in Buff. The low walls take the place of railings and pickets and, hallelujah, they don’t block the homeowners’ view of the back yard.


Part of the beauty of this patio/hardscapes project are the flagstone steps that gently descend into the back yard. Graceful and sweeping, the steps extend wider than necessary. Let your eye follow the steps to the left and right of the patio entrance, and you’ll see they continue below the seating walls. The homeowners want to use these extended steps to hold potted flowers and plants, creating a terrace garden along the sides of the hardscapes.


The entrance to the patio features black aluminum handrails with returns, suitable for anyone needing something to hold onto while walking up or down the shallow steps. At the end of the retaining walls on each side, we added a railing and pickets in black aluminum as well. Be sure to note that these railings do not obstruct anyone’s view of the yard. On one side, the railing continues along the walkway from the side yard. While the deck had wood steps leading to a brick pathway, we extended the flagstone to create shallow steps and a flagstone walkway.


Do you want to replace your old deck with a patio? Do you want to replace your old patio with a deck? We can accommodate clients from either side of the deck/patio controversy. Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Sunroom, Deck & Hardscapes Create Outdoor Living Harmony in Steiner Ranch

At Archadeck of Austin, we design and build many single-structure projects, but creating beautiful outdoor living combinations is what we love doing the most. The Steiner Ranch project featured here is a perfect example. Creating this cohesive outdoor living environment with a sunroom, a deck, and a series of stone planters was rewarding work! The harmony present in this space says all is right in this little corner of the world.


Austin Outdoor Living is More than the Sum of its Parts

The work we did here fits in so well with this Steiner Ranch home, it’s hard to believe the sunroom, deck, and hardscapes are new on the scene. In the “before” photo, the original patio looked fine—somewhat plain, maybe, but fine. Now, after seeing its replacement, we see that patio was a blank space yearning to be filled with something exquisite.

  • The Sunroom


This sunroom, full of windows, full of light, accomplishes its mission: to bring the outdoors indoors. Instead of tying into the home’s HVAC system, the sunroom is climate-controlled by a single split ductless heating and cooling system. Year-round, the homeowners can enjoy the view from this peaceful room, always comfortable here regardless of the temperature outdoors. The sunroom is just off the husband’s study and features a charming wood-burning stove, which the homeowners installed.


For the sunroom flooring, the clients chose AZEK porch flooring. The energy-efficient windows and doors are all from Milgard, and we built the beautiful ceiling with Synergywood, our favorite. Notice the recessed lighting in the ceiling, and the ceiling fan that blends with the ceiling itself!

  • The Deck


Nestled in between the sunroom, the back of the home, and the stone planters, the deck feels like a private retreat. For convenience, the deck has two entrances from the home. For symmetry, it has two entrances from the yard.


Notice that the steps leading from the deck up to the back entrance of the home are wider and more shallow than typical deck steps. Also, you can see that each step is 3 boards wide (or deep) instead of the traditional 2 boards. We worked out this design because the homeowners talked about getting older and anticipating potential mobility issues. They specifically wanted the steps to be more gradual than most. For safety, we added lighting to the deck steps, and that lighting will create a beautiful ambiance at night as well.


The homeowners chose low-maintenance AZEK Vintage synthetic decking in Weathered Teak. There is no sense taking on the chores of deck maintenance when you’re already thinking about the potential mobility issues that can come with age.


For convenience, we installed Lutron’s Pico Wireless Control system for the lighting and other components. This wireless system will allow the homeowners to control these elements from more than one location.



Much of the charm of this sunroom-and-deck combination comes from the custom stone planters that border the deck. We used white limestone chopped stone for the outside of the planters and Lueders stone caps along the tops. White stone steps descend between the planters, into the back yard. At the center of the stone planters is a fountain. Archadeck of Austin prepared the masonry for this water feature, and Hill Country Gardens installed it.

At Archadeck of Austin, Client Relationships are Key


Archadeck of Austin was not the first company these Steiner Ranch homeowners contacted about their outdoor living project. They had originally engaged an architect to draw up some plans for what they wanted to do, and then they chose not to go down that path. They decided to work with Archadeck of Austin because they wanted to use a company that they had confidence in. They trusted us and valued our relationship. We felt like they chose to work with us for all the right reasons. You could say we formed a “mutual admiration society” because we found these clients wonderful to work with—a perfect example of the Archadeck of Austin customer if there ever was one.

Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

— Jim Odom, Owner of Archadeck of Austin

Amazing New Pool Cabana Makes Round Rock TX Home Complete

Purchasing this Round Rock, TX, home was like purchasing a beautiful painting with one section yet to be completed. One area in the back yard still needed the attention of an artist’s imagination, brush and color palette. The artist in this case was covered patio designer Archadeck of Austin! We worked with our clients to understand their vision for filling in the missing piece of their outdoor living space. With the addition of a new patio, freestanding patio cover and outdoor kitchen, their back yard is now the beautiful private oasis they envisioned.


Austin Patio & Hardscape Builder Supplies Missing Piece

Picture a jigsaw puzzle with one piece missing. When our clients purchased this Round Rock home, it had an amazing backyard inground pool. The area beyond the pool, however, was unfinished. A blank canvas. Just a rocky, uneven space that was uninviting and unusable. The new homeowners learned that the previous owner had intended to add a sheltered/covered area behind the pool, but they never did. Therefore, the pool itself was never used like it could have been.

— Before

The homeowners wanted to add a covered patio to use as a pool cabana. A fully-outfitted shelter where they can escape the sun, prepare meals, dine, and watch movies, sports and their favorite TV shows. Refreshments will always be near at hand.


At Archadeck of Austin, we love a job where we can start from scratch. When we say we designed and built a new covered patio and outdoor kitchen from the ground up, we mean we had to start by digging. We used a perimeter beam system to make the area level, back filled with road base gravel, and poured a concrete base reinforced with rebar. The result: a level foundation for the pool cabana. We also dug a trench from the house and installed conduit so we could bring power out for the electronics and kitchen appliances.

Pool Cabana, Outdoor Kitchen Design Details


The freestanding patio cover is a very sturdy structure. It features engineered beams on all four sides, and for looks, the beams are wrapped with cedar. At the corners are 8×8 cedar support posts instead of the typical 6×6 posts. We added the cedar crows feet detail you see in the gable end of the roof at the front. On the interior, we built a beautiful Synergywood ceiling finished in Auburn.


For the patio surface, we added a stamped concrete overlay to the concrete slab we had poured as the base. The clients chose a random stamped finish with lots of undulation, and the color used for that was Houston Tan.



The fully-finished outdoor kitchen is … wow… amazing! For the base, we used chopped stone with smooth Lueders stone countertops. For cooking, there’s a large Artisan 36" grill, a side burner, a smoker that runs on propane, and a pizza oven that heats up to 700 degrees! For everything else, there is a double-stacked-door fridge, trash bin, storage drawers, and a second refrigerator.


We added a cedar privacy screen atop the back side of the kitchen, and the clients’ TV is mounted there. The space includes ceiling fans, recessed can lighting in the ceiling, and pendant lights hanging over the countertop workspace.


This pool cabana is a beautiful addition to the property and actually completes the pool as an outdoor entertainment area. We predict this Round Rock TX covered patio will see plenty of action this summer!

Are you ready to transform your outdoor living area? We can custom design and build a patio, outdoor kitchen, deck, or whatever it will take to make your outdoor living space complete. Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Archadeck of Austin is OPEN for Business! Call Now to Start Your Patio, Deck and More ...

Archadeck of Austin’s Response to COVID-19

Now— right now —is the best time to get the ball rolling on any outdoor projects you have in mind. While you may have projects lined up that you can handle yourself, this is not the time for DIY patios and other hardscapes, covered porches, decks, pergolas, etc. As always, those projects are better left to the professionals—like Archadeck of Austin, of course—with vast experience and expertise.


As you can imagine, we have made some changes to the way we interact with homeowners to reduce or eliminate direct contact. Our priority right now is keeping everyone—clients, contractors and design consultants alike—safe and healthy. You can find the details on the home page of our website.

First and foremost, we can assure you that none of our office staff are, or have been, infected with COVID-19. To our knowledge, none of our contractors have been exposed or infected. If anything changes, we will notify our clients immediately.

Our new policies, effective immediately:

1) Eliminate handshaking
2) Conduct all meetings outside while maintaining a safe distance from each other
3) In any way possible, refrain from close contact with clients and do as much work remotely as possible.


Obviously, Archadeck of Austin is a construction company and work must be performed at your home. With the exception of door installations, all of our projects are exterior projects, so visiting inside your home is not necessary. What’s more, we already handle most documentation remotely, including the signing of contracts.

Additional changes to our process: Keeping you safe while continuing to work

Initial visit and scope

Spring is usually our busiest time of the year in terms of initial visits. Typically, the initial meeting is a design consultation, an in-depth discussion of the scope of work. We talk about your desires for your outdoor living space, we measure the site and we take pictures. We discuss design options, budgets, our process and reasons why it makes sense to use Archadeck for your outdoor living structures. With the exception of the personal interaction (which is very important), most of the requirements of the initial visit can be done remotely, including measurements and photographs.


We are now offering a remote design consultation as a new service. It requires some work on your part—photographs and measurements—but saves us both from potential exposure. If the option of conducting the initial visit remotely is of interest to you, please refer to the procedure outlined on this web page: About Your Project and Home. We have provided diagrams and clear instructions to help you take the measurements and photos we need to begin designing your project.


Design presentation

We are arming our design consultants with video conferencing tools to assist in this regard. What you will need is a typical computer set-up with broadband internet access and a monitor. This meeting typically includes a lot of questions and answers about the project you have in mind. This conversation works well via video conference.


Design representation

Once we arrive at an agreed-upon scope of work and budget, we will provide 3D renderings at no cost to you. These 3D representations are not photos of your home; they reproduce your home and project, to scale, in a CAD environment. You’ll get a good sense of scale and size from the 3D renderings. We will perform this service at no charge unless multiple iterations are required.

Material selection could be a challenge

With the possible exception of decking, material selection can be handled remotely, too. Most clients, however, do want to see, touch and feel decking samples. An on-site visit for decking selection may be unavoidable.

Contract and specifications

Once you decide to move forward, we will handle the contracting process remotely. We can send all documents via email.

Collection of funds

Once a contract is approved, we need to collect your deposit. We encourage clients to use credit cards for these transactions. If you prefer to pay by check, we ask that you place your check in a clear plastic bag.


Today, most municipalities we serve are processing permits electronically.

The following municipalities do not process permits electronically at this time:

  • City of Austin
  • Lakeway
  • Round Rock
  • Westlake Hills
  • Rollingwood

The City of Austin is on the verge of processing permits electronically. Given the current situation, we expect some of the other municipalities to make that transition, too.

Pre-production meetings

These are probably your most important meetings during construction. We can conduct these meetings in your back yard, taking normal precautions.


It would be foolish to say there will be no impact from the COVID-19 protocols on construction schedules, etc. At this time, I cannot identify any delays from COVID-19, but we will keep you advised on any issues and changes.


We can still conduct walkthroughs in the back yard with you—with normal precautions taken.

We are finding innovative ways to make life and business go on as usual, and we wish you all well.

COVID-19 is changing the way we all think, work and entertain ourselves. At Archadeck of Austin, we have not seen a reduction in demand for outdoor living structures, and we continue to work. If anything, you have even more reasons now to add a pleasant space at home where you can enjoy the outdoors.


If you want to add a covered patio, screened porch, deck, outdoor kitchen, fire feature or pergola, there’s no need to postpone it.

In fact, if you wait until the stay-at-home order is lifted before you proceed, it will likely take us longer to schedule your project. We do expect a big rush of new projects once restrictions are lifted. We recommend you give us a call now and secure your spot on our schedule. We look forward to speaking with you!

Whatever your outdoor living dreams are made of, call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

— Jim Odom, Owner of Archadeck of Austin

Archadeck of Austin Innovates to Create Screened Room in Pflugerville, TX

Archadeck of Austin will do whatever it takes to deliver the outdoor living project you want! We call today’s featured project a screened room rather than a screened porch because of the unconventional way we worked to build it.


These clients in Pflugerville, TX, had been enjoying their covered porch for years. Finally tired of battling those pesky mosquitoes, they decided to have their covered back porch converted to a screened porch. They called Austin porch builder Archadeck of Austin to accomplish this task. Here’s what they didn’t know: because of the way their porch cover was attached, conversion to a conventional screened porch was not an option.

— Before

Did we tell the homeowners it couldn’t be done? No! Did we tell them to call another builder? No! Archadeck of Austin is always up for a challenge.

Archadeck Creates Custom Screened Room Design

This porch roof was built some time ago—let’s just say it was done “back in the day.” Unfortunately, it wasn’t attached properly. The porch roof was actually attached to the fascia, which is not code compliant now. We could not put any load on the porch cover’s overhang or on the post and beam system. Normally we would use the existing posts and beam to support the additional weight of framing to hold new screens and a screen door. That was not an option here.

— Before

Since we could not adjust the existing structure, we needed to work with what was there. While we create custom designs for all our screened porches—and everything we build—you could say this design crossed the line from custom to innovative.


What we created for this porch is a screen wall system. To support the frames for screens, we built a low wall that’s finished on the interior with beadboard and on the exterior with Hardieboard. Then we were able to install frames made with finished cedar trim to hold the screens. Voila! A one-of-a-kind screened room!

Finishing Touches and Screened Porch Amenities

Oscillating fans — Because of the porch’s low ceiling and low roofline, ceiling fans would not have worked well here. We recommended oscillating wall-mounted fans to cool this outdoor space, so the homeowner chose a pair of excellent wall-mounted fans from Minka-Aire®. They put out a tremendous amount of air and circulate it really well!


Lighting — The clients chose beautiful sconce lighting for their screened room, and we installed their lights indoors and outdoors. They have dimmers for the indoor lights, and the outdoor lights are on a separate switch.


Not a doggie door, but a “hose door” — Yes, you read that right! The outdoor water spigot is located inside the porch area, so we custom built a small door for the garden hose. Now the homeowner doesn’t have to prop the screen door open to access the hose from the outside. Creative design!

Paint — We painted everything to match the home. And the job is complete!


Are you thinking of adding a screened porch, or do you have a covered porch that you’d like to convert to a screened porch? We can schedule a “virtual consultation” using video-conferencing technology. Whatever your outdoor living dreams are made of, call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Hyde Park Homeowners Enjoy New Low-Maintenance Deck and White Cedar Pergola

The good news: Archadeck of Austin harmed no trees in the creation of this charming deck-and-pergola combination in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Austin, TX. The bad news? There is no bad news here! Archadeck of Austin made these homeowners’ outdoor living dream come true. We replaced their tiny concrete stair landing and small stone patio with a deck proportionate to the home—and a uniquely beautiful pergola overhead.


Deck Builders in Austin, TX, Protect Heritage Trees

When Austin’s Heritage Tree ordinance went into effect in 2010, quite a few trees within Austin’s city limits breathed a sigh of relief. Archadeck of Austin does whatever it takes to allow this city’s urban forest to thrive. Heritage trees add beauty to our surroundings and remove carbon dioxide from the air—just two of their contributions to the quality of life here.

— Before we began the project.

Designing the Hyde Park deck you’re viewing today brought us close to two heritage trees in the clients’ back yard. It was our job to make sure we set the deck piers outside the trees’ critical root zone. And we did.

Low-Maintenance AZEK Deck with Cedar Posts

The homeowners chose AZEK low-maintenance synthetic decking in slate gray with white AZEK stair risers for contrast. We designed a custom deck railing using cedar support posts inset with horizontal cable rail instead of traditional balusters. Cable rail is an excellent choice for this deck—sleek, modern, and virtually see-through, providing a clear view of the yard from the deck.


The new deck is sweetly proportionate to the home—not too big, not too small. It extends beyond the footprint of the tiny stone patio it replaced and gives the homeowners room to move around. The patio they had was barely large enough for a table and four chairs. Also, as a design element, the attractive gray-and-white stairs erase any memory of the original concrete steps and tiny walk-out landing at the back door.

Archadeck of Austin is Austin’s Custom Pergola Designer

This pergola is unique! Like all of the deck components, we custom designed this oversized pergola specifically for this Hyde Park home, based on the clients’ needs and preferences. We were able to tie the pergola in to the home underneath the existing soffits. We used 8”x8” cedar posts to support the front of the pergola and built the rest of it with 4”x12” cedar beams. Instead of traditional rafters and purlins, this pergola casts shade with an overhead grid of beams forming a pattern of squares. Definitely unique!


The clients wanted an all-white pergola and deck railing to match the trim on their home. We used a chemical treatment process that pulled all of the acid and the red coloring out of the wood before applying the solid white stain. The chemical treatment will prevent the cedar coloring from bleeding through the stain as is common with cedar because of its acidity.

— Before and after, WOW!

These Hyde Park homeowners are thrilled with the custom deck and pergola we designed and built for their Austin home. We predict they will be spending a lot more time outdoors from now on.

Are you ready for a new deck and pergola combination? We can schedule a “virtual consultation” using video-conferencing technology. Whatever your outdoor living dreams are made of, call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

An Uncommonly Beautiful, Uncommon Archadeck Project in SW Austin

Just when we think we have constructed every sort of outdoor living project there is, Archadeck of Austin was met with an uncommon request. This Southwest Austin family was looking to improve their view, and they called on us to help.

No, it’s not a porch, deck, or even a patio. Archadeck of Austin recently installed this custom railing system for our clients’ backyard pool area. These homeowners wished for a railing that disappeared into the landscape as they enjoy their outdoor area.

— Custom steel railing in SW Austin backyard.

Archadeck of Austin helped them achieve their vision!

To achieve the magical disappearing railing act, Archadeck of Austin and these homeowners chose a custom powder-coated steel railing design. This railing has a lateral 3/8” solid steel rod infill, offering timeless design and a vanishing effect when gazing out at the beautiful natural surroundings.

— Custom powder-coated steel railing design.

The railing was finished in an earthen tone to help it blend into the background. Often, Archadeck of Austin employs the use of dark railing finishes to accomplish this goal. Your vista doesn’t have to be this dramatic to consider the view from within your outdoor living space…but you are fortunate indeed if you have a view like this!

— Unimpeded views from Southwest Austin pool deck.

Custom steel stair with TimberTech AZEK decking.

You don’t have to build a custom deck or porch to enjoy the low-maintenance benefits of AZEK decking. For this custom turned stair design, we applied an AZEK decking inset into the steel frame.

— Austin, TX, AZEK Vintage Collection deck with deck lighting.

We used TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection® Vintage Coastline on the stair, as well as the landings. The beautiful gray decking choice blends beautifully in its natural surroundings, as well.

AZEK Vintage Collection decking.

Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

— Jim Odom, Owner of Archadeck of Austin

An Austin TX Deck and Pergola are Products of Innovation

This project in the University Hills area of Northeast Austin is not only an aesthetic improvement – it includes some pretty special products too! These clients said, “Out with the old,” and Archadeck of Austin exclaimed, “In with the NEW!”

Like many of our Austin TX deck building projects, this family in University Hills was ready for an upgraded outdoor living space. They had an existing wood deck expanse, which had adequate room, but it had reached its usable life’s end. Archadeck of Austin designed and built a low-maintenance deck – new and improved in every facet!

If you’re looking for an Austin deck builder, trust Archadeck!

We built an expansive TimberTech AZEK® Vintage Collection deck for these clients. The addition of a deck stair across the front of the deck slightly extends beyond the original deck’s footprint. The Vintage Collection® offers beautiful wood-look finishes and includes a 50-year fade and stain warranty. This deck will maintain its beauty for decades to come, even exposed to the hot Texas sun. We also installed deck lighting for increased visibility at night.

— Austin, TX, AZEK Vintage Collection deck with deck lighting.

Innovative TimberTech AZEK Multi-width Decking

What’s more, these homeowners chose to build their new deck using TimberTech AZEK’s multi-width decking boards for a truly unique design aesthetic. For this project, we used all three board width options for the decking, deck stair, and fascia. Available widths are standard, 5 ½”, narrow, 3 ½”, and wide, 7 ¼”.

— Multi-width decking lends a unique aesthetic to this Austin deck.

Innovative Steel Pergola Design

This family longed for a space to escape the sun on their deck. Archadeck of Austin delivered with this custom steel-framed pergola. We painted the steel framing to coordinate with the deck’s finish.

— Steel pergola construction in Austin.

What’s unique and innovative about this pergola? Well, the floating appearance was achieved using only two steel posts, deeply buried and cemented into the ground. The pergola is completely detached on three sides, held in place by only the two posts in front.

— Steel pergola design in Austin, TX.

The pergola posts required three-foot deep footings, secured in place with concrete.

— Pergola footings.

Another great innovation for this pergola is that the slats were created with TimberTech AZEK decking slats to match the decking. This not only gives the design a cohesive aesthetic but means the homeowners don’t have to perform annual maintenance, as they would with wood slats.

PVC decking boards make for perfect pergola slats!

Archadeck of Austin offers innovative outdoor living design options for your home too! If you are considering adding a new deck, or deck and pergola to your Austin area home, we are ready to collaborate with you to achieve your ideal backyard design. Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

— Jim Odom, Owner of Archadeck of Austin

This Georgetown TX Deck is Pure Platinum

Archadeck of Austin was recently called on to create this lovely dual-tone gray deck design in Georgetown, Texas. This custom multi-level TimberTech® deck is a real stunner, but it also includes useful innovations.

Often, our TimberTech deck designs are thoughtfully created for ultimate usability on top of the deck. This custom deck goes a few steps beyond the typical design, with fantastic use on deck, as well as below.

— Georgetown, TX, TimberTech deck.

Archadeck of Austin is your choice TimberTech Platinum Contractor!

These Georgetown homeowners wanted to extend their current outdoor living area, which consisted of a covered porch. Archadeck of Austin designed this multi-level, custom-shaped deck using TimberTech AZEK decking in two coordinating gray finishes. We applied light gray, wood-look decking, framed with a solid dark gray accent decking.

— Two-toned TimberTech deck in Georgetown, TX.

We installed dark gray TimberTech fascia boards and stair risers, complementing the home’s brick colors, as well as the light gray paint on the wood lattice skirting.

— Georgetown, TX, composite deck with wood lattice skirting.

The deck is incredibly spacious – perfect for hosting friends and family! It boasts multiple seating areas to augment use of the covered porch and includes a dedicated space for grilling.

To enhance the overall low-maintenance appeal of the deck, we installed TimberTech Impression Rail Express. This pre-finished aluminum railing system comes in pre-constructed panels for ease of installation. The low-profile infill pickets provide a feeling of openness and an unobstructed view out into the beautiful back yard.

— TimberTech Impressions Express deck railing

At Archadeck of Austin, we know that with proper deck lighting, there is never a need to take the party indoors after dark. These clients chose to have their entire deck accented with LED lighting, including the stairs.

—TimberTech deck with deck lighting in Georgetown, TX

This deck is accommodating, top to bottom!

This elevated deck offers the homeowners tons of storage space beneath the upper landing. Archadeck of Austin closed the space in using HardiePanel® siding, painted to match the deck fascia.

— Under-deck storage area with access door

Are you ready to build a beautiful and usable deck for your home? Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

— Jim Odom, owner Archadeck of Austin

See This South Austin Screened Porch Take Shape

Our recent project in the Oakville neighborhood is a testament to the difference a new outdoor living space can make for any home. These clients had a covered porch spanning the back of their home, but they were ready for something more usable. See their result!

These South Austin clients had a rolled roof porch structure built onto the back of their home, extending from their soffit. Their biggest complaint was that the interior of their home was shrouded in darkness due to the shade provided by the porch roof, which covered every window and door on the back of their home. Aside from the shady nature of the roof, it was so low, this family and their guests could hit their heads entering or exiting the covered area.

— A low porch roof provided too much shade and resulted in a loss of natural sunlight into the home.

We de-constructed and re-constructed the old porch, from top to bottom!

The consensus said, This porch must go, and Archadeck of Austin agreed! We demolished every iota of the old roof structure. We were able to reuse the existing concrete pad, but first had to install a new footer system to bring it up to code. One of the benefits of hiring us to be your porch builder, is that you will be assured that your new porch or deck meets all necessary building codes.

— The existing concrete pad was brought up to building code.

We increased the height of the roof, from eight feet to nine feet by installing a beam on top of the sill plate. We utilized a mount system into the wall, which allowed for a large wall-mounted TV inside the screened porch.

— New porch roof attachment.

We were able to achieve a large gable porch roof, tied into the home’s existing roof structure. The resulting gable is 30 feet wide and 12 feet deep. The high gable will invite air and daylight into the protected area of the screened porch, providing more light inside the home, as well.

— The new porch has enough space for a new hot tub.

The finished screened porch is spectacular and usable

This South Austin screened porch is the picture of porch perfection with classic cedar framing. Archadeck of Austin also created two custom-made cedar-framed screened doors for this project. The knee wall on the exterior of the porch was created in a panel design using Hardie Board sheets and painted to match the home.

— South Austin cedar screened porch with custom screen doors.

These screen openings are extra-wide and will provide excellent airflow and sunlight throughout the porch.

— Bright and airy screened porch design.

The screened porch ceiling was fitted with electric to accommodate lighting and a ceiling fan. The ceiling was finished using Synergy Wood™ in Colonial finish. The interior knee wall was finished with beadboard and painted to match the home’s exterior.

— Synergy Wood ceiling finish.

Archadeck of Austin created an inviting, beautiful, and ultimately usable screened porch for these South Austin residents, as you can see by the photo below!

— The proof is in the pudding – what a difference a new porch makes!

Are you ready to reimagine your Austin area backyard for aesthetics and usability? Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

This Multi-level Leander TX Deck Fits Just Right

These Crystal Falls Parkway residents were looking for an outdoor living upgrade. The challenge of this new space was – well, space. See how Archadeck of Austin transformed their existing deck into a veritable outdoor oasis, even inside a limited footprint.


These Leander clients were looking for a big deck upgrade in a tight space. They longed for better usability of their outdoor living area by way of a dual-level, low-maintenance deck. On each level, they wished for particular accommodations and usage. A gathering area on the upper level and a hot tub on the lower. The result is a tidy Leander TX deck with room to move!

— Covered AZEK deck in Leander, TX.

Searching for a Leander TX deck builder? Choose Archadeck!

This deck was constructed with premium TimberTech AZEK® Vintage Collection decking. The fascia, stair risers, bench face, and picture framing were created with Dark Hickory decking, while the deck infill, stair treads, and benchtop were created using English Walnut. AZEK Vintage Collection is a capped polymer decking, which comes with a standard 50-year limited fade and stain warranty.

— TimberTech AZEK multi-width deck in Leander, TX.

A unique feature of this multi-level deck design is in the wide width decking utilized in the picture framing. At 7-1/4” wide, it’s 1-3/4” wider than the standard 5-1/2” decking plank.

— Multi-tone, dual-level deck in Leander, TX.

Stunning covered deck

Archadeck of Austin designed and built a large cathedral roof over the upper deck, just outside the existing covered porch area of the home. We resurfaced the existing porch roof to match the new deck roof using Synergywood® ceiling in Colonial finish. The open gable design is perfect for maximum light entry under the protection of this stunning roof.

— Covered deck with Synergywood ceiling finish.

Horizontal cedar deck skirting brings the space together from the ground to the roof. We included an access door for storage under the deck.

— Cedar deck skirting.

Lower-level spa deck

For these Leander homeowners, their new deck would not have been complete without a dream spa deck. This deck was thoughtfully planned for space in which we had to build and creates a perfect escape for these clients and their guests.

The custom-built seating bench is perfect for holding soakers’ items while using the spa, or as overflow seating for the entire space.

— Inviting TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection spa deck.

Hammered Bronze finish Fortress Railings were installed throughout the space, adding to the low-maintenance aspect.

— Fortress Railings in Hammered Bronze.

The homeowners had an electronic retractable screen system installed around the deck enclosure for protection from pests and the elements. They self-installed deck stair lighting. Two useful and beautiful additions!

— Leander deck with retractable screens.

Are you ready to deck out your own backyard outdoor living space with a new AZEK deck? Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

How Covered Porch Builder Archadeck of Austin Treats You Right

The project we’re looking at today illustrates two important concepts of interest to homeowners—especially to our future clients in the Austin area. The project is a porch roof replacement we recently designed and built for this home in NW Austin, TX. Archadeck of Austin is known for our covered porches and patios, among other outdoor structures.


As you scan the photos of this porch transformation, be sure to watch for two things:

  • Why it’s best to schedule your outdoor living projects in a certain sequence—as in, “do this before _that_”
  • How we take care of your property when it becomes our construction site

Porch Builder Archadeck of Austin Receives the Call

The owners of this NW Austin home wanted to breathe new life into their outdoor living space. They purchased the home knowing they would make these improvements. As many homeowners do, they planned to address one project at a time rather than having everything done at once.

— Before Archaeck of Austin began the project.

What’s wrong with this picture? As you look closely at the “before” photo, you begin to notice that the home had a new deck and an old roof over the deck. (We call this a covered porch.) The roof was in such bad shape it actually sagged through the middle. It didn’t really meet code, and perhaps it never had. It was a low-ceiling, flat roof porch cover built off the overhang of the house.


Here’s what’s wrong with this picture: the new roof should have been built first, before the deck. There’s a sequence that professional contractors follow to work efficiently and to minimize the chance of damaging one structure or area while working on another. If we had designed and built both projects instead of the roof only, we would have built the roof first. Instead, another builder handled the deck, and Archadeck of Austin was hired later to build a new porch roof over it.

If the homeowners had called us in first to build the deck, we would have advised them that the new roof needed to go up first. As it was, we had to retrofit some areas of our project because the deck had already been completed.

Archadeck Takes Good Care of Your Property!

Walking into this situation, we’re not going to refuse the job just because work is being done out of sequence. If you know Archadeck of Austin, you know we love a challenge. So, yes, we took on the project of building a top-of-the-line new porch roof over the new deck. That meant we had to be very, very careful.


One of the measures we took to prevent damage to the new deck surface was to cover it with a product called Ram Board. This temporary floor covering, which comes in rolls, is a barrier engineered specifically for use by contractors when they need to protect flooring. Disaster averted.


We always take good care of our clients’ existing outdoor structures while we work near and around them. We’re also careful to protect the integrity of any nearby objects, trees, and other landscaping. As professionals, we consider that part of our job.

In Austin, TX, Look to Archadeck for a Porch Roof Done Right


For this project, Archadeck of Austin’s goal was to construct a new-and-improved porch cover that met and exceeded code. In terms of the design aesthetic, we needed to create a roof with the same look as the home’s existing roof. The home’s roof has an 8/12 pitch, which means the roof rises 8” for every 12″ inward toward the peak. We divided the 8/12 pitch by half to design the porch roof with a 4/12 pitch.


Pairing the 4/12 pitch of the porch roof with the 8/12 pitch of home’s roof just looks natural. At Archadeck, we always strive to create new outdoor living structures that look to be part of the home’s original design. At this NW Austin home, it looks like the new covered porch was meant to be there all along. A 4/12 pitch is also an excellent choice because that pitch doesn’t require a special roof membrane or waterproofing.

Design Details Complete the Project


  • The interior of the covered porch ceiling is made of Synergy prefinished tongue-and-groove planks in their Colonial color. Synergy offers our clients a beautiful ceiling of high-quality, natural wood that’s sourced sustainably.
  • We wrapped the beams in cedar and Hardie to match the home.
  • We framed the roof wall to match the bottom of the exterior siding.
  • We painted the whole back side of the house to give it a nice, completed look.

Are you planning multiple or combination outdoor living projects at your home? Archadeck of Austin is the builder that will organize the jobs efficiently and protect your property, too. Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Leander TX Patio Gets a Phenomenal Upgrade

There are some backyards, which by their looks, seem to lack for nothing. Thing is, we really can’t know what kind of outdoor living space we require until we live in the space we have. This attractive Crystal Falls backyard patio needed more area for grilling and entertaining. Archadeck of Austin was happy to oblige!


As with many of our clients, these Leander homeowners were seeking better usability of their covered patio area. Along with a patio flooring upgrade, Archadeck of Austin achieved the additional living area they had in mind, and this new space expounds upon the stylish aesthetic that was already in place. A real backyard reTREAT!

We want to be your Leander TX patio builder!

The original salt-glazed concrete patio design created an attractive covered patio nook on the back of this beautiful home, but at only around eight feet in width, it needed expansion. That is rather narrow, even for spaces that are just meant to be private sitting areas. If you choose to grill and entertain, you certainly need more room to move freely about your patio.


Take a look at the patio before and after! A little added space goes a long way.


For this expansion, we constructed a pressure-treated wood decking structure, and created the deck with clear cedar decking. To offer ultimate protection on the expansion, these homeowners chose to add a custom cedar pergola with a Topgal polycarbonate roof, rather than typical pergola louvers.

The patio floor got a new look too!

The existing salt finish patio flooring got a beautiful new overlay with a custom pattern, chosen by our clients on-site. The floor now has an attractive flagstone pattern, and neutral tones to match the existing stone and stucco on the home.


All the cedar on this project received a rich butternut commercial-grade stain and sealer in one. The golden hues of the cedar really pull the gold tones out of the stone masonry on the home’s exterior!


Our clients wanted to recreate the railing that was original to the patio. They chose to have powder-coated iron deck and stair railings custom fabricated for the project. Each cedar railing post is topped with an LED lighted post cap.


Are you ready to expand your existing outdoor living space for ultimate beauty and usability? Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

More Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors: Round Rock TX Covered Patio

Young families and “empty nesters” alike need more than one way to enjoy the outdoors at home. These homeowners in Round Rock, TX, had a deck but wanted something more to complete their outdoor living space. Covered patio builder Archadeck of Austin designed just the right covered patio here—and with an outdoor kitchen, of course!


Our clients enjoyed their existing deck but wanted additional structures to make their outdoor living space complete. Archadeck of Austin filled in the blanks with these solutions:

  1. More space = We added a patio adjoining the deck.
  2. Shade = We designed that patio with a roof to cover it.
  3. Convenient outdoor cooking = We included an outdoor kitchen within the patio design.

Patios and Decks Go Together Like Fun and More Fun!


These homeowners now have all the options they need outdoors. With a covered patio for relaxing, dining, and watching the kids play in the yard, rain showers and hot sun will not be a problem. The ceiling over their new patio is equipped with recessed lighting for nighttime use and a ceiling fan to stir welcome breezes. The open deck they already had gives them a comfortable place to enjoy the warmth of the sun when it’s not too hot outdoors. It’s also the perfect place for stargazing. The outdoor kitchen means they can cook outside and eat outside. The grill master will be able to visit with guests on the patio while grilling their favorite foods.


Covered Patio Designed by Archadeck of Austin

This patio surface features a “cool deck” concrete treatment often used around pools. It’s an efficient and a cost-effective way to finish a patio. Besides being comfortable for bare feet, the textured patio surface is durable and slip-resistant.


If you’re wondering about that beautiful ceiling over the new patio, we built it with Synergy Wood. It’s as gorgeous as any ceiling you might have indoors. We use these handcrafted, prefinished tongue-and-groove ceiling boards for many of the covered patios and porches we design and build. Our clients love it.

Looking For a GREAT Outdoor Kitchen Designer?

If you know Archadeck of Austin, you know a great kitchen builder around Austin and Round Rock, Texas. We never build too much kitchen, or too little. We’re expert outdoor kitchen designers. Whether you want a simple outdoor kitchen or all the “bells and whistles,” we can help you use that space efficiently and effectively.



Notice that the backside of this outdoor kitchen has a bar/counter that can accommodate bar stools for an “eat-in kitchen” feel. Guests can perch at the bar and enjoy their refreshing beverages while spending time with the grill master at work.


You may be surprised to know that this kitchen features a cooler instead of a fridge. That’s what we recommend when the outdoor kitchen is close in proximity to the interior kitchen, as was the case here.


We have a funny story about building this outdoor kitchen. At Archadeck of Austin, we always start our outdoor kitchens with a very sturdy foundation of cinder blocks before adding the stone finish. When the homeowners saw us installing cinder blocks, they wanted to know if that was what it was going to look like. The Archadeck owner, on site at the time, responded quickly and enthusiastically, “Oh, no – that’s just the structural element, ‘cause at Archadeck of Austin, we don’t do ugly!" The clients found that hysterically funny, and it became a running joke for the duration of the project. And it’s true!

Altogether, the combination of covered patio, deck, and outdoor kitchen at this Round Rock, TX, home will add value by enticing buyers, should the owners decide to sell.

Would you enjoy your outdoor living space more if you added to it? Interested in a new patio and outdoor kitchen, or deck? Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Odom, Owner of Archadeck of Austin

Bee Cave TX Deck, Porch, Patio Project Showcases Archadeck’s Design Skills

Why make just one change when you can go all the way and achieve total outdoor living satisfaction? That’s what our clients in Bee Cave, TX, did when they decided to enlarge their deck. Not stopping there, they added a shade structure and a patio. Deck and patio builder Archadeck of Austin designed and built all of the components for this beautiful outdoor home improvement project.


Here’s what the homeowners chose to include in their new-and-improved outdoor living space:

  • Bigger deck—much bigger!
  • Stunning, large shade structure
  • New patio with sitting area at ground level
  • Concealed under-deck storage area

Deck Designer Archadeck of Austin

For anyone who’s wondering why a deck might need to be “designed,” one look at this amazing deck will answer that question. This covered deck is a good example of the design component in the phrase design and build. Now you know why we say Archadeck of Austin doesn’t just build, we design and build. You’d be hard pressed to find a conventional deck contractor who can produce results like this. The Archadeck difference is on display here in our attention to detail and expert craftsmanship.


A deck covered by a roof is, for all practical purposes, a covered porch. The covered portion of this deck is spacious enough for a dining table and chairs plus a seating area with comfortable chairs and pillows. Part of the large deck remains uncovered for outdoor cooking, and there you’ll find the clients’ grill and Big Green Egg.


For their new deck surface, the homeowners chose low-maintenance synthetic decking by AZEK. Because Archadeck of Austin is a Platinum AZEK and TimberTech contractor, we have worked with these brands more than most deck builders. You can trust us to stay up-to-date with the correct installation methods and the latest AZEK and TimberTech outdoor building products.


The black iron deck railing is from Fortress. The skirting around the bottom of the deck/porch is Western red cedar, a beautiful way to conceal an under-deck storage area!

Porch Designer Archadeck of Austin

This handsome porch cover demonstrates the importance we place on making your outdoor living addition look original to your home. The roof of the porch ties into the home’s roof and gutter system perfectly. The trim on the new soffits and beams is the same distinctive color as the trim on the home.


Tall, sturdy steel posts support the porch roof, which features an open gable design with decorative queen truss details at open end of the gable. From this angle you can see the interior porch ceiling we built with handcrafted, prefinished tongue-and-groove ceiling boards from Synergy Wood, our favorite. For breezes on a still day, we installed a heavy-duty ceiling fan. Finally, lighting recessed in the ceiling above will increase the functionality of this porch at night.

Bee Cave TX Patio Builder Archadeck of Austin

The slope of this back yard means the deck is pretty far away from ground level. The homeowners wanted an additional outdoor space they could enjoy at the lower level, too. We designed a curvilinear patio with a curved stone seating wall that hugs the intimate seating area. The patio surface is a durable, textured concrete overlay. The stone seating wall features a smooth Lueders stone top.


Are you ready for a larger deck? Interested in a shade cover or new patio? Whether it’s a new deck or patio you want—or both—call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Odom, Owner of Archadeck of Austin

Northwest Austin Flagstone patios and cedar pergola design

What to do with a legacy tree, whose root structure had begun to lift an existing concrete patio? Archadeck of Austin not only performed the meticulous patio removal, as not to harm the root system, but also created a natural backyard landscape to accommodate the tree.

These homeowners in NW Austin are making home upgrades, including a home expansion. They called on Archadeck of Austin to perform a complete backyard redesign. With natural materials, like cedar and flagstone, we built a beautiful, functional at-home escape for this family and their guests to enjoy for many years to come.

— Flagstone patio and pergola in NW Austin

We want to be your Austin patio builder!

Each of our projects presents its own set of challenges, and this Northwest Austin project was no exception. The previous concrete patio was being lifted by this mature tree’s root structure, and water was not properly draining from the space. These two things create an unsafe backyard scenario with trip and fall hazards. The home is also located within a two-mile EJC, Extraterritorial Jurisdiction for Planning and Development zone.

— Existing concrete patio in NW Austin.

We extracted the old concrete from among the root system of the giant tree!

— After demolition.

We designated new areas for proper permeation to keep the new concrete patio with flagstone finish from lifting like its predecessor.

— A catch basin beneath will catch rainwater water from the pergola and drain elsewhere.

Just look at these patios and cedar pergolas!

For these NW Austin homeowners, we built one main patio, which is concrete with a gorgeous flagstone application. The circular patio extension is natural flagstone laid into a decomposed granite base. We utilized multiple colors in the flagstone palette – silver mist and Arizona limestone. To prevent water from the tree and yard entering the patio, we also installed a small single-stone block system. This will ensure excess water is redirected back to the drainage system around the tree.

— Striking flagstone colors were used throughout this Northwest Austin project.

The smooth river stones lie atop the water basin, allowing water to roll right between the loose mixture of stone.

— Single-stone block system deter water away from the new patio.

The natural cedar pergola was a choice addition for these homeowners, which offers sunshade and rain protection for the new patio space.

— Beautifully-shaded sitting area under NW Austin cedar pergola.

The pergola is attached to the home on the inside and supported by posts and a beam on the outside. Eliminating posts by the house keeps patio unimpeded by excess obstacles. The pergola includes electrical hook-ups for a ceiling fan, essential for Texas outdoor living.

The pergola features a clean, Craftsman-inspired design with angular-cut support beam and louver ends.

— Cedar pergola with full roof and ceiling fan.

If you are looking for a company, who can handle your current outdoor living malady, you need a company you can trust. Archadeck of Austin is armed with the experience and know-how to get your project done, accommodating any regulations and solving the problems your backyard might present.

Does your backyard area require an extraordinary upgrade, such as a flagstone patio and pergola combination? Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

What A Difference A New Patio Makes!

This patio in the Oakland neighborhood of Round Rock, TX, shows how a new patio can bring a breath of fresh air to your outdoor living space. Once again, patio designer Archadeck of Austin hit all the right notes!


A Patio Can Make a Great Deck Replacement

When it’s time to replace your deck, Archadeck of Austin suggests you expand your thinking to include patios as well. There’s no rule saying you have to replace a worn deck with new deck. If you’re open to other possibilities, you might just realize you’d prefer a patio instead.

— Before

These homeowners in the Oakland neighborhood of Round Rock, TX, chose to replace their old deck with a new patio. Their wooden deck had reached the end of its useful life. Not only was it in disrepair, its design had not served their needs as well as they would have liked. The deck had two levels, a design that works better when you have a space large enough to function as two outdoor rooms. In the case of this bi-level deck, neither level was large enough to function that way.

— After

A single-level patio was the right choice because the homeowners wanted more room for furniture and plants. Here’s a design tip we shared with them: keeping it all on one level will afford you more space.

Choose Bench Seating for More Patio Space

The patio we designed for these clients includes an extremely useful section of stone bench seating. It runs along the curved edge of the deck, from the new outdoor kitchen all the way to the steps. Because this patio design offers built-in seating, the homeowners won’t need as much furniture in the center when they entertain a larger group. They have plenty of room for dining and seating—both near and away from the new outdoor kitchen.


Plant lovers may already be looking at these photos and thinking, More room for plants! Yes, the homeowners may use some of that bench seating as a plant ledge. The new patio design offers increased functionality so the clients have several options when thinking about how they want to use it.

Notice the absence of a railing on this patio. Building codes don’t require a railing if your structure is less than 30” off the ground. While a railing can serve as a design element to help define the space, the seating wall does that here.

Custom Patio Designs: Choose Your Materials

As with all of the projects Archadeck of Austin designs and builds, the clients’ choices of materials and amenities result in a unique, custom design. The light-colored stone the homeowners chose for this patio is one reason it feels so fresh, open, and inviting. For the base of the outdoor kitchen and seating wall, they selected a mix of white and nicotine limestone. The kitchen counter space, the ledge along the backsplash, and the bench seating feature surfaces of smooth Lueders limestone in a buff color.


Concrete overlay continues this lighter-than-air color scheme across the patio surface. For a cohesive patio design, the clients wanted a surface color that would mimic the stone used for this project. Sometimes it takes a customized color for the overlay to achieve the right effect, and that’s part of our process! We work with a company that prepares a color board for homeowners, blending several colors to choose from so they’ll get just what they want. Not only is this patio beautiful, but the concrete overlay provides a durable patio surface.


Another design element that adds to the patio’s open and airy feeling is the section of wide radius stairs reaching out invitingly. Notice how the width of each step matches the width of the seating walls for symmetry.

Outdoor Kitchen and Other Patio Amenities


For their new outdoor kitchen, these Round Rock homeowners chose a gas grill system with access door and trash can—always convenient to have nearby. They also chose low-level ambient lighting to make the patio even more alluring—and safer—after dark. We installed photocell-activated masonry lights along the seating walls. The dusk-to-dawn lights sense natural light and adjust for longer or shorter days as the seasons change. The clients will never have to remember to turn their outdoor lighting on or off.

Is it time to replace your aging deck? Interested in a new patio and perhaps an outdoor kitchen? Whether it’s a new deck or patio you want, call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Super-Sized Elgin TX Patio Cover Saves the Day!

A big, wide extended patio is great until the sun beats down on you! These homeowners in Elgin, TX, enjoyed life outdoors on the patio immensely. Container gardening, grilling out, watching the kids play, hanging out with the dogs… but that sun! It drove them indoors far too often.


Archadeck of Austin swooped in to save the day by designing and building the patio cover of their dreams. Now this family has been able to reclaim their outdoor living space! With a reliable shade structure, an amazing ceiling fan, and some comfortable outdoor furniture, they will rarely have a reason to go indoors. (Well, maybe to sleep.)

Covered Patio Builder Archadeck of Austin Gets to Work!

A patio cover is basically a huge roof. At one end, we can usually tie it into the home’s existing roof. But at the other end, and along the sides, we use posts to support the patio cover. Posts are supported by footings. When we complete our work, you won’t see the footings, but they are critically important because they transfer the structural load into the ground.


When we’re building a patio cover and pouring a new patio, we set footings into the ground first. However, on this project in Elgin, TX, we were working with an already-existing patio. That meant we needed to dig under the concrete slab to install footings. Then we installed large posts, 12’x12’, for this large patio cover.


What’s interesting is that one of the posts we needed had already been installed. The home builder had used a cedar post to support the original roof at the corner where there’s a cut-out in the roofline. With one of the posts supplied in advance, all we had to do was install the other five!

Materials Make a Patio Cover

While the home’s existing roof has an 8/12 pitch, we designed the patio cover’s roof with a 4/12 pitch. The numbers mean the patio roof rises only 4 inches for every 12 inches inward toward the roof’s peak. The new roof ties neatly into the home’s existing roof, and we were able to match the home’s shingles.


When we select materials for an addition like this patio cover, we follow the homeowners’ preferences and also strive to match the home. We design the new structure to make it look like it came with the home. For example, here we used pine for the ceiling of the patio cover to match the ceiling on the adjacent (small) porch cover. Our stain man was able to match the new ceiling stain with that already there, a red stain mixed with clear—we got an exact match!


Because of the span and size of this new structure, we used a 2’x10’ truss system. We built a roof wall system across the back of the patio cover, at the point where the new ceiling ends and the original porch ceiling begins. For the ridge beam, we used laminated veneer lumber (LVL), a very strong engineered wood product made from layers of thin wood and adhesives. We used natural cedar for the other beams in this project.

Patio Cover Amenities Make It Home

One of the most important parts of a covered patio is the ceiling fan! Besides providing shade, the roof over a patio can hide the electrical wiring needed for an overhead fan. These homeowners love their ceiling fan from Big Ass Fans. Just in case high winds blow through, the company supplied cables to secure the fan—in addition to the regular mount hardware. Regardless of temperature, these clients will never be without a breeze on this patio.


Since outdoor living doesn’t end at sundown, plenty of specialty lighting went into this project. For exterior lighting, the homeowners selected black barn-style lighting fixtures, which we mounted on the outside of the porch cover’s two corner posts. For the interior, we installed recessed can lighting in the ceiling.

— Before

— After

These clients will never again have to sit outside in the blistering sun—unless, of course, they choose to! They’ve also banished the rainy-day blues by adding this large patio cover over their large patio. No more cancelled cookouts or birthday parties on account of rain.

Would a patio cover make your leisure space more enjoyable? Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Screened Room Screens Out Mosquitoes in SW Austin

When the mosquitoes are coming for you, day after day, it’s time to take action! A screened outdoor room by Archadeck of Austin is the perfect solution, as these clients in Southwest Austin can attest.


Whether you call it a screened porch or a screened room, this is the structure that will make your outdoor living space usable again. Mosquitoes, so prevalent in this part of Texas, are more than just annoying. They cause discomfort, and they carry disease. You don’t have to let them ruin your enjoyment of the outdoors.

Archadeck of Austin, Screened Room Designer


These homeowners knew their deck had reached the end of its useful life. One option would have been to replace it with a new deck. The homeowners had something else in mind, though. They saw this outdoor renovation as their opportunity to reclaim their outdoor living space from the hordes of mosquitoes that plagued them. A screened room was their solution.

Their Archadeck design consultant agreed this was a wise choice, especially given drainage issues on their property. Their old deck was at ground level. Moisture penetration, rot, and decay would eventually threaten a new deck as well. At ground level there was no way to seal the underside of the deck to prevent those issues.

— Before

The topography and slope of this property were responsible for the client’s drainage issues. The homeowner built a diverting channel where the pump recirculates, along with a drainage basin, in unison with the Archadeck of Austin project featured here.

Having two great reasons to replace their deck with a screened room, the homeowners didn’t give that old deck another thought. Archadeck of Austin designed a beautiful screened porch that not only protects the family from mosquito misery, it adds an enjoyable leisure space to their home.

Customize Your Outdoor Space by Choosing Your Materials


Archadeck of Austin works with you, the homeowner, to help you determine the materials you prefer. As an Archadeck client, you put your own personal stamp on your custom project by your materials selection.


Two of the most striking items in these photos are the floor and the ceiling of this new screened room. The homeowners selected beautiful ceramic tile for their flooring. For the ceiling, they went with one of our favorites, the Synergy Wood colonial ceiling. Synergy Wood ceilings use beautifully prefinished tongue-and-groove wood planks for a rich, warm look. For the interior walls, the homeowners selected low-maintenance Alumawood.

For amenities inside this Southwest Austin screened porch, the homeowners selected our standard electrical package, recessed can lighting, and standard insect screens. The new ceiling fans will get a lot of use around here!


The home’s second-story windows guided our choice of a shed roof for the new screened porch. The shed roof has a low slope, and, as always, we applied ice and water shield to the entire roof. We built the posts supporting this roof with pressure-treated wood wrapped in cedar.

In addition to building a screened porch, we constructed a patio extension using the same ceramic tile flooring. The patio extension provides the perfect outdoor (open) space for the clients’ chimenea, a portable outdoor fireplace.


A portion of the patio required railing, and the homeowners chose black iron railing from Fortress Railing Products. Their selection of black rail with fairly thin black balusters is a great choice for better views from the screened porch and patio.

Finally, we also did some stucco work on the rear wall as part of this project.

Would a screened outdoor room make your leisure space more usable? Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Austin Riverfront Home Celebrates Outdoor Living

The eclectic charm of this home on the banks of Lake Travis and the Colorado River in Austin is undeniable. As you can see, Archadeck of Austin was able to completely replace the home’s outdoor living structures without destroying its whimsical appeal.


We’ve asked you to bring us challenging outdoor living projects, and you did. Here you see a fine example. The existing structures we were called in to replace had reached the end of their useful life. The home featured a raised patio with wood decking laid across the patio surface. The deck extending beyond the patio was sagging. The detached, open-rafter steel cover over the deck needed to be replaced, too.

— Before Archadeck of Austin began the new outdoor living space additions.

— After Archadeck of Austin completed the project.

Deck and Patio Builder Archadeck of Austin Gets Down to Work



To start with a clean slate, we tore the existing wood and steel structures away, down to the original concrete patio. By the time we finished, we had created the following:

  • A beautiful new surface for the raised patio
  • A deck with a significantly larger footprint than the original
  • An outdoor kitchen
  • A hot tub deck
  • Two patio covers – one over part of the patio and one over the deck, outdoor kitchen, dining area, and TV area
  • Privacy wall
  • Under-deck storage areas

We tied the new deck/porch cover into the roofline of the home, whereas the original – a large steel pavilion – had been freestanding. Instead of covering the patio, the new deck begins at the edge of the patio, giving the homeowners a deck and patio combination for multiple uses.


In addition to designing and building all of the structures you see, we added large concrete beam walls at ground level to solve an existing problem. Water from rainfall had been running into the area under the old deck. The low concrete walls we added to the deck design now divert water properly. The homeowners are quite glad to be rid of that problem! The new design provides plenty of storage space under the deck so they can easily store their waterfront toys.


A Variety of Materials for a Variety of Structures

We covered the concrete patio with a gray, textured surface – a finished system, not stain-and-stamp concrete this time. For decking, the clients selected AZEK’s low-maintenance synthetic decking in the Island Oak color. We used that same decking material for the hot tub deck. The decks and the patio are all bordered with black Fortress iron railing.


For the ceiling of the patio cover and deck/porch cover, we used Synergy Wood’s beautiful prefinished pine. Synergy Wood is a favorite of ours, and we have used it on many ceilings under porch covers and patio covers. We used stained cedar for the privacy walls and the posts supporting the new deck.


The stone we used for the outdoor kitchen is a mixture of silver mist stone with white and autumn blend stone throughout. The counter is made of dark gray Lueders stone caps. The outdoor kitchen includes a large grill, two refrigerators, a kegerator, and an ice bin.


The homeowners will be able to enjoy their new outdoor living space for many years to come. The new design is more open and allows a better flow through the space.

Are you ready to transform – or replace – your outdoor living area? We can custom design and build a deck, patio, outdoor kitchen, privacy wall, or whatever it will take to improve your outdoor living space. Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Extend My Patio and Add a Privacy Screen … or 3… Please!


It’s not unusual to hear clients say, “We would use our patio more if it were bigger,” etc. These South Austin, TX, clients had a_ well-used_ patio they wanted to expand. The homeowners spend a lot of time outdoors relaxing on their covered patio, grilling out and watching the children play in the back yard. They needed a bigger patio.

What Could Make Your Patio Better?

Have you ever stood back and looked at your outdoor living space(s) and asked yourself, What could make this better? This patio … this deck … this porch … whatever outdoor living space you now enjoy?


These South Austin clients had a covered patio that functioned like a deck in that it was raised and had railings and steps. It had a roof for shade, but it just wasn’t big enough, and they were ready to do something about it. That’s when they called patio builder Archadeck of Austin for a design consultation.

Improvements included in this custom-designed patio expansion:


  • Significant patio expansion including space for a hot tub
  • Large privacy screen for hot tub area
  • 2 privacy screens for existing covered patio area
  • New concrete patio with textured overlay
  • Updated railing
  • Relocating steps leading to back yard
  • Incorporating rain chains into the home’s gutter system

The additional patio space allowed the homeowners to move their grill out of the covered patio area, giving them more space for their patio furniture. The original patio footprint did not extend beyond the covered area.

Introducing Multi-Purpose Privacy Screens


If you were to add a hot tub to your outdoor living space, would you want to add a privacy screen as well? For these South Austin homeowners, the answer was Yes. One thing led to another, and soon the project included two more privacy screens.

It’s amazing how adding these two privacy screens changed the experience of sitting on this patio. The original seating area, while covered by a roof, was exposed on either side. The size of the seating area did not change, but we used these privacy screens on each side to create a more intimate space.


We built the privacy screens with 1 × 6 boards of beautiful western red cedar, and we stained them. The 8-foot cedar privacy screen beside the hot tub is the largest of the three. Because the screens are not solid, but have small gaps between boards, they allow some light into the area. Looking out from within the seating area, the homeowners see a bit of daylight through the privacy screens.

Here’s the best part: even though the screens aren’t solid, they block the wind and keep rain from blowing into the patio from the sides. Who knew simple privacy screens could accomplish so much?

Project Details: New Patio, New Railing, Old Rain Chains!

  • We poured new concrete for this patio project and applied an overlay in the “Houston Tan” color.
  • It was definitely time to update the railing on this raised patio! The homeowners selected a Fortress vertical cable rail system with an Ipe cap atop the railing. Ipe is a beautiful exotic hardwood. While it’s one of the more expensive woods used for outdoor living projects, the small amount needed for a rail cap will not break the budget!


  • The homeowners had rain chains hanging from the gutters of the patio roof, and the chains extended to the grass just beyond the original patio. With a larger patio, however, the rain chains would have brought the rain directly onto the concrete. We were able to use the same rain chains to divert the rain into a drain system in the yard.

Are you ready to expand and update your outdoor living area? What would it take to improve your patio or deck? Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Retirement is Sweeter with Outdoor Living Makeover in SW Austin, TX

While retirement may be a time to shift gears, unwind, and de-stress, it helps if you have the right setting! Before easing into the retirement lifestyle you’ve imagined, you may need to devote some attention to creating a relaxing and enjoyable space. Such was the case for these clients who looked to Archadeck of Austin for their outdoor living makeover.


This home in Southwest Austin, near Rollingwood and West Lake Hills, is in an older neighborhood with larger yards. Plenty of space for us to work with! The home had an old wooden deck that was in bad shape. Prior to retirement, their busy schedules had prevented the homeowners from keeping up with wood deck maintenance. Now they finally had time to focus on improving their outdoor living space, so they entrusted the job to Archadeck of Austin.

— Wooden deck on back of home before Archadeck of Austin began the backyard transformation.

Austin deck-to-patio makeover: Out with the old!


First, we tore out the old wooden deck so we could start with a blank slate. Then we tore out the old concrete patio that the old deck had covered up. We cleared the area to make way for a new combination outdoor living space. At this point in the process, the possibilities always seem infinite!

Screened room, new patio, outdoor kitchen and more: In with the new!


Our design for this project was multi-faceted and consisted of a large screened room with a new patio and outdoor kitchen area. You could say those were the main attractions. In addition, several amenities filled out the homeowners’ dream outdoor space, making it complete. These included a planter integrated into the concrete patio, a custom trellis on the patio, and a privacy wall at the end of the patio.

You can’t go wrong with screened comfort, shade, and fresh air!

Since we had plenty of space to work with, we expanded the footprint of their outdoor living space. The clients knew they would enjoy spending more time outdoors if they had a screened-in space. We created a screened room where the old deck (and older patio) once stood. A screened room guarantees the homeowners a shaded area full of fresh air, protected from rain, and free from pesky insects.


The new screened room features a gable roof, a closed-rafter interior with beadboard ceiling, and skylights. The skylights in the screened room will keep the adjacent room from becoming too dark. That’s always a consideration when you add a screened or covered porch. The next room inside the home suddenly gets less light than it had before, so skylights are a welcome solution. Designing a gable roof for the screened room helps with that as well.


For flooring in the screened room, the clients chose AZEK capped-polymer porch boards in “coastline,” a new color in AZEK’s Porch Collection. These PVC porch boards are great for outdoor rooms because of their tongue-and-groove configuration. With this flooring, you don’t need any screened mesh under the porch floor to keep insects out.


Finishing touches in the screened room include our electrical package: ceiling fans, recessed can lighting, and outlets. These clients also wanted a TV mounted in their new outdoor living space. They’re retired, right? They can watch what they want, when they want, where they want!

Some days, dinner time is patio time!


The new elevated patio has a concrete floor with a textured overlay. The homeowners plan to dine on their new patio when the weather is fine. They asked Archadeck of Austin to design a simple outdoor kitchen area. What did they want to include there? A space for their Big Green Egg smoker, some counter space, electrical outlets, and drawers.


Their custom patio includes more than an outdoor kitchen, dining table, and chairs, however. These homeowners enjoy tending their favorite plants, so we integrated a planter along one whole side of the concrete patio. We also built a custom trellis for them along the wall at the other side of the patio. To make watering their plants super convenient, we added a custom access spigot on the patio.



The clients’ remaining request was privacy, so we designed and built attractive privacy panels behind the outdoor kitchen. This privacy wall on the patio will afford the homeowners a great deal of privacy whether they’re using the patio or the screened room. We built another privacy fence on the other side of the screened room, replacing an old wooden fence.


These Southwest Austin homeowners are now ready to enjoy their retirement fully in style and comfort in their new custom-built outdoor living space. Their backyard space is completely transformed from worn out to retirement-ready! Life is sweet!

Are you ready to transform your outdoor living area? We can custom design and build a screened room, patio, outdoor kitchen, privacy wall, or whatever it will take to improve your outdoor living space. Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Design ingenuity is the name of the game for this Liberty Hill pergola

At Archadeck of Austin, we love the opportunity to create a truly custom outdoor living structure that is not only beautiful to behold, but also works to provide families more enjoyment of their backyard spaces. This shade structure delivers!

When we met with these Liberty Hill residents, they noted their backyard outdoor living area had enough space and great amenities, but it was lacking shade for better usability. Before, their covered porch provided shade, but not much privacy. Their open patio was wide open, susceptible to the elements, including sun, rain, and wind. Archadeck of Austin got to work with these homeowners to create a solution – or two – or three!

- Custom cedar pergola by Archadeck of Austin

We are your trusted pergola builder in the Austin area!

First, we built a free-standing, all-cedar pergola. This custom shade structure spans 22 feet in length! To accommodate a streamlined aesthetic, and to secure the roof structure, we created an engineered “flitch beam” by connecting two long cedar members with a powder-coated steel flange.

—Grand backyard pergola design in Liberty Hill, TX

Secondly, we built a second pergola, attached to the existing covered porch to expand the shade above their hot tub. This will entice the family to use their spa area, even on full-sun days.

—This hot tub patio is tucked inside an intimate partial enclosure and protected from direct sun

The third problem we solved is the lack of privacy. In addition to the shade coverage, these homeowners wished for a more private area to enjoy the hot tub area. We also built a partial privacy wall to the existing open porch area, offering these homeowners and their guests a space of intimate respite and conversation.

—This once wide-open space is now enclaved in privacy

We saved the most unique shade solution feature for last!

These Liberty Hill homeowners had one very distinct issue with outdoor food prep. Facing due west, their grill space on the patio was subject to the hottest sunlight of the entire day. To resolve the issue, we added on a custom shade roof, built specifically for evening grilling! This angled metal roof will keep the elements at bay, so the grill master can attend to his or her duties in complete comfort.

—These homeowners will enjoy grilling again, now protected from evening sunlight!

No more one-handed grilling while blocking the sun with the other. No more poor visibility on the grill top due to bright light. No more checking the grill, and running away quickly to escape the heat from the fire and the sun. Mission accomplished! Plus, we have to admit, it looks pretty cool too.

Are you ready to turn your wide-open space into a comfy-cozy oasis of privacy and shade? Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Odom, Owner at Archadeck of Austin

Charming Screened Porch Addition in Northwest Austin

This Home Sweet Home Needed a Porch Sweet Porch!

These Northwest Austin homeowners don’t need Goldilocks to tell them their new screened porch is not too big, not too small, but just right! What’s more, it blends into the home perfectly and looks like it has always been there. At Archadeck of Austin, we have one word for this screened porch project we recently completed: adorable!


As seasoned Austin screened porch builders, we take special satisfaction in matching a home’s siding and trim when we add a screened porch. Always been there is the look we always work to achieve for our clients. And we’re pretty good at it. No one wants an outdoor living addition that screams, this was added on 20 years after the home was built!

Our Austin Screened Porches Celebrate Outdoor Living

Our clients in this older Northwest Austin neighborhood knew if they wanted to enjoy their back yard fully, they needed protection. Only a screened porch would protect them from sun, rain, and those incessant backyard mosquitoes.


While this yard receives shade at certain times of the day, that sharp, hot Texas sun has ways of finding us. The best defense is a roof! With a porch roof, you can even enjoy being outdoors in the rain. A porch roof is like a big umbrella you don’t have to hold up over your head!

Mosquitoes were the homeowners’ biggest source of agony when they tried to relax outdoors on their patio. The size of the patio was sufficient, so they knew it would give them enough room for a screened porch. All they needed was a roof and some framing to hold up the screens. And then they needed the screens.

The Best Kind of Screened Porch, Light and Airy

Screened porch designer Archadeck of Austin designed a picture-perfect screened porch, small but effective. It provides everything these homeowners were looking for without disturbing any more of their back yard. We designed a simple shed roof for the porch to avoid the second-story windows. While creating an outdoor room where none existed, we were able to build it without disturbing the flagstone grilling area and fire pit nearby.


Speaking of that shed roof, look closely at the area over the screen door that leads out to the uncovered patio space. What do you see over that screen door? It’s a perfectly-screened open wedge that starts small at the outer door frame and gets bigger as it reaches the wall of the house. If you didn’t already know we custom make all of our screens, you could tell by looking at this wedge. And there’s a matching screened wedge at the opposite end of the porch, too. These two wedges of screening let in just a little more light and contribute to the airy, summery feel of this porch.

An Outdoor Living Transformation That Brings Joy

The first thing these homeowners did after we completed their screened porch was hang festive string lighting around the interior. Pure joy is what we see there. And those little lights help show off the beautiful porch ceiling. Here we installed our trademark tongue-and-groove ceiling made by Synergy Wood. These Synergy Wood ceilings are always gorgeous. They’re made of premium-quality wood, hand-crafted and prefinished, and our clients love them. We added a ceiling fan and recessed lighting to the ceiling to bring indoor comfort outdoors.


The porch floor is concrete with a textured finish. We were able to use the existing patio as the porch floor, and we gave it that textured overlay to make it slip-resistant. It’s easy to clean, too, and the overlay increases the durability of the concrete floor.


These Northwest Austin homeowners are thrilled that we were able to transform their old patio into this utterly charming outdoor living space.

Are you ready to transform your outdoor living area? We can custom design and build a screened porch or covered patio to make your outdoor living space enjoyable. Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Odom, Owner at Archadeck of Austin

Round Rock TX Poolside Cabana Makes a Statement

Archadeck of Austin owner, Jim Odom, calls this a “statement project.” This completely custom outdoor living space does indeed make a statement in these Round Rock homeowners’ back yard. What does it say? What do folks say about it?


What a fantastic backyard outdoor living area this family had already! The space, complete with a custom-shaped pool with flagstone surround and waterfall, was a veritable canvas for an inspired poolside covered patio design. These clients had a vision for what they wanted to see from inside the home. Through meticulous design planning and renderings presentations, Archadeck of Austin helped them achieve it. This cabana is sure to elicit many a positive reaction!

—Poolside cabana in Round Rock TX by Archadeck of Austin

Covered patio statement 1: “Wow, what a beautiful custom design!”

This poolside cabana is first and foremost a shining example of a well-thought-out and executed Archadeck outdoor living design. The freestanding 17’x19’ patio cover is supported by cedar and stone-wrapped columns for a thoroughly rustic aesthetic. The high gable roof with open rafters achieves ultimate light entry inside this shady respite, and boasts beautiful cedar-wrapped gable trim for a truly tailored look.

—Stone and cedar set a perfect poolside rustic scene under this patio cover

Poolside patio statement 2: Wait a minute! You can cook in there?

That’s right! As many Archadeck of Austin clients know, outdoor living means that you bring interior amenities outdoors – and much of the time, that includes kitchen accoutrements! This outdoor kitchen is chock full of useful amenities. It offers a grill, side burner, utility and storage drawers, a cooler, and a refrigerator.

—Grill, cook, store, cool, and chill under this poolside cabana

In addition to the outdoor kitchen, this space also includes a wood-burning fireplace, built-in fireside bench, and an eat-in bar.

See Photo Gallery > Outdoor Kitchens

—Wood-burning outdoor fireplace under Round Rock TX covered patio by Archadeck of Austin

The outdoor fireplace features two custom built-in niches for wood storage and AV equipment to accommodate outdoor TV viewing and/or listening to music.

See Photo Gallery > Outdoor Fireplaces

—Built-in bar for eating and drinking and a built-in bench for additional seating in the back, left

Covered patio statement 3: “Look at all these fabulous finish materials!”

When it comes to custom finishes, no stone was left unturned. The fireplace, outdoor kitchen, bar, bench, and columns all feature autumn blend limestone and Lueders stone top surfaces.

—Autumn blend limestone and Lueders stone finishes

The finished tongue and groove ceiling is a perfect designer complement to the cedar, and boasts surround sound, recessed lighting, and ceiling fans. The columns feature lovely craftsman style sconces.

—Tongue and groove patio cover ceiling with lighting, speakers, and fans

Customization didn’t stop underneath this patio cover! Just outside the cabana’s confines, we created a surround for one of the mature trees in this back yard, which will preserve its health. Instead of concrete, which would have killed the tree, we laid flagstone surrounded by decomposed granite.

—Flagstone tree surround with decomposed granite

We want to be your patio builder too!

Are you ready to add a beautiful poolside cabana to your backyard oasis? Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Odom, Owner at Archadeck of Austin

Archadeck of Austin Makes Outdoor Living Accessible in Cherry Creek, South Austin, TX

Thinking outside the box means looking at something from a different perspective, and Archadeck of Austin is good at that! If you no longer enjoy walking down five big concrete steps to the back patio, we can bring the patio up to you! That pretty much describes how we began this outdoor living makeover in the Cherry Creek neighborhood of South Austin, TX.


Ever notice how many builder-grade step-out patios are out there in the world, each one barely more than a concrete pad? When these homes were built, perhaps the homeowners were happy to have any kind of patio at all. Now we have the internet. And Pinterest. We have seen the possibilities, and we know there’s so much more to backyard living than a simple concrete pad five steps down from the back door.


Our client in South Austin’s Cherry Creek neighborhood has some mobility issues and wanted to an easier way to go outdoors. The other item on this homeowner’s wish-list was a screened porch. Archadeck of Austin of custom-designed the perfect raised, screened porch for this client. Accessibility achieved!

Do You Need a Deck, or a Raised Patio?

We’ve observed that a lot of folks around Austin think concrete “decks” are more expensive than wooden decks, but the opposite is usually true. Concrete is generally less expensive. So before you say, “Who’s ever heard of a 36” raised concrete patio?” … well, we have! We’ve just finished building one.


Now that you see how the raised patio (or concrete deck!) fits into the scheme of things, it starts to make more sense. The concrete base you see under this screened porch is not a solid block of concrete, although that’s how it looks. We built a concrete wall around the perimeter of this new porch, a technique called a solid wall system. We backfilled the area inside the wall with compacted road base gravel and then poured a 4" concrete surface on top of that. All of this concrete is reinforced with steel rebar, too. Sturdy? Very sturdy.

We added a textured finish to the concrete floor, an overlay that makes it slip-resistant and easy to clean. This overlay is also more durable and will hold up to having the outdoor furnishings moved around.

Bring on the South Austin Screened Porch, Please!

For the porch roof, we installed an aluminum patio cover from Alumawood®, a low-maintenance option that’s more economical than a full gable roof. It’s also very sturdy! We put in a cedar ceiling to add character on the inside of the porch. Then, we built the wooden structure atop the patio to hold the screens. We stained the wood, added the screening and – bingo: a screened porch!

If you follow this blog regularly, you may know that we’re an old-school screened porch builder. We still install screens like we did in the good ol’ days. Instead of using prefab screen panels, we custom build screens using the blind stop method so they won’t stretch and sag. We attach wood trim (the blind stop, or outside stop) to each side jamb of the window frame, insert the screening material, and add the inside stop. Building screens this way results in stronger screen panels, and these screens stay taut.


Because of the height of the structure (over 36") we installed aluminum balusters to create the rail along the knee wall of the porch. The same railing continues outside the porch, on the landing and along the stairs down to the yard. Extra credit goes to the anyone who spots the pet door in the porch! For the finishing touches to this project, we installed porch lighting and a ceiling fan.


This raised, screened porch project was truly life-changing for the Cherry Creek homeowner. Having easy access to the outdoor living space again means many happy hours spent in the shaded comfort of the new screened porch.

Are you ready to turn the tables on your outdoor living area? We can custom design and build the structures to make your outdoor living space enjoyable again. Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Hyde Park Neighbors in North Austin See New Screened Porch and Want One, Too

If insanity is repeating the same behavior and expecting different results, then sanity is calling Archadeck of Austin to build a screened porch for you. The mosquitoes will learn quickly that you are no longer just hoping they will go away.


Our clients in the Hyde Park neighborhood of North Austin enjoyed their back yard and covered back porch, but come summertime, the mosquitoes were relentless. The homeowners knew they could not go through another summer fighting off these pesky insects. They noticed Archadeck of Austin building a screened porch for their next-door neighbors and decided to follow the neighbors’ example.

It’s not unusual for prospective clients to find us this way. When homeowners see us in the neighborhood, it triggers a reaction like, “Oh, wow, we need a screened porch, too!” Or perhaps this: “Look, honey, the Johnsons chose Archadeck of Austin to build their screened porch. Maybe we should try them, too!” That leads to a phone call, which leads to a free design consultation, which frequently results in a new outdoor living space. It’s a domino effect!

Your Better-Than-Average Austin TX Screened Porch

While Archadeck of Austin specializes in awesome patios and patio covers, these Hyde Park homeowners already had those elements in place. All they needed was the screening and the framing to attach it to. What you may not realize, however, is that our screened porches are better than most. We firmly believe that even simple projects are worth doing right. We bring our “A” game to every outdoor living structure we build, and we don’t take shortcuts.


This Hyde Park neighborhood screened porch project is a prime example. We don’t use prefabricated screen panels, and we don’t staple the screen to a wood frame. With each screened room we create, Archadeck of Austin installs our screens the old-fashioned way using the blind stop method. We roll the screen into an aluminum sash frame much like the frames used to build windows. The aluminum frame is screwed into openings that have an inner and outer blind stop on each of the vertical posts.


Why do we assemble our screens the old-fashioned way? While other screening methods may result in screens that stretch and sag, the blind stop method produces a screen panel that is stronger and keeps the screens taut. Also, if the screening material is ever damaged and needs replacing, this method makes screen replacement easier because it doesn’t involve interrupting the entire screened area.

Is One Type of Wood Better Than Another for Screened Porches?

We recommend framing a screened porch with Douglas fir when the homeowners want to paint or stain the wood. Douglas fir takes paint and stain better than cedar does, a “fun fact” that many homeowners are surprised to learn. These North Austin clients chose Douglas fir with a solid color white stain for their screened porch project.


Practice makes perfect, and you can believe we have had plenty of practice designing and building screened porches all over the greater Austin area. Today, it’s North Austin; tomorrow, we might be in your neighborhood!

Are you ready for a screened porch to protect your family and guests from pesky mosquitoes? We can design and build the perfect screened room to make your outdoor living space enjoyable again! Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Hello, Deck! Welcome Your Amazing New Pergola from Archadeck of Austin!

Just when you think you’ve seen every innovative pergola design, Archadeck of Austin comes along with something chic and amazing.


Every pergola that Archadeck of Austin builds is the product of collaboration between our designers and the homeowners for whom we’re working. When creating a pergola design, we let our clients lead when it comes to choosing color, materials, and other design elements. Each client makes a pergola their own with their personal design decisions. Based on these differences, it’s fair to say that not all pergolas look alike.


Today’s featured project, a unique pergola in the Windsor neighborhood of Northeast Austin, TX, illustrates all of those statements. More than anything, this pergola demonstrates that not all pergolas look alike. If you need further proof, be sure to see our article, Archadeck of Austin Designs Unique Pergola for Appreciative SW Austin Homeowners.

Austin Pergola Designer Meets All Challenges

Not all outdoor living contractors would be bold enough to conceive of this unusual pergola design, nor capable of building it. You’ve seen in many of our previous articles that we will rise to any design challenge whether it’s a patio design, deck design, or pergola design. The same is true for the open porches, screened porches, outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and other hardscape projects we have designed and built.


The homeowner for whom we built this wood pergola happens to be an artist. We suspect that fact may have had something to do with the way this project turned out, but that’s only speculation. What we do know is that this project presented a few challenges.

The client already had this deck on the home; Archadeck added the pergola. As an artist, the client creates much of his artwork outdoors on the deck, and he wanted to add a shaded area over his workspace.


The two most challenging requirements were that the pergola had to be attached to the house and it had to extend over half the deck. Not over the whole deck, just over half of it.

This Austin Pergola Project is Why 4×12 Beams Were Invented!

Covering only half the deck meant that in order to set posts up, we needed to create a design that was deeper than the deck itself. To put this another way, the pergola needed to extend beyond the deck perimeter. If we were building a deck and a pergola together, at the same time, such a feat wouldn’t have been necessary. But it was. Archadeck of Austin was able to engineer a design that worked perfectly!


As you can see in the photos, the posts supporting this pergola extend farther into the yard than the deck does. The unusual features at the top of this pergola start with a 4 × 12-ft. beam system all the way around the area to be covered. Within the outer 4 × 12 structure, we created an inner series of 4 × 12 and 4 × 8 beams.


Inside those structures, we created the inner design with 2 × 6-ft. wooden boards. You could describe it as a geometric shape featuring a box, in a box, within a box. Not only is this a unique pergola design, nesting these beams and boards makes the structure very stable. For the pergola materials, the homeowner selected wood stained with a solid white stain.

If your pergola designer is showing you the same tired images you’ve seen elsewhere, you need to call Archadeck of Austin, pronto. Better yet, just call Archadeck of Austin first!

A custom pergola addition can provide the shade you need and style you’ll love! We can design and build the perfect pergola for your outdoor living space – along with a deck or patio if you don’t have that already! Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Archadeck of Austin Restores Safety and Adds Shade in the Villages at Brushy Creek

It’s not every day we undertake two projects at one job site, but this was the case recently in the Villages at Brushy Creek. The homeowners had two different concerns, and luckily, covered patio and pergola builder Archadeck of Austin was the right contractor for both!


When It’s Not Safe to Sit Under Your Pergola …

The clients’ most immediate concern was one of safety. A large pergola covering the outdoor dining area was in danger of collapsing. The previous homeowners had built the pergola themselves, and, unfortunately, that meant it was not professionally engineered. They built four supporting posts using non-pressure-treated LVLs (laminated veneer lumber), which they nailed together and wrapped in cedar. The pergola’s span was too big, the LVLs were not strong enough, and the pergola sagged in the middle. It was a mess.


The current homeowners installed temporary supports to keep the pergola from sagging further. Then they called a professional pergola designer, Archadeck of Austin.

Your Pergola Engineers to the Rescue


We didn’t need to replace the pergola itself, we just needed to provide the proper support for a structure of its size. Once we installed a temporary bracing system to hold the pergola up, we removed the support beams and added new posts. Now it’s supported by six posts instead of just four.

Then we installed solid 4 × 12 beams, making sure the pergola was engineered properly this time. We split the beams up so they ran 12’ in both directions, and they sit atop metal posts. We also added the proper bracing to the pergola since it was free-standing. During this process we removed and reinstalled the existing lighting and ceiling fans. For the finishing touches, we stained the pergola and posts.


Now the homeowners have a delightful – and safe – area for dining, right beside their outdoor kitchen, with ample shade provided by their very sturdy pergola.

When It’s Too Hot to Enjoy Your Patio …

The second issue requiring our attention was also related to shade. The home has a pool in the back yard, and a patio filled the space between the house and the pool. Unfortunately, the family didn’t have a speck of shade on that patio. They seriously needed shade if they were going to enjoy summer out by the pool.


A patio cover was in order here! Archadeck of Austin has not only designed and built more patios than we can count, we have also added patio covers: to plenty of uncovered patios.

No Half Measures … Shade from a Shed Roof

The cover we designed for this patio is in the form of a shed roof added to the back of the home. Because this new roof addition has a low pitch, we had to include an ice and water membrane, following the rules of the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association. Any roof with a shingle system and a pitch less than 4/12 requires this special membrane in order to maintain the warranty on the asphalt shingles.


To support the roof, we installed an 8 × 8 post, and then we installed a glulam beam tying into the existing house wall. For the tie-in we removed materials on the home’s exterior and then reinstalled them around that beam; now it looks like it has been there all along. The gutters do, too. We installed new gutters to match and tied them into the existing gutters at the bay window.


We built a gable wall at either end where the new roof ties into the house. Using Hardie siding along with Hardie soffit and fascia, we matched the new trim to the home’s exterior. The outside of the large beam is wrapped in Hardie, too. We covered the bottom of the beam and the inside portion with cedar to blend with the cedar ceiling.

Yes, a ceiling! The interior of the new patio cover has a beautiful tongue-and-groove ceiling of natural cedar. We installed recessed can lighting and ceiling fans, too.

Mission Completed: Shade Structures, Plenty of Support

These two projects, the restored pergola at the side of the house and the new patio cover on the back, shared one aspect in common. Where we installed new support posts, we tore out concrete and installed a footer system that met engineering standards. We installed new flagstone in those areas. Looking at these posts now, you would never know they created that much disruption.

Does your hot Texas patio need shade? Would a patio cover or custom pergola addition solve the problem for you? We can design and build a new patio with shade for you, or we can custom-design the perfect shade structures for your outdoor living spaces. Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Planning Ahead for Pergola Saves Money Later

When you have a beautiful patio in Georgetown, TX, and you want to add a pergola, only a stunning Archadeck of Austin pergola will do it justice. If you know in advance you’re eventually going to add a pergola, you can have the patio designed to accommodate a future pergola. That’s right, a future pergola! This important step will save you time and money, later, when you’re ready to complete your patio by adding the pergola as a brilliant finishing touch.


How Do You Bring Much-needed Shade to an Uncovered Texas Patio?

With a big Texas pergola, of course!

Archadeck of Austin is known around these parts for our amazing pergolas. We’ve been designing and building pergolas across the Austin area from Georgetown and Round Rock to Circle C Ranch and beyond for almost 20 years. While a pergola can add style and beauty to your outdoor living space, most of our clients want a pergola for the shade it can provide.

— Before

When you look at the “Before” photo of this patio and adjoining deck, you may notice this home didn’t have very much covered or shaded outdoor space. There is a small covered porch off the deck, but the deck and patio were exposed. Most of the outdoor living area was open to the heat and burning UV rays of the bright sun. This family needed some shade!

It’s true that a pergola won’t provide complete shade without an additional covering. We described a completely covered pergola recently in our post, Round Rock Texas Pergola Backyard Oasis. We do have ways to increase the amount of shade a pergola provides, however, without adding a cover. For this new Georgetown, TX, pergola project, we placed the slats at the top of the pergola very close together for additional shade.

How Do You Anticipate Tomorrow’s Pergola Today?


There’s a secret hidden within the design of this patio. If you know what to look for, you can see it lurking mysteriously in the “Before” photo. Archadeck of Austin did not build this patio, so we can’t take credit for that. At first glance, this walled patio looks complete. The low patio wall could serve as a seating wall if the homeowners need additional seating. The wall is punctuated with six stone pillars that flank openings from the patio to the yard. It’s topped off, or capped, with smooth Lueders limestone – as is each of the stone columns.


Yes, so, it’s a beautiful hardscape project. What’s so mysterious about it? The secret is the forethought and preparation that went into this patio design. The homeowners knew they wanted to add a pergola … eventually. For whatever reason, they wanted the patio built first and the pergola added at a later date, to be determined. Some homeowners defer a portion of an outdoor living project because of budget constraints; for others it comes down to timing or indecision.


The stone pillars in the patio wall were designed to become columns supporting the weight of a pergola. These columns were filled with concrete before Archadeck of Austin arrived to add the pergola. With this level of support already in place, we were able to mount the pergola’s posts right on top of the Lueders stone caps on the existing columns.


Rarely do homeowners have the foresight to plan ahead, structurally, for a future addition to their outdoor living space. When they do, it saves them money in the long run. We have incorporated this level of preparation into projects we’ve designed when homeowners requested part of their project be built now and part completed later. What’s unusual here was that someone else laid the groundwork for this Archadeck of Austin “future” pergola. The homeowners’ cost for our pergola was lower because of the prep work already in place.

How Do You Make a Beautiful Georgetown TX Patio Even More Gorgeous?

With a stunning Texas pergola, of course!

— As an added plus to an already beautiful structure, this project recently received runner-up in Archadeck’s 2nd quarter design excellence contest!

We built this custom-designed pergola with cedar and stained it using a special stain the homeowner had purchased. While many of our pergolas are free standing, this is an attached pergola mounted onto the home’s fascia. The gutters run under the edge of the pergola, allowing water to drain right off the roof.


The cedar bracketry you see on the pergola posts was designed purely for aesthetics, actually serving no structural significance. Visually the brackets direct the eye to openings in the patio wall where the homeowners or guests will step from the patio into the yard. Decorative tail cuts on the sides of the pergola add a finishing touch to this unique pergola design. Many pergolas feature an ornamental design at the end of the rafters, but it’s unusual to see this design element repeated at the sides.

Would your patio look even better with a custom pergola addition? Do you regret building a patio without sufficient shade cover? Are you interested in learning more about a phased building program where we design your complete project to build a portion now and a portion later? Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Round Rock TX Pergola Backyard Oasis

Hot Texas sunshine warrants proper shade. Archadeck of Austin offers custom pergola designs to accommodate full or partial protection from the elements. We gave these Round Rock homeowners and their guests a stylish, shady retreat right outside their back door!

We don’t have to tell you it’s hot outside, but it is hot outside! As we endeavor to comfortably reach the end of our warmest months of 2019, these Round Rock clients decided to take a step to beat the heat with a new Archadeck of Austin custom pergola design.

—Round Rock Texas pergola design by Archadeck of Austin.

We are your choice Austin pergola builder!

This statuesque pergola sits above a new concrete patio, offering a space for comfortable backyard relaxation, grilling, and dining. The covered patio is spacious enough to accommodate many uses, including hot tubbing, for these homeowners and their guests.

—Cedar pergola design with Galvalume roof.

This beautiful cedar pergola not only offers great amenities below, but also above! For these homeowners, we chose to install a Galvalume pergola roof, which will keep them dry underneath and allow for water to drain from the roof properly.

This pergola is strong!

Archadeck of Austin secured this free-standing pergola design, complete with hurricane ties. Decorative bracing at the top of the posts provides a gorgeous aesthetic, all while adding lateral load protection. That’s a win-win!

—This pergola is built to withstand the elements and looks beautiful doing it!

Electrical hook-ups offer ultimate comforts!

As an experienced Austin pergola builder, Archadeck of Austin knows that a pergola is not complete without electrical wiring for amenities, such as lighting, ceiling fans, and in this case, even the hot tub. We saw to the electrical wiring installations for this pergola project, and we can do the same for yours too!

—Pergolas with ceiling fans are even more accommodating!

Are you ready to beat the heat with a new pergola?

If you are looking for ways to combat the direct sunlight you receive in your favorite outdoor living space, Archadeck of Austin is ready to design the perfect pergola for your home and lifestyle. We can create custom shapes, sizes, and styles with a variety of materials, including low-maintenance aluminum, pressure-treated wood, and cedar. From traditional to exotic to minimalist, we can create a pergola that will offer protection from the elements and add beauty to your backyard!

—Turn your backyard into a protected hideaway with a custom pergola design!

Are you ready to offer your family an outdoor living space with full or partial sun protection with a custom pergola design? Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

— Jim Odom, Owner of Archadeck of Austin

This Northeast Austin Pergola is So Extra

A pergola is not a pergola is not a pergola. At Archadeck of Austin, we can tell you that no two pergolas are really the same. Materials, shapes, and sizes set all our pergolas apart, but there is something more to this recent pergola project in Northeast Austin!

With daytime temperatures hovering in the high 90’s in the coming days, many Austin area residents will be in search of shade or shelter. Archadeck of Austin offered this family a solution for remaining outdoors for more hours, even in full sun and sweltering heat, with a custom-designed cedar pergola that is not only gorgeous, but also offers UV protection, giving credence to our statement that each of our pergola design and building projects is truly one-of-a-kind.

—Austin pergola design in California Cedar by Archadeck of Austin.

We are your trusted Austin pergola builder!

This Austin TX family knew exactly how they wanted to make the most of their backyard space. As they were having separate work done around their ground level deck, they called on Archadeck of Austin to bring beauty and function to the space with a statuesque pergola design for sun protection. This special design includes a TopGal polycarbonate roofing system, which filters out harmful UV rays while still allowing light to flow through.

—Custom pergola design with TopGal roofing system by Archadeck of Austin.

What’s more, this attractive roof mimics the timeless design of a raised-seam roof, and snaps together for a snug fit. With this pergola and special roof atop it, this family will enjoy the benefits of a water-tight, wind-resistant roof, and gorgeous aesthetic.

—Water-tight, wind-resistant pergola with ceiling fan by Archadeck of Austin.

Custom pergolas are an Archadeck of Austin specialty.

Just like many other Austin homeowners, this family’s completely unprotected existing deck was proving difficult, if even possible, to enjoy. That’s why shade structures are one of our custom outdoor living design specialty offerings – hot, sunny Texas days call for protection. Don’t allow your lack of shade drive you indoors much longer. Isn’t it about time you considered a new and improved outdoor living space with partial or full sun protection?

—These Austin homeowners were finding it difficult to use their deck at all.

With a backyard this beautiful and this protected, we believe this family will have trouble keeping themselves indoors. Who wouldn’t love to enjoy a space with so much style and function? We see them cooking and eating many meals on their reimagined deck!

—Our pergola is the crowning jewel on this outdoor living design.

These homeowners and their guests will be able to enjoy hot summer days and even days with rainfall under their new pergola. There’ll be no need to cancel the cook-out or bring the party inside with the protection their new pergola will provide.

—This family now has the option to avoid the elements under their pergola.

Are you ready to offer your family an outdoor living space with full or partial sun protection? Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

What’s not to love about this new wood deck and pergola in Round Rock TX?

This family, located in the Oaklands neighborhood, had an existing deck and pergola, which had reached the end of their days. These homeowners enlisted Archadeck of Austin to recreate their functional deck and pergola design, and we were happy to oblige!

— Round Rock TX wooden deck and pergola design by Archadeck of Austin.

This Round Rock deck project was fairly cut and dry. These homeowners wished to have a new deck and pergola for shade, which would replace their aged ones. Upon arriving at this home, it was decided that no elements of the existing structure were salvageable, and we got to work tearing down the old, and building brand new from the ground up.

We are the premier deck builder in Round Rock TX!

This beautiful classic wood deck was constructed with premium kiln-dried, pressure-treated pine. The rich color of the wood creates a lovely aesthetic and works in great color harmony with the home’s exterior finishes. The statuesque cedar pergola is a real standout for this deck design and will add functional partial shade not only to the deck but also to the home’s interior, by offering shade above the windows.

— Cedar pergola in Round Rock, Texas, by Archadeck of Austin.

Custom shade structures are an Archadeck specialty!

Archadeck of Austin is an experienced pergola builder. We were presented with an irregular, recessed roofline on the back of this home, which required a bit of ingenuity. To accommodate the high attachment of the pergola to the roof, we installed the structural attachments upside down! This created the proper attachment at the proper height, keeping the pergola height complementary to the home.

— Pressure treated wood deck and cedar pergola in Round Rock, TX.

This family will be able to enjoy full sun days comfortably under this beautiful pergola. There is a functional grilling area outside cover of the pergola, as well, with enough room for extra seating.

— Functional grill deck in Round Rock, Texas.

The beautiful deck railings were constructed with a pressure-treated wood frame to match the decking and low-profile picket infill. These pickets will allow the family to easily see out into their yard from the deck, and vice versa. Hardieplank® was used to create custom skirting to prevent critters from impeding on the space underneath the deck and to give a polished aesthetic.

— Round Rock TX deck and wood deck railing with low-profile pickets.

Just look at the fantastic shade offered beneath the pergola, and the high visibility out into the backyard expanse, through the custom deck railing. This deck re-build has given the homeowners and a gorgeous place of respite in their private back yard.

— Round Rock TX deck and pergola with custom deck railings.

Are you looking for a deck builder in the Austin area? We are ready to design and build the perfect deck for your home and family! Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

— Jim Odom, Owner of Archadeck of Austin

Archadeck of Austin Designs the Ultimate Patio Cover for this Circle C Ranch Back Yard

What is a pool without a patio? What is a patio without a shade cover? In Austin, TX, it’s just too hot, that’s what it is!

These homeowners in the Circle C Ranch neighborhood of SW Austin had a beautiful patio in their back yard. The patio began at their back door and continued around the pool. It was lovely, but they needed some shade! The swimmers needed a place to duck out of the sunshine occasionally. Anyone who wanted to sit on the patio to watch the swimmers had two choices: sit in full sun, or wait until late afternoon to come outside. The situation was clearly not satisfactory.

Being very wise, these homeowners called patio builder Archadeck of Austin. We do more than build patios! We design and build excellent patio covers as well. Whether you call us to build a patio and cover together, or you’re adding a cover to an existing patio, you’re in good hands with Archadeck. We have designed and built more of these structures around the Austin area than we can count.

Outdoor Living Structures Designed to Look Original to Your Home

In each project that includes a patio cover, we are careful to design the roof of the new structure to match the home’s original roof. Our objective is to tie in the new roof section so it looks original to the home, and we’re good at that.

For shade, these Circle C Ranch homeowners wanted to add a roof over a portion of the patio – the portion closest to the house. A shed roof was the perfect roof style for this addition. It slopes down from where it joins the house without obstructing the second-story window. The new shingles match those on the existing roof.

Underneath the new roof, the ceiling of this patio cover is a beautiful, rich cedar. We also used cedar for the posts supporting the roof. For the base of the posts, we built stone columns that match the coping around the edge of the pool. Using matching materials helps tie the project, visually, to the home’s original features. In this case using matching materials specifically helped tie the covered patio area to the open pool area. You see a cohesive scene whether you’re sitting on the patio looking out over the pool or you’re in the pool looking back toward the house.

Design Challenges Keep Us Young and Nimble

If you read this blog regularly, you know Archadeck of Austin never backs down from a design challenge. That was the case again here as we approached the bump out windows on the dining room, which is now included within the covered patio area. Taking our cue from the wall framing the windows, we extended the wall up to meet the new ceiling. Not only does this design give the impression that the windows were built that way all along, it also provided a space for us to hide wiring and mount speakers.

Similarly, designing a porch cover with a ceiling allowed us to install recessed lighting and not one but two ceiling fans. Now this family enjoys a poolside area where they can lounge comfortably, protected from the sun’s blistering UV rays. Mission accomplished!

If the hot sun is preventing you from enjoying your Austin-area patio, let Archadeck of Austin design the perfect patio cover for your home. Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

— Jim Odom, Owner of Archadeck of Austin

From Perplexing to Perfection - A New Pergola and More in SE Austin!

We don’t shy away from a challenging or difficult installation here at Archadeck of Austin. We recently tackled a project in SE Austin on an existing patio space that had some perplexing issues. Our clients had a ton of water coming off their roofline that met in a corner, so we had to prevent this from happening. Additionally, the client wanted a beefy pergola but did not want it attached to the fascia of the home as is typically the case.

The home had a small, builder grade patio that did not have room for the family to enjoy their outdoor time. As Austin’s premier pergola builder, we are elated to work with our client’s desires and needs while staying within code. We evaluate problems so they can be remedied and clients can enjoy their backyard oases.

— Before Archadeck of Austin began the project.

We began this project by expanding the concrete patio to add more outdoor real estate. A gorgeous chunky cedar pergola anchors the back of the home and looks like it has always been there. Removing the existing Hardieplank from the previous beam gives the whole area a more cohesive look. We consider all the little finishing details that make all the difference in pergola design.

The goal here was to provide privacy so the homeowners could enjoy their hot tub. Since the owner wanted the pergola to stay below their gutters, we were able to attach the structure under the soffit line yet above the windows. This gave the homeowners the more cozy and intimate feeling they were trying to achieve. Plus, the look is seamless and perfectly fits their home’s overall look.

A Polygal cover was added above the pergola, too. It adds fantastic water protection below so the clients can hang out under their structure even if it rains. And, it allows rainwater to drain directly into an existing gutter which eliminates the water intrusion dilemma. Polygal lets the sunshine in so the family can hang out on their patio couch and grill rain or shine.

The benefits of pergola with Polygal makes it a no-brainer to add. Due to its double or triple layered construction, you can control the level of sunlight provided underneath. Select your preferred color and level of transparency to increase or diminish the amount of light allowed in. Plus, your space stays cooler while you remain protected from rain and other elements. This gives your outdoor spaces far more usability!

Our SE Austin clients are thrilled with their newly expanded waterproof and secluded outdoor living room. They even asked us to add gutters to the fascia under the soffits later for expanded rainwater control. Everything stays dry and enjoyment abounds in all weather conditions.

Let Archadeck of Austin tackle any perplexing backyard problems that are preventing your family from enjoying your backyard. Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or via email at [email protected] to schedule a free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Archadeck of Austin Designs a Win-Win Project for Circle C Ranch Homeowners in SW Austin, TX

Archadeck of Austin has developed a specialty of helping homeowners maximize their outdoor living spaces while complying with City of Austin water quality ordinances. Today’s featured project in the Circle C Ranch area in SW Austin is just the latest example.

What do you do if you have a small lot, you want a larger porch and patio, and your city restricts the amount of impervious ground cover you’re allowed? Such was the quandary facing these Circle C Ranch homeowners. What’s more, they wanted their project to include an outdoor kitchen and a fire pit. Of course, they did what any resourceful homeowner would do: they called Archadeck of Austin.

— Backyard prior to beginning the project.

Designing and building outdoor living spaces in Austin, TX, we have become experts in meeting local water quality regulations. At issue are the natural aquifers that supply drinking water to city residents. In order to maintain water quality, the city restricts impervious ground cover. Homeowners are limited to a specific percentage of impervious cover on their lots. Any space beyond that percentage must be permeable.

Patio Builder Archadeck of Austin to the Rescue

Problem 1: The clients’ neighborhood features large homes on small lots, which doesn’t leave much room for an outdoor living space.

Problem 2: The city’s water quality ordinance limits how much of this small lot can be covered with an impervious surface such as a traditional patio.

Solutions 1 & 2: Archadeck of Austin brings the necessary patio design experience and ingenuity to this kind of project.

Adding to the challenges here, our goal – as always – was to design an outdoor living addition that looks original to the home, not an add-on or afterthought.

A Winning Combination Outdoor Living Space

The home had a traditional covered porch but it wasn’t large enough to meet the homeowners’ needs. At 6’ deep, this porch wasn’t even large enough for outdoor furnishings, much less an outdoor kitchen and fire pit. The clients wanted to add more livable outdoor space.

Archadeck of Austin came up with a winning design including a stone retaining wall, patio, outdoor kitchen, and fire pit. All the dimensions had to be carefully calculated so we didn’t go over the allowed percentage of impervious space. We built the stone retaining wall on a concrete footer, built the stone walls for the outdoor kitchen, then filled in the patio area with sand. Sand is perfect for a project like this because it’s permeable and it packs nicely while water still filters through it.

For the patio surface we laid 2×4 Lueders stone pavers, beautiful and durable. We started with a stone slab and cut pieces the size we wanted. To make the patio permeable, we left gaps between the pavers and used a zero edge around the perimeter to conserve space and hold the stones in place. The gaps will allow water runoff to find its way through the sand to the aquifer.

Details that Make this Project Sing

• We were able to match the home’s exterior of nicotine and white limestone and used it throughout the project: retaining wall, outdoor kitchen, fire pit, and porch columns.

• The outdoor kitchen is a full masonry kitchen. While some builders frame an outdoor kitchen with wood and cover that with stone, we always use concrete masonry units as the base for our outdoor kitchens. You won’t see it because it’s covered with decorative limestone blocks, but this kitchen is solid and sturdy.

• We updated the home’s porch by replacing the wooden railings with Fortress iron railing.

• We designed a smaller, separate patio for the fire pit.
• The area between the outdoor kitchen and the fire pit is filled with smooth stones, making it a permeable area.

• We used the same durable, low-maintenance Lueders stone for the top surface of the fire pit, the counters of the outdoor kitchen, and the steps leading from patio to porch.

Finally, we completed another important task for the homeowners while we were on site. We replaced the walkway at the front of the home with the same Lueders stone pavers that we used for the patio in the back. To divert rainwater away from the front walkway, we installed a drain on the downspout with a drain tile under the walkway. Here, too, rainwater runoff will find its way to the aquifer.

— New front walkway!

We’re proud to say we accomplished everything the homeowners requested of this project. We designed an addition that looks original to the home, increased the clients’ usable outdoor living space, and met the city’s requirements for permeable space. The homeowners are thrilled with their expanded area for enjoying the outdoors.

Are you interested in adding a permeable patio to your home’s outdoor living space? For this or any other patio design and installation, call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or via email at [email protected] to schedule a free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

A Great Deck, Total Front and Back Transformation, for this Great Hills Home in Austin, TX

When your home overlooks the Texas Hill Country, you’ve got to have an awesome deck because you’ll be spending a lot of time out there. Thanks to Archadeck of Austin, this home in the Great Hills neighborhood of Austin, TX, now has an awesome deck. And that’s not all. We created a total front and back transformation for these homeowners.

Great First Impressions Start at the Front Door

Let’s start at the front of the home, where a small deck serves as the entry area at the top of the front steps. Here we replaced the original wood steps and deck surface with AZEK low-maintenance synthetic decking. The homeowners will never have to worry about repainting this front deck again! We were able to use the existing substructure because the wood under this deck was still sturdy and solid.

— Before and during tear out.

We did have to reinforce and upgrade the front area to bring it up to code before laying the new deck surface there. The original deck ledgers had not been life-bolted to the home; they were just nailed on. So we bolted the ledgers to ensure the structure would be secure. We added new joists in between the old joists because the original system spanned 24" on center.

Under the front deck we installed a stone skirting system with tiny vent holes for ventilation. The homeowners chose a black railing system with trendy vertical cables to replace their old wood railing with traditional wood balusters. Now they have the perfect front steps and railings ascending to their big, red front doors – definitely a great first impression.

Starting Over: A Drainage System and New Deck Across the Back of the Home

This glorious view at the back of the Great Hills home deserved a glorious deck, and that’s what we delivered. As the premier Austin and Great Hills deck builder, we could do nothing less. We completely removed the original deck, but before we could build the new one, we needed to address drainage issues.

Water collected periodically in a large pit under the rear deck and flowed down under the house – all the way to the utility room under the home’s front corner. This utility room/basement in the front is where the home’s A/C system and furnace are located.

Before building the new deck’s substructure, we installed downspout drains and a French drain system along the walls of the home to carry the water away. We covered that with gravel. Now, water entering the new French drain system is diverted around to the back, around the side, and away from the home.

With that problem solved, we were able to build the new deck across the back of the home. This rear deck features a radius edge to go around a tree in the corner. The homeowners chose mahogany AZEK decking. We ran the decking boards diagonal to the house for visual interest. The entire deck is picture-framed for the same reason. We installed vertical cable rail for the back deck, too, and here it has a brown top cap over the black rail.

Archadeck of Austin is your local TimberTech by AZEK platinum contractor

No Challenge Too Great for Archadeck of Austin!

In addition to the substantial reinforcement required in the front, and the drainage issues in the back, the home’s rough terrain also presented difficulties. Our crew had to build a ramp system to navigate from the driveway in the front to the side deck. We were able to work through these challenges and complete a total deck transformation, front and back. Now the home makes a sleek and bold first impression out front and provides a top-quality deck overlooking the Texas Hill Country around back.

If you’re looking for a deck builder in the Austin area, now you know we are up to whatever challenges your project might present. We custom design and build decks, patios, and amenities like outdoor kitchens and outdoor fireplaces to create your family’s perfect outdoor living space. Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or via email at [email protected] to schedule a free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Archadeck of Austin Achieves TimberTech® Platinum Contractor Status

Gold is great. Platinum is better! At Archadeck of Austin, we pride ourselves on the relationships we continue to build and cultivate with our clientele and our professional building materials suppliers.

We love what we do! Building custom outdoor living designs brings us into homes all through the Austin area, and offers us fantastic opportunities to truly improve lives. Having all of the comforts we dream of in and outside our homes is very important. We aim to design and build each client their own slice of paradise, and for Archadeck of Austin, many of these projects are brought to fruition by way of a custom TimberTech composite deck. It is by virtue of these plentiful projects that we have achieved Official Platinum Contractor status with TimberTech.

Are you searching for a TimberTech deck builder in the Austin area too?

If you are in search of a custom deck builder in the Austin TX area, we want to be your first choice. Our passion is to bring your family outdoors, onto a truly custom deck that fulfills all your outdoor living needs. TimberTech decks offer the benefits of low-maintenance, a vast array of colors and finishes, and now even three decking plank sizes. With the most versatile and advance decking products and best warranties in the outdoor building supplies industry, TimberTech decks offer families many years of enjoyment with very little effort to maintain. These decks require a spray or light wash as needed, and never splinter or require refinishing. Why wouldn’t we recommend TimberTech for every composite deck project?

Our future with TimberTech improves our future with you!

Archadeck of Austin is proud to be recognized as a TimberTech Platinum Contractor, and we look forward to a lifetime partnership with a company, who is revolutionizing the outdoor building industry. We anticipate growth alongside TimberTech as deck building products continue to evolve. Most of all, we look forward to introducing the very best decking products to our clients and helping them achieve their dreams in deck living.

Are you looking for a deck builder in the Austin area? We are ready to build the low-maintenance TimberTech deck you have always imagined for your home and family! Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

— Jim Odom, Owner of Archadeck of Austin

See This Archadeck National Design Excellence Award Winning Project!

This West Austin project includes every outdoor living accoutrement that you could dream of having at your home. Without further ado, Archadeck of Austin is pleased to show you this dream custom outdoor living design.

What are the facets of an award-winning outdoor living design?

This beautiful project in Davenport Ranch in West Austin bespeaks ultimate luxury in outdoor living with a truly one-of-a-kind detached covered porch. This jaw-dropping W. Austin porch is large, inviting, comfortable, and chock full of custom details.

Facet 1: White Limestone

Not only does this porch include a massive white limestone outdoor fireplace, but is surrounded by a half-wall, steps, outdoor kitchen with walk-up bar, and column details in matching material. The substantial size and use of the stone masonry are dramatic, while the white and off-white finish offers a clean, unostentatious aesthetic.

— Stunning white limestone outdoor fireplace with wood storage and wall surround.

Facet 2: Western Red Cedar Ceiling and Open Rafters

The western red cedar details abound throughout this outdoor living space but are arguably most impactful in the open rafters design.

— High-impact western red cedar ceiling and rafters are center stage in this design!

The columns, TV enclosure, and custom railing cap play in perfect harmony with these rafters, tying the whole space together.

— Substantial cedar columns tie in literally and figuratively with the ceiling design!

— Cedar railing caps are the cherry on top of this custom powder coated railing!

Facet 3: Lighting – Everywhere, Lighting!

Most of us, who have a favorite outdoor living space, truly enjoy being there after dark. Whether we host parties, just a couple of friends, or prefer relaxing outdoors at night, lighting is a crucial function and design element.

— Custom recessed lighting, pendant lights, chandelier, sconces, and riser lighting showcase this covered porch design and surrounding areas at night.

Facet 4: Hot Tub

Well, an all-inclusive outdoor living space naturally includes a place to take a dip. In this case, we have a hot tub with sweeping city views. Seriously divine!

— Hot tubs ups the outdoor living opportunities for this beautiful space – and why not?

Facet 5: Standing Seam Metal Roof

Of course, if the cover is beautiful on the inside, it must be lovely outside too! This metal roof is the perfect addition to the overall design of the space. Stone, wood, metal, fire, water. Just a perfect way to top off this gorgeous space!

— A view from the top never looked so lovely!

Facet 6: Perfectly Matches the Home

One important part of a great outdoor living addition would be in that it doesn’t look like an addition at all. This detached porch perfectly matches the home and other structures on the property.

— Every elemental detail is in keeping with the existing details and structures on the property.

Facet 7: Keeping it Cool

This fantastic porch has built-in sun protection and is open enough for great airflow, but a little extra will go a long way under the roof of this West Austin covered porch. That extra is provided with multiple ceiling fans, as well as post-mounted oscillating fans, that are not only stylish, but functional!

— Warm summer breezes will be multiplied by fans mounted throughout the space!

Are you ready to realize your multi-faceted dream outdoor living space? We are ready to help! Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Odom, Owner of Archadeck of Austin

See This Patio Transformation in Austin Country Club – and Take a Look at That Golf Course View

Archadeck of Austin took an existing back patio and elevated porch design to a whole new level for these Austin Country Club residents! These homeowners are ready for their front-row views of the Dell Match Play PGA Championship coming up in March.

Take tea with Tiger Woods or have an Arnold Palmer with Jason Day on your back patio lately? Well, these lucky residents are ready to host a flurry of PGA champions and aspiring champions this spring on their brand new patio, which backs directly up to the golf course! Before, their backyard space left them lacking in one very important area – view. The patio roof and upper deck were supported by substantial columns, which hampered the view from within the space. Archadeck of Austin was able to improve their outdoor living areas, and open them up to a fun time with tournament participants for the Dell Match Play Championship.

— Deck and second-story deck design by Archadeck of Austin.

New patio, new deck, new views!

We rebuilt the entire back of this home to accommodate a more modern walk-out covered patio and second-story deck design, leaving no stone unturned for comfort, space, and ultimate enjoyment during tourney time and beyond.

— Stunning views inside and out!

Archadeck of Austin removed the existing upper deck, and installed engineered beams to open up the span, eliminating view-impeding columns. We installed a bitumen-style roof, placed a new deck on top, and rebuilt beautiful limestone columns top-to-bottom.

— These two new spaces look completely original to the home – not like additions!

The black metal deck railing is low-profile, further contributing to the open feel and open views. What a beautiful deck on which to pass a lazy afternoon, or hours of evening entertainment!

— Views “fore” days!

It’s all about the details!

The elegantly finished wood ceilings on both levels offer beauty and lend themselves to clean electrical installation for lighting, fans, speakers, and TVs. What electrical amenities would you like to have in your new outdoor living space?

— Wow factor is always included in Archadeck of Austin projects!

At Archadeck of Austin, we pride ourselves on creating custom spaces – and new spaces that complement what was there before them. Take a look at the perfect match of the limestone columns to the existing home!

— Outdoor living is bigger and better in Texas!

The obstructed views are gone!

The porch and patio that existed before we redesigned the new spaces had a couple of very obvious issues. Too obvious and obtrusive were these columns, and they stole precious outdoor space, as well!

— These Austin Country Club homeowners won’t miss a thing – and they won’t miss these columns!

— Breathtaking country club views!

At Archadeck of Austin, we know one thing’s for sure. You don’t have to have a golf course vista to appreciate a great view from your outdoor living space. If you have an aging or unusable outdoor living area in need of resuscitation, we are ready to work with you to achieve your own dream space!

SEE how we can improve your view!

Are you looking to improve your backyard view with a new outdoor living design? Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

JIm Odom, Owner of Archadeck of Austin

Gather ‘round for a traffic-stopping outdoor living design in South Austin!

Archadeck of Austin recently completed a project for these South Austin homeowners to improve the look and usability of their existing outdoor living space, which has garnered accolades from passers-by!

You might find that having a unique outdoor living space in your back yard amasses popularity amongst your neighbors. First, who doesn’t want to live in a place, where neighbors have beautiful backyards? When your outdoor living space is even partially viewable from beyond, folks like seeing eye-catching designs, like this gorgeous cedar pergola. Everyone can appreciate that!

— Inviting pergola design by Archadeck of Austin.

Secondly, your neighbors are likely to want to “sample the goods.” Give them an invitation, hand them a cold beverage, show off your new space, and tell them Archadeck of Austin would love to design and build a custom outdoor living area for their home too!

—Custom radius cedar pergola by Archadeck of Austin.

“Honey, stop the car – I must know who built that pergola!”

This pergola was custom-designed to cover the homeowners’ existing semi-circle patio. We performed a “dry fit” with materials laying atop the patio to ensure that the end result was perfectly-sized and proportionate to the patio. This South Austin family needed protection from the hot evening sun, so we topped the radius cedar pergola with tightly-fit wood slats for optimum sun protection. We attached the pergola with a bracket system, which will encourage rainwater to flow down the ledger into the gutters. The pergola was finished with rustic brown stain for a rich, saturated color aesthetic.

Once completed, this family began to encounter a phenomenon of admirers stopping their cars to see the pergola, and asking, “ who built this?!?” Aww, we’re blushing!

— Custom semi-circular pergola design by Archadeck of Austin.

See another backyard makeover with a beautiful custom pergola design in Barton Creek West!

But wait, there’s more!

The new pergola is the obvious show-stopper, or car-stopper as it were, but let’s take a look at this custom outdoor kitchen. Archadeck of Austin replaced a dated would-be kitchen, breathing new life into their space with more amenities than you can shake a stick at! We matched the home’s exterior stone, and gave them a new masonry built-in kitchen. We upped the usability of the outdoor kitchen not only by giving them shade from the pergola, but also by providing an expanded Lueders stone work surface, refrigerator, storage, disposal, and even an ice bin with an adapter to hold bottles for extra cold beverages!

— Beautiful outdoor kitchen design by Archadeck of Austin.

A much-improved space indeed!

As you can see, these Austin homeowners had an existing outdoor kitchen area, which was in need of and update for aesthetics and usability. Allow Archadeck of Austin to turn your existing outdoor living space into something so much more!

— The kitchen that came before was in need of so much more!

Archadeck of Austin will work with you to determine your specific needs for your new and improved outdoor space. If you have an area that is no longer living up to your needs, we can help! Don’t feel like you have to live with your unlivable outdoor living area – we can give you more. More amenities, more shade, more space, and more hours outdoors with those you love!

Are you ready to improve your existing outdoor living area? Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Archadeck of Austin Exceeds Expectations with this Barton Creek West Project in Austin TX

When you want a complete backyard makeover with a full combination outdoor living space, you’d better call a company that can design, coordinate and build it all. That company in the Austin, TX, area and in Barton Creek West is Archadeck of Austin.

— Poolside outdoor living combination in Barton Creek West by Archadeck of Austin.

Combination outdoor living space is a term we use to describe a project that includes two or more kinds of outdoor living structures designed to work together. In the case of this project in the Barton Creek West neighborhood of Austin, the components included a multi-level deck and pool surround, outdoor kitchen, pergola and storage area. Well, that’s not quite everything. We also poured concrete here for a basketball court!

— Plenty of under-deck storage here!

Not all combination projects are this big, but these homeowners had a large back yard and wanted to make the most of it. We didn’t “build” the pool, but we worked with the pool company as we designed and built this project. It was important to coordinate the timing of each installation and ensure everything ran smoothly.

Better Use of Space Designed for Fun as well as Storage

When these Barton Creek West homeowners contacted Archadeck of Austin, their outdoor living space included a conventional deck and a play area for the kids. Because the yard slopes, there was plenty of height under the deck but it wasn’t built to optimize that under-deck space for storage. That was one of the homeowners’ goals for this project. They wanted to take advantage of the deck height and maximize storage space underneath.

— Image of Barton Creek West backyard before Archadeck of Austin began the project.

Archadeck of Austin designed the new deck to include plenty of outdoor living space AND out-of-sight storage space, too. The new deck includes a pergola and an outdoor kitchen – and also works in unison with the family’s new pool. They can cook, eat, swim and relax outdoors.

Designed and Built with Beauty in Mind

For their multi-level deck, the homeowners chose tigerwood, one of the exotic hardwood decking options. It’s hard to beat the beauty and durability of tigerwood. We also used tigerwood for the privacy screen behind the hot tub.

The pergola over the upper deck is built with cedar, and the skirting around the upper deck is cedar, too. For the skirting around the pool deck we used Hardieboard.

The deck railings are Solutions aluminum railings in bronze. For the lighting on the deck railing posts we used Dekor up/down lights. We also designed the pergola with lighting that shines down onto the deck. The effect of the lights on this beautiful deck at night is just stunning!!

We built the outdoor kitchen with silver mist chopped stone, another beautiful material included in this project. The homeowners’ selection of materials was top shelf throughout. These fine materials combined with Archadeck of Austin’s functional and beautiful deck design resulted in a spectacular outdoor living project.

Count on Our High Construction Standards for a Project Built to Last

For the base of the outdoor kitchen, we started with a cinder block retaining wall installed with concrete. We covered the cinder block with chopped stone. We also installed a concrete retaining wall under the pool deck, up to 3.5 feet tall at the highest point. That portion of the job required backfill and leveling out. We installed rock and substructure, then decking and railings. This was a complex project with multiple construction activities that had to be carefully coordinated.

Under the pool deck we installed double joists to accommodate the weight of the hot tub. We built a huge storage area under the deck, large enough to walk into – about 8 feet high. We finished off the storage area with 2-inch gravel to ensure proper drainage and avoid wash out. The service panel for the hot tub is under the deck, and we installed lighting there to provide visibility when service is required.

With Archadeck of Austin you can count on exacting standards and high-quality craftsmanship in every project we build, from a single structure to a large combination outdoor living space. Are you planning to add on or redo your outdoor living area? contact Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or via email at [email protected] to schedule a free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Quaint and effective outdoor kitchen addition in Round Rock, TX

If your heart is telling you that you’d prefer a smaller scale outdoor living space, then by George, it’s time to stop,and listen.

Very often we work with homeowners who want to go smaller rather than bigger when it comes to their outdoor living space. As the premier Austin-area outdoor living space builder, Archadeck of Austin fully supports your decision for the right sized space to fit your needs and budget!

You are probably familiar with the old saying bigger is better, right? As Americans, we generally assume this old saying rings true — hence our affinity for bigger cars, houses and yes, super size fries. But the old saying of bigger is better is not the case for everyone. The reasoning behind building bigger outdoor living spaces is simple. It is because homeowners crave a transference of the comforts and function they have in their interior living space, outdoors. However, if the scale of the project is not in proportion with the home, or lot, it is being used on, or alongside, then it certainly doesn’t make sense — after all, it just wouldn’t make sense to build a 1200 foot deck onto a 1200 foot home!

One of our most recent projects speaks to the concept of building to fit the scale of the home and needs of the client. The project consists of a smart and simple outdoor kitchen addition in the Forest Creek neighborhood of Round Rock, TX. When the homeowners reached out to us, they knew exactly what they wanted — including the proportion and scale of the project. Simply put, they wanted a small outdoor kitchen addition that didn’t eat up (no pun intended) too much of their outdoor space.

— Quaint and effective outdoor kitchen addition in Round Rock TX.

These homeowners had a great backyard and are avid Big Green EGG-er’s, so the area had to include a space designed to accommodate their beloved EGG.

As a homeowner looking for a custom outdoor living design and build company, perusing our website photo galleries may make you feel like we only build BIG outdoor living spaces. As the economy has improved over the last few years, building projects have generally increased in size, scope, and level of specialization, including the introduction of many new amenities and materials. Decking, porch materials, hardscapes and electrical components are just a few of the areas that have all changed dramatically in the last decade. With this in mind, building a BIGGER outdoor structure is not always the best option for many homeowners. Outdoor living structures should compliment the scale and proportion of your home, lifestyle needs and budget.

The homeowners are elated at how their new outdoor kitchen turned out!

Archadeck of Austin pours the same level of expertise and level of specialization into every project we build — both large and small. Whether it is a small outdoor kitchen, paver patio or full-on outdoor living combination space, we will professionally design and build the outdoor living space you’ve always wanted. Call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

— Jim Odom, owner Archadeck of Austin

My, oh, my! See our Archadeck design award winning porch and deck design in Great Hills!

Archadeck of Austin transformed this Austin deck, having never lived up to its full potential, into one amazing screened porch and deck outdoor living combination. See why this outdoor living design is an Archadeck design award winner!

Oftentimes, we are engaged by new clients, who have an outdoor living area that is just not meeting the intended need. Such was the case with these Great Hills clients, who had hoped for so much more use of their outdoor living area. What was meant to become a beautiful, expansive Ipe deck, had turned into a bedraggled structure in need of a major overhaul. Archadeck of Austin joined the homeowners in identifying their outdoor living needs and design requirements. Together, we brought their outdoor living to the next level, creating a truly custom space that will serve them and their guests for many years to come.

— Custom cedar framed screened porch in Austin, TX.

These Austin homeowners had hoped year after year to bring their wood deck and stairs up to snuff. With little time to make repairs and necessary finishes, they conceded the job was too far off-course to complete. We removed the aged balcony and accompanying doors, framed up the space for new windows, and a second contractor came in to install the windows. The siding was also replaced in that area. Any portion of deck framing that was salvageable, was kept in place and reinforced to support the new living spaces. Yes, spaces. The homeowners now have an expansive screened porch and open deck – all low-maintenance!

We are your trusted Austin screened porch builder.

— Award-winning screened porch and deck design in Austin, TX.

The porch and deck flooring in these beautiful outdoor living spaces were both created with AZEK porch plank, a tongue and groove system, that fits together tightly – no deck board gaps! The Silver Oak finish is the perfect complement to both the existing home’s exterior stone and siding, and contrasting color to the rich cedar framing of the screened porch. Matching AZEK materials can be found on the new low-maintenance stair, as well as the fascia of the entire structure. Finished fascia is a hallmark of true custom-finished touches provided by Archadeck of Austin.

— Gorgeous cedar screened porch with low-maintenance AZEK fascia board.

The low-maintenance stairs boast Fortress railings in sand black with robust 3” posts. These low-maintenance finishes add a shiny and new element to the existing stone columns underneath the porch and deck – a perfect marriage of new and existing materials. Archadeck of Austin was even able to match the original stone to re-create new columns that were necessary.

AZEK porch plank deck and Fortress railing in Great Hills – Austin, TX.

— Low-maintenance AZEK stair in Silver Oak with Fortress railing in Great Hills.

Let’s see the inside of this fabulous Austin TX screened porch!

The interior of this screened porch is truly stunning. Talk about a great mix of new and existing materials! The beautiful Synergy tongue and groove ceiling is a flawless addition to this rustic stone. The rich Auburn color is a beautiful match to the cedar finish, and a wonderful display of material expanse made even better with custom ceiling fans and recessed lighting. We can almost feel the breezes produced by these fans in the space!

Archadeck of Austin added a built-in baluster inside the screened porch. The screens are attached to the exterior of the metal balusters.

— Custom built-in balusters by Archadeck of Austin enclose the screened porch.

Dramatic change and usable outdoor living spaces.

— Original aging deck and balcony.

The importance of hiring a professional outdoor living design and build firm for projects like this is not lost on this story. Archadeck of Austin was able to come into the project to gain a true understanding of the homeowners’ outdoor living and design expectations and put them into motion. We have an unmatched understanding of building materials specifically used in outdoor living and can match your intended maintenance level with products that won’t have you performing lengthy annual tasks. We were able to create a dramatic difference for these homeowners, and finally give them the spaces they truly hoped for – beautiful and usable.

If you are looking for an outdoor living space that will add true functionality and beautiful design, call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

New Leander TX Home – New Leander TX Outdoor Living Space

Austin-area residents are calling on Archadeck of Austin to build new outdoor living spaces onto their new homes – whether a new home purchase, or completely new home building project.

These Leander homeowners had a beautiful new home, but were minus a usable backyard outdoor living area. With ample private space out back, they decided that the best use of their yard would be to add a great conversation area with a custom fire pit and a small outdoor kitchen under their patio cover. Archadeck of Austin created this award-winning design.

— Custom stone fire pit in Leander, TX.

We built a great custom fire pit for these new Leander homeowners with two access points, home and yard-facing. The split design will allow for better access when friends and family are gathering around the fire. The aptly-named rattlesnake gray stone’s light grayish-white hues are a perfect complementary palette to the home’s exterior finishes. The walkway, providing access to the fire pit area, is an ultra-light gray flagstone.

— Flagstone walkway leads from the back door to the fire pit.

We are your trusted builder for Austin outdoor kitchens.

The outdoor kitchen was created with matching stone to that of the fire pit. The kitchen, though small, is a very usable space, which includes a grill area, prep space, refrigerator, sink, and storage. Prep, cooking, and clean-up will be a piece of cake in this handy little outdoor kitchen!

— Outdoor kitchen in Leander, TX.

Inside, outside, or both?

One of the great things about this new Leander home is the large patio window with French doors, which extends 15 linear feet of the back of the home. With the doors open, the patio and fire pit areas become one with the indoor living space – and vice versa – to create a great open-air indoor-outdoor living expanse!

— Open doors on the home create a cohesive indoor-outdoor living area!

Another design consideration was centering the fire pit area with the view from inside the home. When the homeowners and their guests enter the home, they will see a pleasingly symmetrical placement of the fire pit through the patio windows. At Archadeck of Austin, we design outdoor living spaces that will be beautifully viewed from inside or outside your home!

— The outdoor living area is beautiful – inside or outside!

These new homeowners now have a place for entertaining or private living, right outside their back door – with stylish and functional considerations that are the Archadeck of Austin standard. Whether you are building a new home, or have just purchased a new home, we are ready to get you living outdoors with an accompanying outdoor living area, custom-tailored to your needs.

If you are looking for an outdoor living space that will add functionality and beautiful design, call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

— Jim Odom, owner Archadeck of Austin

Meticulously Executed Outdoor Living with a View in Leander, TX!

Oh, what a view it is – Hill Country living never looked so lovely! Archadeck of Austin is proud to have been a part of this thoughtfully planned outdoor living space, where no Whitestone was left unturned. The results are stunning!

Trust us, we know exactly how you feel. We’ll give you a moment to pick your chin up off the floor. This is one pristine property in the Crystal Falls community, which is truly unique in that each phase has been met with professional design, gorgeous finishes, and one fantastic converted shipping container hillside pool. Archadeck of Austin was called upon to design and build a low-maintenance poolside deck and cedar pergola that is form and function in equal measure. This project was about creating a beautiful outdoor living design that didn’t detract from the natural beauty, or the existing masonry finishes.

— Low-maintenance AZEK pool deck and pergola in Leander, TX.

The hillside landscape in Crystal Falls sets an unbelievable stage for a pool deck. Archadeck of Austin designed a low-maintenance deck befitting the homeowners’ design and outdoor living requirements. The deck was built with AZEK Coastline tongue and groove porch system. Coastline is a timeless light gray finish that is in perfect color harmony with the existing masonry. The tongue and groove design of the boards provides a tight installation, and these capped polymer porch boards will stand up to a very exposed hillside climate. Harsh sunlight is no problem for this deck!

— Low-maintenance deck and custom cedar pergola in Crystal Falls.

Click to see more low-maintenance composite decks by Archadeck of Austin!

Not only will the light gray finish provide heat dissipation, but the custom cedar pergola further facilitates a cool walking surface by providing partial sun protection over the area. Adding to the thoughtful design, we provided a service area panel, where the homeowners can access the electrical controls of the swim spa below the deck.

Click to see more pergola designs by Archadeck of Austin!

When you have a sweeping view like these Crystal Falls homeowners, one thing is for sure – you do not want to obstruct it on any level. We installed a Fortress vertical cable railing system with a low-profile aluminum frame. Cable railings are perfect in any outdoor area, where protection is required, but inconspicuousness is an absolute must. The black aluminum frame is a perfect choice, as the eye is not drawn to it, but beyond it. And it’s sleek and stylish to boot!

— Fortress Railing vertical cable railing in Leander, TX.

The steps leading to the ground level are pressure treated wood framing with matching AZEK stair treads and fascia board.

AZEK stair treads and fascia board.

When it comes to designing a truly custom outdoor living area, Archadeck of Austin is armed with professional designers and top-notch outdoor living finish materials to best suit your design tastes and desired maintenance level. As an outdoor living design-build firm, we will bring your dream outdoor living space to life, just like we did for these Crystal Falls homeowners.

If you are looking for an outdoor living space that will add beauty and function, but take nothing away from your view, call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Circle C Ranch Homeowners Add a Permeable Patio by Archadeck of Austin

— Beautiful permeable patio and outdoor kitchen project in Circle C Ranch.

If you need a permeable patio for your Austin-area backyard, patio builder of Austin will design and build the perfect permeable patio for your home. Today we are looking at a project where the homeowners wanted a new raised patio area with a retractable awning so they could shade the patio when they needed to. They specifically wanted the project to include a permeable paver patio system and an outdoor kitchen.

— Circle C Ranch backyard before Archadeck of Austin began the project.

Archadeck of Austin has designed and built permeable patios in the past, and each one is unique based on the setting and the homeowners’ preferences. The objective is to provide sufficient drainage for water to run off of the pavers and into the ground. Ultimately this drainage enables water to find its way to the natural aquifers in and around Austin.

Drop by drop: Why choose a permeable patio?

Environmentalists cite several reasons for homeowners to choose a permeable patio. Here are just a handful:

• The community as a whole benefit from stormwater being directed back into the local groundwater supply.
• The permeable patio system acts as a filter for improving local water quality.
• In dry areas, these permeable patio systems can reduce erosion.
• When you get rid of standing water on a patio, you minimize opportunities for mold and algae to grow, and you reduce areas in which mosquitoes can breed.
• Homeowners will need to use less water for landscaping than they would if they had a traditional patio.

Layer upon layer: Building a permeable patio with pavers

To frame the patio area, we first built the steps that would lead down from the raised patio to the yard. This is a low stair system with just two steps that extend the full width of the patio. We built the stairs with concrete and then used mortar to attach pavers to each step.

To install the permeable patio system, we set down a 2-3 inch layer of rock filling the space between the stairs and the house. We covered the rocks with a ¾ inch layer of limestone gravel. The next layer was sand. Finally we topped it off with Belgard patio pavers, which we laid in a classic herringbone design. We filled the gaps between the pavers with sand. Water will run off of the pavers, through the sand, gravel and rock and ultimately to the aquifer. Meanwhile, the patio surface provides a smooth texture on which to walk.

You’ll notice that the pavers on the stairs contrast in color with those on the patio surface. This design provides an attractive border for the patio while also indicating the patio’s edge so people will notice when they are about to take a step down! For safety at night, we installed tiny LED spotlights on the face of the stair risers’ Belgard Holland stone pavers.

Brick by brick: Designing an outdoor kitchen with bricks to match the house

Overall the project blends nicely with the back of the house. We worked to select patio pavers that would complement the brick home, and we built the outdoor kitchen with brick. It was important to match the brick of the outdoor kitchen with the home’s original brick, which had been discontinued. Luckily, the homeowner had about 100 of the original bricks, so we matched these as closely as we could and mixed the new bricks in with the original.

The outdoor kitchen extends from the house to the steps providing plenty of room for a gas grill, the clients’ Big Green Egg smoker and a built-in brick planter box. We also included smooth stone kitchen countertops for workspace on either side of the smoker.

Archadeck of Austin handled the electrical work for the outdoor kitchen and wiring for the LED stair lights.

These Circle C Ranch homeowners love the beauty of their new herringbone patio. They also love the fact that they found just the right patio builder, Archadeck of Austin, to design and build their permeable patio.

Are you interested in adding a permeable patio to your home’s outdoor living space? For this or any other patio design and installation, call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Outdoor Living Takes on an Air of Modern Design in Brushy Creek, TX!

Archadeck of Austin gave these homeowners a custom space using a mix of natural, sustainable, and low-maintenance materials.

Many of us, maybe even most, assume that outdoor living areas usually take on some semblance of rustic-inspired or intrinsic organic design. While that can be true with the popularity of rustic chic design today, indoors and out, Archadeck of Austin is pleased to show you this unique take on outdoor living – a contemporary deck and patio design.

— At the behest of these Brushy Creek area homeowners, we created a mid-century modern inspired outdoor living space.

What’s your personal design style? Call on Archadeck of Austin to give you a stylish, functional take on your own Austin outdoor living ideal.

The existing outdoor living space (above) required refurbishing, first and foremost due to rotting wood footings underneath their deck, which used to run the length of their back patio. In preparation for the new low-maintenance AZEK deck, the homeowners demolished the existing deck. Archadeck of Austin came in to re-establish footings, but instead of using standard wood, we replaced them with painted black iron. The AZEK deck material is porch plank tongue and groove. The fresh light gray plays beautifully against the saturated colors of the home, as well as the new custom railing. The light gray deck is also a great complement to the new aggregate concrete patio, which can be reached via custom steps built in matching AZEK porch plank.

— Low-maintenance AZEK porch plank tongue and groove deck and steps add to this mid-century modern inspired deck design.

Can we talk about these railings? The homeowners wanted a unique, urban-inspired railing design, and Archadeck of Austin provided them with a completely custom system, built with trapezoidal, fascia-mounted cedar posts and an infill of horizontal steel rods. The cedar top cap and posts were painted to perfectly match the vertical siding and trim elements on the home. While robust and substantial, the clean lines of the railing system, along with the use of steel laterals, achieves a very modern inspired design. In keeping with a clean and finished aesthetic, we provided a finished fascia in matching low-maintenance AZEK porch plank.

— Custom solid cedar (before painting) and steel railing design by Archadeck of Austin.

Are you ready to make the move to update your own outdoor living area to more suitably meet your own design taste? Archadeck of Austin is here to help you plan, design, and build your new custom deck or patio…or both! With custom capabilities and choice sourced materials, we can help you create an on-trend, classic, or throwback outdoor living area that truly speaks to your personal style!

— Aggregate patio, AZEK steps and deck, and modern railing design.

Do you have an older deck that requires an update for safety and aesthetics? To talk about replacing any part of your outdoor living space, call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

New Cedar Replacement Deck by Archadeck of Austin Thrills Austin, TX, Homeowners in Barton Hills

When it’s time to replace your aging deck, you know … you just know. That’s when you call Archadeck of Austin to make it happen. We were called to replace an old, multi-level deck at this home in the Barton Hills area of Austin, TX, close to the Colorado River and not far from downtown Austin.

— New Archadeck of Austin custom cedar deck in Barton Hills.

The existing deck was in bad shape because of damage that had occurred over time, which can happen anywhere. It happens to all wood decks eventually! In this case, trees were damaging the deck, which had been poorly built to begin with.

— Deck before Archadeck of Austin began the project.

If you know this terrain, you know how hilly it can be, and that’s what makes it so beautiful. This home is on a lot with a deep slope in the back, so the deck looks out over the trees and is practically perched up in the treetops.

The slope of this lot definitely came into play during the project. The new deck we designed was going to be higher so we had to install oversized piers with 16” concrete footings. When we demolished the old deck, we left some of the supporting structure up to use for scaffolding — a wise decision!

The Beauty of Wood Wins Again!

For their decking material, the homeowners chose natural cedar, a beautiful wood for decks. We designed the deck surface using continuous 20-foot lengths. For a neat and tidy appearance, we used ribbon boards to hide end-to-end seams where possible.

Austin deck builder Archadeck of Austin stains all cedar decks so they start out looking their absolute best. You can see the beauty of the wood in these photos. Likewise, when we work with hardwoods we oil the wood. Homeowners will need to follow up with routine maintenance every year or two, but we take these extra steps to get them started on the right track. Our competitors do not provide this level of care and service.

“See-through” Black Balusters Leave Your View Alone

For their deck railing system, the homeowners chose aluminum balusters or pickets in the black sand color and a cedar 2″×6″ cap over the railing. Against the backdrop of the trees, these black balusters seem to disappear when you look through them, and they don’t block the view the way the old wooden balusters did.

These homeowners are already enjoying their sleek, new deck in the treetops. Like them, once you replace that aging deck you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the call sooner.

Do you have an older deck or patio that has seen better days? To talk about replacing any part of your outdoor living space, call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Modest Second Story Patio Becomes a Custom Wrap-around AZEK Low Maintenance Deck!

Archadeck of Austin creates a custom free-standing deck expanse worthy of this Falconhead West neighborhood home.

We have worked with clients from all walks of life, and have yet to hear, “We just don’t need all this outdoor space!” Most of us yearn to upgrade or expand an existing outdoor living area in one way or another. The professionals at Archadeck of Austin are your outdoor living area expansion experts. We can help you achieve a larger, more usable space specifically designed to adapt to your existing home and lifestyle – just like we did for these Northwest Austin homeowners.

— Before and After: Cramped patio becomes custom wrap-around Austin deck.

Second story outdoor living areas lend themselves to fantastic views and open-air spaces for relaxing or entertaining. The existing concrete patio left these Falconhead West homeowners feeling cramped and wanting more. A semi-compromise was met earlier on by adding a landing and stairs going down-to-grade. When Archadeck of Austin was called in, we saw an opportunity to give these homeowners so much more. We got to work demolishing the existing stairs and railings. To add to their existing patio, we built a free-standing deck directly off that space, allowing the homeowners to literally step off their second story patio onto their new second story deck. This project called for a low-maintenance deck, and we provided AZEK decking in Brownstone to complement the existing home’s masonry. AZEK parting boards were used around the deck, facilitating a true custom aesthetic. We also fabricated a custom bench with AZEK decking material for a fixed seating solution. Fortress aluminum railings with 3” posts and decorative AZEK top caps were attached to the entire deck expanse.

— Before: This upper story patio offered very little space to move.

AZEK provides low-maintenance deck, bench, and railing top cap finishes for this NW Austin deck.

It wasn’t all about adding more space for these NW Austin, TX homeowners. Archadeck of Austin designed a safer, more user-friendly stair option for this project. The new AZEK stairs with Fortress railing now lead around the side of the home, down to a new level landing pad.

— Before and After: AZEK low-maintenance stairs now lead safely to a level landing pad.

See how Archadeck of Austin created a safer outdoor space for Long Creek homeowners.

Archadeck of Austin built this custom deck as a free-standing structure, as we could not attach directly to the brick finish of the home. To accommodate the detached deck structure, we built with 2”x10” framing, 12” on center and robust 6”x6” support posts anchored to concrete piers. We can adapt your new Austin deck to your existing home, no matter your exterior finish limitations.

— Free-standing deck framing structure.

— Sturdy 6″×6″ support posts anchored to concrete piers.

We can all agree that at least a little more outdoor living space could benefit just about any home and family. If you are tired of shuffling around a tight space just to accommodate your family’s outdoor quality time, Archadeck of Austin will offer a custom solution to expand your space and increase the quality of time you spend there. These homeowners now have a space that is more conducive to the way they always saw themselves living outdoors. Yours could be too!

Do you yearn to turn your cramped outdoor living area into an expansive and functional space with a custom deck? To talk about building your new outdoor living space, call Archadeck of Austin today at 512-259-8282 or email us to schedule a free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Archadeck of Austin Converts Open Patio to Screened Porch and Patio Combination in Northeast Austin’s Windsor Park Neighborhood

This adorable home in the Windsor Park neighborhood of Northeast Austin just got three times more adorable after Archadeck of Austin completed our work there. The scope of our project was to extend a patio, cover it with a roof and enclose most of it as a screened porch. It sounds simple enough, but there were a few surprises along the way.

Step 1: Covering the Patio

The existing patio occupied a courtyard area surrounded on three sides by the home. The homeowners’ goal for this project was to enlarge the patio a bit and convert most of it to a screened porch. Austin patio builder and porch builder Archadeck of Austin was the perfect outdoor living contractor for the job. We design and build all styles of patios, screened porches and covered porches in and around Austin, TX.

— Before Archadeck of Austin began the transformation.

We worked on the roof tie-in to start by removing the existing overhangs where the roof edges extended over the patio by a few inches all the way around. With the roof edges exposed, we were able to install an aluminum and wood patio cover over the open area and tie it in to the roof on three sides. We applied a waterproof membrane and finished the patio cover with shingles so it blends with the existing roof.

Step 2: Removing the Existing Patio and Pouring New Concrete

When a homeowner wants a larger patio, and we’re working with concrete, we get better results if we remove the existing concrete patio and pour a new one. In this case when we removed the old concrete we found that it extended 7” down, which was unexpected, and consisted of more than one layer. We were actually dealing with the foundation of an old room addition, and the concrete patio had been covered by an old wooden deck!

Step 3: Extending the Walls Upward

To bring the walls up to code, we had to increase their height to cover the exposed portion where the roof overhang had been removed. This actually increased the height of the walls by about 8”. How do you increase the height of a wall? Isn’t a wall already as tall as it’s going to be? We have our ways! We installed wood framing at the top of the wall along the three sides. Voila, extended wall height achieved.

Step 4: Completing the Interior Finish Work

On the interior of the porch, we primed the walls and installed the screens to make it a screened-in porch. We added 1×4” trimmers of wood along the ceiling to soften the aluminum roof and to hide the seams of the patio cover installation. It turned out great! The trimmers running the length of the porch ceiling make the porch feel longer than it is.

Step 5: Finishing the Concrete Floor

When the work above and around the porch floor had been completed, we stained and scored the concrete floor. You can see part of the finished floor around the edges of the homeowners’ rug.

It’s a Wrap!

Once again satisfied clients of Archadeck of Austin are enjoying their new outdoor living area. Since these homeowners converted an open patio into a screened porch, they are now enjoying a space that’s protected from sun, rain and pesky insects. That additional protection gave them the freedom to add stylish, comfortable furniture in their outdoor living space, too.

Also, the new screened porch/patio design includes a portion of the patio that is outside the screened porch enclosure. So the homeowners always have the option of enjoying their patio in full sunlight when they choose.

Do you have the patio or porch of your dreams all planned out in your mind? To talk about building your new outdoor living space, call Archadeck of Austin today at (512) 259 – 8282 or email us to schedule a free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

In Dripping Springs, TX, Home Isn't Home Until The Patio is In!

When you love spending at-home time outdoors, the patio needs to be perfect, so why wait until you move in to get it started? These Dripping Springs, TX, homeowners enlisted Archadeck of Austin to create the patio of their dreams for their new home. As they requested, we didn’t wait until they’d moved in to start working on it.

We have seen a trend in which homeowners want to create or upgrade the outdoor living space for a newly-purchased home before they even move in. Why not have everything ready when you get there?

As soon as these Dripping Springs clients closed on their home, Austin patio builder Archadeck of Austin was on the job. We designed a beautiful and very functional patio and custom pergola for this new home. Although the yard is small, the patio is grande! Life in the Texas Hill Country is sweet, and a premium patio like this one makes it even sweeter.

Horizontal: Pavers / Vertical: Limestone / Pergola: Cedar.

The project encompassed a 700+ sq. feet of hardscape area with built-in stone planters and a diagonal cedar pergola with a Polygal pergola cover. We built the patio with beautiful pavers by Belgard, and for the vertical stonework we used white limestone. Stonework included the long planters as well as the pillars at the base of posts supporting the pergola. For the pillar tops, we used smooth, beautiful Lueders limestone sourced here in Texas.

We used cedar for this substantial pergola that’s designed to provide ample shade with a Polygal cover to filter out the sun’s harsh UV rays. The Polygal material we used has thermal properties, too, so it will absorb some of the heat beaming down from above. Because the pergola cover is clear, you barely notice it’s there.

Finishing Touches Make it Uniquely Yours

As for finishing touches, we added a trellis wall for privacy beside the smoker and built a “more private” privacy wall beside the hot tub and swim spa. Swim spa? Yes! The homeowners moved to Dripping Springs from a home with a much larger lot that included an inground pool. They love this home and its location in the Texas Hill Country so much they were willing to trade their old pool for a swim spa.

We made the trellis wall with iron cow panels. The homeowners plan to let vines grow up on the trellis behind the smoker, and they will plant flowers in the custom planters as well. Soon they’ll have plenty of plants adding another layer of texture to the hardscape design.

The homeowners’ finishing touches include a fire table under the pergola and a fountain nearby. The fire table can double as a dining table for four. The clients also added a larger dining table out in the open, closer to the smoker and the grill.

It looks like these Dripping Springs, TX, homeowners have everything they need outside! They enjoy spending time outdoors, and now they have the patio they need for that purpose. With all these amenities, they won’t miss their large lot. Now they’ll have less yard to take care of and more patio to enjoy to the fullest.

Have you imagined what the patio of your dreams would look like? To talk about building your new outdoor living space, call Archadeck of Austin today at (512) 259 – 8282 or email us to schedule a free design consultation.

— Jim Odom, owner Archadeck of Austin

Archadeck of Austin to the rescue, 911, for this Screened Porch Project in NW Austin!

If you’ve heard of fly-by-night contractors who start a job, take your money and skip town, we are not those guys. But “those guys” started a job at this home in NW Austin and left without finishing it. Archadeck of Austin, deck and porch builder, came to their rescue!

— Archadeck of Austin to the rescue!

Besides losing their money in Round 1 of this project, the homeowners also lost access to their back yard! Can you imagine? The original contractors tore the old deck off of the home, removing access to the yard below. Unbelievable.

NW Austin Homeowners Make the Right Move: Calling Archadeck in for “the Save”

That’s where Archadeck of Austin came in. The project was to build a screened porch with a shed roof, skylights and a small deck. It turned out the original contractors had not obtained the necessary permits, so we picked up the job at that point. They were also supposed to consult with a structural engineer on a specific aspect of the project and had not followed up.

— Before

The homeowners had the layout for the project complete. We made a few changes to enhance their design, but for the most part, we were able to work with their original vision.

And what a beautiful project it turned out to be! We built the screened porch and deck with cedar, and the porch ceiling is tongue and groove cedar and we installed sky lights, too. The addition to this beautiful tree covered rear makes porch feel like a screened in tree house! The roof type is a shed roof. The homeowners chose to surround the lower screened area of the porch with a railing and balusters instead of using a knee wall. They chose an attractive black railing system by Fortress. Black is the color you want for making balusters “disappear” when you look through them.

The engineering challenge was in response to a 10-foot drop-off at the back of the clients’ lot—actually right off the back of their house— with a creek below. One of the footings had to be very carefully installed with this drop-off in mind.

In addition to completing the screened porch project, Archadeck of Austin also installed siding and new windows above the screened porch. These items were not included in the original contract but were added by the clients. We also did some stone work for them, and we designed and installed a trash can receptacle.

These NW Austin homeowners are both engineers, so they are meticulous and very knowledgeable. They love the completed project and are exceedingly happy that they hired Archadeck of Austin to complete the job. Their only regret is that they didn’t start with Archadeck in the first place.

We hope you never have to call us in to straighten out a mess left by another contractor, but if you do, we’re here for you! To have your screened porch or deck designed and built correctly the first time around, call Archadeck of Austin today at (512) 259 – 8282 or via email us to schedule a free design consultation.

— Jim Odom, owner Archadeck of Austin

Upgrading a Long Creek Home’s Outdoor Area for Safety and Aesthetics

Archadeck of Austin will beautify and secure your aging, unsightly outdoor space.

Many times, we look at our outdoor living area, and imagine all the ways we would like to update it. Of course, when we consider upgrading, we first imagine how we might improve the design, but have you considered the safety of your aging outdoor area? Security should be top priority in planning your outdoor space, because after all, we want to keep ourselves and our loved ones free from harm.

— Before: Aging wooden railing – unsafe and unsightly

Perhaps you have a deck with rotting floor boards, or as in this case, a large area of wood railing in need of replacement. We decided with these Lost Creek neighborhood homeowners to remove and replace their old railings in the first phase of improvements. We got to work taking out the aged wooden railing, and supplied a new custom powder coated, fabricated wrought iron railing. For this phase of construction, the homeowners chose to have us repair many of the rotting wooden posts. In a future construction phase, we will replace the old posts, and add railing to the upper story.

— After: Custom powder coated wrought iron railing

Archadeck of Austin will re-imagine your outdoor space with safety and aesthetics in mind.

— After: Powder coated wrought iron railing is a low-maintenance choice

Wood is a beautiful and useful addition to the exterior of almost any home. Fact is, wood requires maintenance, which homeowners might neglect over the years. If you purchase a previously-owned home with a wood deck or railing, it might not be immediately evident that the wood requires replacing. Archadeck of Austin will help you identify issues with your existing outdoor space and provide a new one that will safely serve your family for many years to come. We will recommend products that will best suit your home and lifestyle. If you don’t have a lot of time to treat and maintain a wood, we offer low-maintenance options, such as powder-coated wrought iron, or composite materials by AZEK or TimberTech.

— After: Homeowners and guests will be able to safely use their exterior stairs for many years to come with durable powder coated wrought iron railings

If your Austin home’s outdoor space requires safety and aesthetic improvement, contact Archadeck of Austin today at (512) 259 – 8282 or email us to schedule a free design consultation.

— Jim Odom, owner Archadeck of Austin

Need Deck Design Ideas? Look To Archadeck Of Austin For Trends In Austin Deck Designs

If you see a new deck in your future, look to Austin deck builder Archadeck of Austin for innovative deck design ideas this summer or fall. Whether your home is situated in the rolling hills of the Texas Hill Country or grounded on more level terrain, we can design the perfect deck for your needs. We’ll also help you sift through the trends in deck designs so you can determine what types of designs resonate with you. Each home is unique, so the deck design we create for you will be, too.

— Archadeck Design Award-winning deck in Steiner Ranch.

What Are The Trending Colors In Austin Deck Designs?

If you guessed gray, you’re correct! Gray is a super-hot color for low-maintenance composite and synthetic decks right now. It’s also a classic color, so as new design trends move in each year, gray will still be in style. You won’t have to worry about your low-maintenance deck looking dated.

We’re also getting a lot of requests for decks built with hardwoods and stained in rich colors. Exotic hardwoods are trending as more customers have asked for tigerwood and ipe (pronounced ee-pay) instead of cedar or pressure-treated pine. While tigerwood and ipe have traditionally been a good bit more expensive than cedar, the prices for these hardwood decking boards have come down somewhat.

— Custom Ipe deck in Austin, TX.

If you’re wondering about the name “exotic hardwoods,” exotic refers to trees that are grown outside of the United States. Many of the hardwoods like tigerwood and ipe are grown in Brazil or other South American countries. What do you need to know about hardwoods? First, they are quite durable and incredibly beautiful. Second, they do require some maintenance if you want the wood to retain its rich tones. While some hardwoods should be sealed or treated with deck oil to maintain their original rich tones, they don’t require staining. If you allow a hardwood deck to weather naturally it will develop an attractive silver patina.

Deck Designs With Aluminum Railings Are Picking Up Speed

A look at Austin deck designs would not be complete without talk of railings. Metal railings and pickets have been overtaking wooden ones in popularity for quite some time, and aluminum is specifically trending now. The older wooden pickets or balusters were clunky looking and usually blocked too much of the view from a deck. As metal railings have become available in increasingly thinner designs, Austin homeowners have appreciated the greater visibility they provide. Iron has been the railing of choice for many, but more clients today are choosing aluminum because it offers more color options and stands up better to the effects of weather.

The Best Deck Design Ideas Include Deck Lighting

Deck lighting is hugely popular right now. We see more and more clients choosing to integrate lighting into their deck designs primarily for ambiance but also for safety after dark. What this trend tells us is that Austin-area homeowners are thinking more about increasing the usability of their outdoor living spaces at night. The addition of deck lighting gives you more hours of deck time each week. Homeowners are planning ahead to make the most of the time they spend outdoors on their new deck, making the deck a better value all the way around.

Archadeck of Austin has been building Austin decks for over 18 years. We’ve seen some design trends come and go while others “stick” and don’t go out of style.

What questions do you have about Austin deck design ideas? Give us a call to get started. We can answer your questions and work with you to design the outdoor living space of your dreams.

Whether you’re thinking about adding a deck or a deck-and-patio combination, contact Archadeck of Austin today at (512) 259 – 8282 or via email at [email protected] to schedule a free design consultation.

Jim Odom, Owner at Archadeck of Austin

Small Covered Patio Gives This South Austin, TX, Home a Great Big Boost

We all know good things come in small packages; this sweet project in the South Austin neighborhood of Woodgreen Acres is a fine example. It also shows what a difference a small project can make to the look and feel of a home. You don’t need to invest a large amount of money to achieve a significant transformation.

The home originally had a concrete patio outside the back door, but that concrete had eroded over time. This homeowner wanted a patio makeover, so they called your Austin patio builder, Archadeck of Austin.

—Before the project began.

We began the work by removing the old concrete. To lay the groundwork for a new patio, we installed a grid of steel rebar before we poured the concrete. This stabilizes the patio to lessen damage from any ground movement in the future, and it will also deter concrete erosion.

If you look closely, you can see that the roof of the new porch cover starts at a higher point than the edge of the original roofline. When this home was built, an 8’ wall height was standard. We designed the addition of this porch cover to give the home a more modern look. We pocketed the beam that supports the porch roof into the wall of the house, so the beam is sitting on top of the actual top plate of the wall. The offset system ties into the house farther back on the roof. With this design, we were able to bring the porch cover up one foot higher than the home’s walls and add depth to the footprint of the home.

The homeowner liked the exposed rafter and tongue-and-groove construction of the old soffit, so they asked that we keep that open rafter look with the new porch cover. We were able to do that. We used Hardie soffit and fascia materials and used tongue-and-groove cedar on the interior of the soffit. We constructed the ceiling of the porch cover with matching tongue-and-groove natural cedar, and we shingled the porch roof to match the home’s roof. We painted the new fascia to match the beams and posts of the porch cover.

Finally, we installed a ceiling fan and recessed lighting in the ceiling and added sconce light fixtures on the posts.

Now the homeowner has a shaded patio to enjoy in the daytime and better lighting outdoors at night. We’re guessing this covered patio will see a lot more use than the original one did.

If your patio is not giving you the amount of space or shade you want, let us design a bigger and better patio for you, too. It doesn’t have to be huge to make a huge impact on your enjoyment. Contact Archadeck of Austin today at (512) 259-8282 or via email at [email protected] to schedule a free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Archadeck of Austin to the Rescue for Lake Travis, TX, Big Deck Do-Over

Any home on or near the lake definitely needs a good deck, so if yours isn’t up to snuff, give us a call so we can help you with that! These homeowners near Lake Travis, TX, wanted a new deck designed to be more conducive to entertaining. Their existing deck was spread out over three levels, which might sound good, but they found it wasn’t actually very useful. The various levels and seating areas were just too spread out and not functional as a whole. They also wanted to add some shade!

Archadeck of Austin designed a large, new deck that is partially covered with a porch cover for shade and partially open to the big Texas sky. Building it required complete removal of the home’s existing multi-level deck.

We used glulam beams to carry the load of the new porch cover and attached the porch roof to the existing hip roof extension. Glulam beams are glue-laminated wood beams that are stronger than steel and perfect for long-span designs.

Under the porch cover you can see the gorgeous new Synergy Wood. The clients selected Synergy Wood’s colonial color. Synergy Wood makes beautiful tongue-and-groove prefinished wood products perfect for a porch ceiling. We used the same Synergy Wood for the ridge wall up in the gable above the sliding glass doors leading into the home. The homeowners plan to install a TV on that wall over the doors.

We painted all of the soffit and fascia to match the house exterior.

For the decking boards, the clients chose AZEK low-maintenance decking in the mahogany color. We designed the deck in a picture frame pattern with a ribbon board. The beautiful deck railing system features hammered bronze balusters by Fortress and the rail cap is by AZEK. The AZEK rail cap is actually installed over a steel railing.

Off to one side you can see the clients’ hot tub. We built a stand so the hot tub can sit at deck level, and we built an attractive privacy screen for it out of a combination of 1×6s and 1×4s.

Here’s an additional touch you get with Archadeck of Austin that you don’t get from just any Austin deck builder. When we install an electrical package like that required for the hot tub, we always check the home’s existing capacity to make sure there’s enough electrical service, either a 150 or 200 amp service panel. Our competitors often don’t check this and clients then learn after the fact that their electrical panel will not sufficiently service the addition. For this home we needed to replace the service panel inside the home and the main service panel at the pole. We consider this part of a good design for a deck with a hot tub, and we include this service in our quote so there are no surprises.

If your current deck is not giving you the satisfaction you deserve, let us design a bigger and better deck for you, too. Contact Archadeck of Austin today at (512) 259-8282 or via email at [email protected] to schedule a free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Austin-area Homeowners Upgrade Their Backyard Patio Upon Arrival

A trend we’ve seen growing in the Austin area is that of new home buyers lining up their Austin patio builder (that’s us) before they even close on their new home. Today’s featured project is one such case. The homeowners had found the house they wanted to purchase, but they were not satisfied with the builder-grade covered patio at the back of the house. They wanted a custom outdoor space designed by Archadeck of Austin to make their new home complete.

This builder’s patio wasn’t as tiny as some—trust me, we have seen some tiny builder-grade patios—but it didn’t make enough use of the available space in the back yard. The yard wasn’t deep, only about 30 feet to the fence. The homeowners felt they would make better use of the space if more of it was allocated to the patio than the lawn.

The scope of our project here was to extend the patio farther out into the yard, add a recessed hot tub space and add an outdoor kitchen. To tie it all together, we designed a privacy wall behind the hot tub and the outdoor kitchen, which both border one end of the patio. We built a low seating wall at the back of the patio, and in the middle we added a high counter with bar seating for four.

We built a recessed concrete area for the hot tub about a foot lower than the patio surface. To keep the hot tub’s access panel accessible, we designed a special surround on two sides of the hot tub using AZEK low-maintenance decking boards. The boards are removable in the event someone needs to reach the access panel. Otherwise, the recessed concrete area would have blocked the access panel.

The beautiful stonework on the hardscape vertical surfaces is white limestone chop block with heavy touches of nicotine. The counters and tops of the kitchen backsplash, seating wall and privacy wall are buff-colored Lueders limestone, always a favorite.

Not to be overlooked amidst this project is the outdoor lighting, all of which was provided by Archadeck’s sister company, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. Most of the lighting fixtures here are small and are not meant to be noticed; they just provide a bit of light where it’s needed.

You may see the sconces mounted on the privacy wall beside the hot tub. Smaller light fixtures are mounted along the back of the kitchen counters, under the counter with bar seating, along the low seating wall and along the privacy wall in the grill area. Kitchen fixtures provide task lighting for convenience, while other fixtures provide subtle yet essential lighting to create a relaxing mood and increase safety on the patio.

The finished project is laid out as four specific areas. The original patio area, covered by the roof, contains the outdoor kitchen on one side and an ample space for comfortable seating on the other side. Along with the comfortable furniture, the homeowners have mounted a large TV screen on the wall for big game days and family movie nights.

The extended portion of the patio, which is not covered, includes the hot tub on one side and a dining table with a huge umbrella on the other side. The homeowners will always have the option of staying in the shade when they want it and sitting out in the sun when it’s not too hot. With that large umbrella over the dining table, no diners will have to eat in the sun on this patio!

If you would like to learn more about extending your patio and adding amenities like a hot tub and outdoor kitchen, contact Archadeck of Austin today at (512) 259-8282 or via email at [email protected] to schedule a free design consultation.

JIm Odom, Owner of Archadeck of Austin

Archadeck of Austin Converts SW Austin Covered Porch into Beautiful Low-Maintenance Covered Deck!

Here’s a sweet project in Southwest Austin, TX, that looks fairly typical until you see what went into it, proving that Archadeck of Austin will get creative to provide the outdoor living project you desire.

What you see in these photos is a beautiful, low-maintenance deck where a covered porch existed previously. The deck is made with AZEK decking in the mahogany color with a Fortress iron railing in hammered bronze. Overhead is a sloped pergola made of wood.

A sloped pergola? That is unusual. If you look closely, you may be able to see that the pergola is covered with a Polygal cover. While pergolas do provide some shade, the Polygal cover provides protection from rain and the sun’s UV rays. Polygal provides thermal insulation, so not only do you avoid getting sunburned by UV rays, you also don’t feel as much of the sun’s heat.

We love working with Polygal because it’s lightweight, highly flexible and virtually unbreakable. It holds up in extremely windy conditions. Its UV protective layer not only protects you, it protects the Polygal itself from yellowing.

We use Polygal covers frequently because of the protections they provide, but that doesn’t explain the pergola’s unique slope on this particular project. Because of the offset of this home’s lower and upper soffit, we actually turned the covered pergola into a shed roof. You won’t see this configuration just anywhere.

Now, let’s go back to the deck for a moment. Yes, it’s an AZEK deck over a concrete floor. Before laying the decking boards, we installed a sleeper floor over the concrete. This subfloor helps to insulate the deck floor from the cold concrete beneath it. The sleeper floor also enabled us to extend the deck out from the house further than reach of the original porch floor.

Once we added sconce lights and a ceiling fan, this sweet Southwest Austin covered deck project was complete. The homeowners are enjoying their comfortable new space already.

If your new deck, screened porch or patio is going to present a design challenge, contact Archadeck of Austin. We are up to the challenge. Call (512) 259-8282 or via email at [email protected] to schedule a free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

With This South Austin Screened Room, People and Dog are Happy; Mosquitoes are Not

What do you do when your South Austin, TX, back yard is full of mosquitoes and you have no outdoor living structures except a small concrete slab out back? This is not a hard question, is it? You trade that little concrete slab for a reasonable-size screened porch, right? Yes!

These homeowners were renovating quite a few aspects of this older home, and adding a screened porch was high on their list. Their back yard stays moist so mosquitoes were a constant problem. Their budget was a consideration, so Austin porch builder Archadeck of Austin worked with them to design a porch that met their needs and stayed within budget.

We designed and built this beautiful cedar-framed screened room for them, just the right size. We removed the existing concrete slab and poured a new, larger one. As usual, before pouring concrete, we dug trenches for conduit to lay electrical wiring so the homeowners could have outdoor lights and a ceiling fan on the porch. Then we laid steel rebar to stabilize concrete the floor and give it a longer life.

Budget roof and ceiling look great!

Archadeck of Austin is always sensitive to budget issues. One way we kept costs down on this project was to use a metal roof cover. The roof is made of aluminum panels with interlocking seams. Without intervention, these seams would show from the inside and wouldn’t look great. We added 1×4-inch strips of wood covering each seam in the ceiling to give the appearance of a finished, seamless ceiling.

A porch a dog can love, too!

The homeowners were a little concerned that their dog might run into the porch screen and cause some damage there. To protect the screen in the area of the dog’s height, we added a railing and balusters at 4-inch intervals on the inside of the screen, all the way around. Finally, Fido also gets his own door. Can you spot the doggie door next to the people door?

If you’re in need of a screened porch, or a new porch and patio combination project, contact Archadeck of Austin at (512) 259-8282 or via email at [email protected] to schedule a free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Screened Room Makes Everything Right in North Central Austin

This week’s featured project illustrates the importance of high-quality craftsmanship, even on the simpler projects. This client in North Central Austin called Archadeck of Austin to convert their existing covered porch into a screened porch. The homeowners have an outdoor kitchen built into this porch. After several years of trying to enjoy their open porch, they realized they were not going to be satisfied with it until they had screens installed, too.

The scope of the project required that we build and frame a screened wall system to fill in the open sides of the existing porch, enclosing the porch and the outdoor kitchen within. For the framing, we used Douglas fir instead of cedar because the homeowners wanted the wood to be painted. Douglas fir is a smoother lumber than cedar, and it receives paint and stain better than cedar does. Also, Douglas fir is accustomed to humid climates, and it’s dimensionally stable (meaning the wood maintains its original dimensions when temperatures and humidity fluctuate). When Douglas fir expands and contracts during exposure to moisture, it is not likely to warp or buckle, making it an excellent material for this screened room.

Instead of purchasing prefabricated screen panels, we custom built everything in this North Central Austin screened room project. While we appreciate some of the short-cuts of today’s building methods, at Archadeck of Austin we prefer to install screens for a screened porch the old-fashioned way. Some builders use a tuck and roll method of installing screens, but we have observed that screens installed this way are inclined to stretch and sag. Instead, we use the blind stop method. For this we attach wood trim to each side jamb of the frame. The trim (also called an outside stop or blind stop) defines the outer edge for the screen. After we insert the screens, we install another piece of trim, this one called an inside stop. This method produces a stronger screen panel and keeps the screens taut. We also use a higher quality, heavier screen than many builders use for screened porches.

— Before and after – WOW!

Our clients are already enjoying their newly screened room. They have the same view of the outdoors and they can still feel the warm air and cool breezes, but they no longer have to contend with uninvited flying insects. Finally, they can relax and enjoy meals prepared using their outdoor kitchen.

If you have a design challenge within your outdoor living space, Archadeck of Austin may be able to solve it. Call us today at (512) 259-8282 or via email at [email protected] to schedule a free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Cedar Park, TX, Homeowners Love Their Covered Patio Upgrade!

You might think that replacing a covered patio and shed roof with a new covered patio and shed roof was swapping like for like, but not in this case! The difference is so remarkable it’s hard to believe the before-and-after structures are both called the same thing.

These Cedar Park, TX, homeowners decided their covered patio had seen better days. It was high time for an upgrade, so they called Cedar Park patio builder Archadeck of Austin. We designed a delightful outdoor living space they will enjoy for years to come.

The two most significant changes we made were to … you guessed it: the patio and the shed roof. We replaced the existing patio with a larger one, and we replaced an aluminum shed roof that was flat with a shingled roof that has a bit of a pitch. It’s amazing what a difference that simple design change makes.

— Before and after

As you can see in the photos, the original patio extended about two-thirds of the way across the back of the house. We designed the new patio to run the entire width of the house, and we also extended it to reach deeper into the yard. The homeowners now have plenty of room for not just one but two dining tables and chairs, a smoker and a grill. Most of the patio is covered by the new shed roof, but a portion of it is uncovered for those days when the homeowners will enjoy sitting in the warmth of the sun.

The new patio has a beautiful stamped and textured concrete finish. To give the patio extra stability, we laid a grid pattern of steel rebar before we poured the concrete for the patio. We also dug a small trench beneath it to run conduit for the electrical wiring needed for the outdoor lighting and ceiling fan over the patio.

The new shed roof is shingled to match the home’s original roof. With a roof pitch under 4:12, we were required to install a special underlayment or sheeting beneath the shingles. This special covering is a water-proof “ice and water membrane” to prevent moisture from running under the shingles and causing damage to the wood. The membrane self-heals from any puncture or penetration, including nail holes.

If you’re on the patio looking up at the shed roof, what you see is a beautiful tongue-and-groove ceiling in ponderosa pine from Synergy Wood Products. Instead of a wood stain, the ceiling wood was prefinished in a clear sealant that reveals the beauty of the wood. You’ll also see the new ceiling fan we installed and the recessed lighting that will make this patio the family’s favorite spot, day or night.

While we were replacing the patio and shed roof, we also replaced siding on the back of the home’s fireplace, and we cured a growth of mold on the brick wall where the old aluminum porch cover had been attached to the house. Repainted, the brick wall looks new as well!

This project reveals what a difference a good design can make, along with an upgrade in building materials. These homeowners didn’t realize how much they wanted a new patio and shed roof until they saw how good this looks!

If you need a covered patio upgrade, or a new patio and porch combination project, contact Archadeck of Austin today at (512) 259-8282 or via email at [email protected] to schedule a free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Downtown Austin, TX, Homeowners Get the Pergola of their Dreams, Again

Repair, renovate, restore, replace, replicate.
You repair a broken piece of furniture to continue using it.
You renovate a kitchen to remove old appliances, flooring, cabinets and light fixtures and replace them with more modern or higher-quality selections.
You restore a classic automobile so you can drive it again, proudly.
You replace a favorite old jacket that has become frayed and worn out.

In Downtown Austin, you replicate a dearly-loved pergola when it has finally deteriorated beyond repair.

That’s what these Austin homeowners requested when they called Archadeck of Austin about their old pergola. The homeowners, retired professors living in the neighborhood adjacent to University of Texas, wanted someone to rebuild and improve the pergola structure they dearly loved, but was finally at the end of it’s life. Great care had been taken the first time it was constructed with small little details that had significance to them. The structure covered a flagstone patio area and was more a bridge from the garden to the home rather than a shade structure- it was a major architectural feature. The challenge – “keep the basic design but improve on the details”

Archadeck of Austin accepted the challenge. . Our attention to detail and woodworking skills served us well on this project. We custom-designed iron post bases to support and elevate double posts spaced such that the rafter sat right between the posts. Metal braces were used to provide lateral bracing, avoiding angular braces. All the metal was powder coated to avoid any chance of rust, scratching and wearing. We decided to use 2×4 slats laid flat with more than normal spacing to simplify the lines, and all the wood was Douglas fir, chosen for the beauty and tightness of the grain. All the edges were smoothed over with a router bit, to eliminate sharp edges.

Finally, we added the Polygal cover over the pergola to increase the amount of shade provided, and we cleaned and resealed the flagstone patio. The Polygal cover filters out the sun’s UV rays and absorbs heat, keeping the patio cooler, increases the amount of time the homeowners can spend outdoors comfortably, and keep water off the wood dramatically increasing its life expectancy. The flagstone patio looks like new again.

Every detail mattered, and they came together beautifully under the skillful hands of our craftsmen to achieve the desired result: the new pergola looks just like the original one. The homeowners are thrilled with the replication of their much-loved pergola.

If you would like a custom-designed pergola or any other kind of outdoor living structure, contact Archadeck of Austin today at (512) 259-8282 or via email at [email protected] to schedule a free design consultation.

Jim Odom, Owner at Archadeck of Austin

Archadeck of Austin Designs Unique Pergola for Appreciative SW Austin Homeowners

Archadeck of Austin is known for our massive, beefy pergolas, but this time we outdid ourselves by designing one that’s completely different, at the request of these Southwest Austin homeowners. They had a large deck and wanted to spend more time outside, but they needed a deck cover.

The clients knew they wanted a custom design for their pergola, because they didn’t want the traditional-style pergola. Something contemporary or even retro, unique and super cool. Additional criteria: fewer posts than pergolas usually have, a more open and airy feeling, a cover to protect the deck from rain, and electrical wiring for light fixtures.

— Here is the space before we began the pergola addition.

It was a design challenge, but this Austin, TX, pergola builder always delivers. The modern pergola we designed for this home is over 21 feet wide and has only two support posts. With a span that wide, we would usually rely on a third post in the center and three more on the back side— but not this time. The homeowners wanted fewer posts, so we gave them fewer posts. Two posts.

In order to accomplish this architectural feat, we fabricated steel posts and used an engineered glulam beam from post to post to carry the span. (Glulam = glued laminated timber, very strong!) We then wrapped the posts with rough-sawn cedar and used a 4×12″ cedar beam running back to the house. Horizontal and vertical planes were used in the design of the pergola. We bolted 4×4′s to the sill plate and ledger in order to meet the structural engineer’s satisfaction for support. These provide the height the homeowners wanted in the design.

To keep rain off of the deck, we added a clear Polygal cover on top of the pergola. This cover is made of Polycarbonate, a kind of plastic, and is flexible but unbreakable. It has two layers to provide thermal insulation as well as protection from rain. While it lets light shine through, the material provides UV protection. The homeowners won’t get sunburned under this pergola and the Polygal cover won’t yellow. (It protects people and it protects itself.)

Satisfying the client’s request for light, we installed wiring for the two hanging lights as well as an electrical outlet on the outside edge of the pergola. The woven-basket-type hanging light covers serve as the perfect finishing touch, and the homeowners plan to add festival lighting in the weeks ahead.

If you would like a custom-designed pergola or any other kind of outdoor living structure, contact Archadeck of Austin today at (512) 259-8282 or via email at [email protected] to schedule a free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Archadeck of Austin designer Jim Schallon wins national sales award for 2017

We always knew that Archadeck of Austin Lead Designer, Jim Schallon, was a winner — he’s just that kind of guy. Recently he was recognized with a national sales award in the Archadeck franchise system, so now everybody knows what we’ve known all along. Jim received First Place in the Top Salesperson award category for 2017, competing with his peers in Archadeck businesses all around the United States plus one in Canada. The award was presented last month at the Archadeck annual meeting in Scottsdale, AZ.

Jim Odom, owner of Archadeck of Austin, confirms that this award is well-deserved and couldn’t have gone to a nicer person. Jim Schallon isn’t an aggressive salesperson, the stereotype that an award for “Top Salesperson” might suggest. He’s easy going and sincere, and that attitude strikes the right chord with homeowners in the Austin, TX, area who are looking to add an outdoor living space to their home. Jim knows how to listen as clients describe their ideas for what they want in an outdoor living space addition. His vast experience in this industry enables him to offer design suggestions, based on what the client has described, including materials the client may not know about. Jim has designed so many projects and knows the characteristics and costs of building materials so well he can pretty much home in on what will and won’t work within a client’s stated budget. He’s willing to take a project design through several iterations until he and the client find that sweet spot where the scope of the design accomplishes what the homeowner wants without blowing up the budget.

Jim Schallon actually grew up in the home improvement business. His father owned his own home improvement company for 27 years, and Jim worked for him during the summers while he was in school. He worked to buy his own clothes, so he learned at a young age that nothing comes free. As a young man he learned the value of working for what he wanted.

After graduating from Columbia College in Columbia, MO, Jim went directly into a career in outdoor living sales. His first job out of college was with a paver (hardscape) contractor. He also worked for Dalco Home Remodeling for 16 years and at one point tried the California lifestyle working for Milgard Windows on the West Coast.. Missouri called him back, though, and he went to work in the St. Louis area for the area’s largest outdoor living company, Chesterfield Fence and Deck.

In March of 2015, Jim Schallon moved to Austin to be closer to family (and we’re glad he did). Before relocating, he met with Jim Odom as well as some other outdoor living business owners in the Austin area. Archadeck of Austin impressed him and he knew he’d be a good fit here.

Altogether Jim Schallon has 31 years of sales experience specifically in the outdoor living industry. This award is not his first sales award. When he worked for Dalco Home Remodeling, he was their top salesman for 14 of his 16 years there. At Chesterfield Fence and Deck, he was top salesman four out of five years.

We are very happy that Jim Schallon found his niche here with Archadeck of Austin. Every client for whom he designs and builds a project benefits from his years of experience and his knack for outdoor living project design. Please join us in congratulating Jim Schallon on winning this national sales award with the Archadeck franchise system.

If you would like the opportunity to have Jim Schallon design and build your outdoor living project, contact Archadeck of Austin today at (512) 259-8282 or email [email protected] to schedule a free design consultation.

Homeowners in Leander, TX, find out … what a difference a patio can make!

Looking at the Before and After photos for this project, you may wonder if it’s even the same house. Yes, it is! Amazing to think that something as simple as a patio transformed the outdoor living space at this home in Leander, TX, just north of Austin. OK, so it’s a jazzed up patio with an outdoor kitchen … yes!

- Before

- After

The homeowners originally had a builder-grade covered porch on the back of their home, but it felt oddly “closed in” without much light and definitely no room to grill out or entertain friends. Time to call Archadeck of Austin for one of our famous outdoor-living improvement designs. Give us a covered porch and we’ll give you an expanded combination outdoor living space where you can relax and entertain more comfortably.

The first thing we did was add a patio, and it became an extension of the porch. Simply adding the patio seemed to open up the porch and create a flow from the porch out to the back yard. Then we added a gorgeous cedar pergola over the patio. Adding the pergola made a huge visual impact, defining the space and whispering: This is where you want to be. The slats on the pergola are fairly close together, so the structure will add a good amount of shade but still retains an open-air feeling that the home’s covered porch lacked.

Next, we built an outdoor kitchen along the back of the new patio using chop block stone. Because the kitchen structure didn’t need to extend across the full length of the patio, we had room to add the perfect stone bench from the end of the outdoor kitchen to the end of the patio. This low wall enables you to seat more people for a casual gathering without having to crowd the space with so many chairs. Think of it as overflow seating.

At the homeowners’ request, we made a few improvements to the covered porch, too, most notably the new Synergy Wood tongue-and-groove ceiling we installed. We love Synergy Wood ceilings with their rich wood tones.

Finally, we completed this combination outdoor living project with a stunning concrete overlay that adds texture and color to the patio surface. We designed the same overlay for the floor of the patio and the covered porch, tying the original and new areas together. The patio looks as much like it was original to the home as the porch does.

If you are looking for a creative design to expand your outdoor living space, contact Archadeck of Austin today at (512) 259-8282 or via email to schedule a free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Archadeck of Austin wins the Archadeck Outdoor Living Design Excellence Award three times over!

Wow, we’re three for three! Archadeck of Austin entered the Archadeck franchise system’s quarterly design contest in all three categories, and guess what … we won all three categories in the 4th Quarter of 2017. What a feat! We were stunned and extremely pleased to be honored not once but three times in the same quarter.

The three design award categories are Deck, Porch/Room and Hardscape/Patio. Each of these categories represents a specialty area in outdoor living design. Added together, they describe the full range of outdoor living space designs Archadeck of Austin creates month after month, project after project, and no two designs are exactly alike.


Our award-winning deck design was this deck-patio-pergola combination project in Steiner Ranch, TX.
The design incorporated something you don’t usually see outdoors … a spiral staircase, which was specifically requested by the homeowner. We were able to locate a spiral staircase kit that wasn’t too expensive and still delivered the quality we needed for this project. Overall this design is an example of packing a LOT of outdoor living into a relatively small space. The deck features low-maintenance composite decking by AZEK and a black metal railing by Fortress. You can read more about this project in our story Spiral staircase is a winner for this just-right Steiner Ranch combo deck-patio-pergola affair


Archadeck of Austin’s entry in the Porch/Room category was this majestic free-standing covered porch project in Davenport Ranch, West Austin. This multi-faceted design includes a large stone fireplace, an open-rafter ceiling, grand wooden pillars each set into a stone base, a seating wall and a standing seam metal roof. Materials used in the project include white limestone and Western red cedar. The free-standing structure is so large you might call it a pavilion instead of a covered porch! You can see enjoy all the details of this project in our video featured on our YouTube channel:


Our winning entry in the Hardscape/Patio category was a substantial stone patio in the Berry Creek neighborhood of Georgetown, TX. Archadeck of Austin transformed the home’s original patio into a beautiful and more functional multi-purpose outdoor living space. The design included an outdoor kitchen at one end and a sweeping stone seating bench at the other end. The homeowners selected an unusual, stunning flagstone for the patio surface and steps, and the effect is gorgeous. You can read more about this project in our story Don’t just own that outdoor space — make it your own, like these Georgetown, TX, homeowners did!

When we entered all three categories, we didn’t expect to win all three! The Archadeck Outdoor Living national Design Excellence Award winners are selected by the Archadeck locations nationwide. Not only is it an honor to win, the award is made more special by the fact that it is decided by our peers!

We share this honor with our three winning clients, because each project is truly a collaboration between the homeowners and their Archadeck of Austin designer.

If you are looking for a winning design for your new outdoor living space, whether it’s a deck, porch or hardscape you have in mind, contact Archadeck of Austin today at (512) 259-8282 or via email at [email protected] to schedule a free design consultation.

Jim Odom, Owner at Archadeck of Austin

Archadeck porch and pergola featured in Round Rock,TX, total backyard makeover

We love the simple jobs, of course, but it’s the complex projects like this one that keep us on our toes. Archadeck of Austin was thrilled to be called in to design and build this Round Rock, TX, homeowner’s total backyard makeover.

To sum it up, we extended the back porch, added a pergola and built an outdoor fire place. Sounds easy enough, right? Well … sometimes there’s more than meets the eye, as the saying goes.

The family had a sweet porch at the back of the house, but they wanted a porch that was much larger and more open to the back yard. Basically they wanted to give their old porch new life by making it part of an extended outdoor living area. They were adding a swimming pool and hot tub, too.

— Before

The new porch and pergola combination will not only invite people from the house to come out and enjoy the outdoors, it will also serve as the poolside lounge area.

To start, we needed to demolish the two stone columns that supported the original porch roof. We weren’t moving or changing the roofline, but since we were extending the porch footprint, the columns would have ended up being in the center of the expanded porch area. They definitely had to go.

We were able to transfer the weight of the porch roof by inserting a large (5”x16’) Glulam beam into the porch cover and all the way over to the house wall. That Glulam beam is a workhorse.

To complete the transfer of roof weight from the stone columns to the large beam, we took down some of the stone on the corner of the house and rebuilt the point load for the beam to pocket into the wall. Then we reinstalled all the stone. You can’t even tell we were there — unless you remember the original stone columns and notice that nothing but usable space fills the area where they once stood.

We replaced the original Hardieplank porch ceiling with natural tongue-and-groove cedar. The homeowner wanted to paint the ceiling white to help open and brighten space. The white ceiling does help lighten up the area, and it provides a nice contrast to the wooden posts and beams, which are all stained butternut brown.

To make the porch roof’s support system look uniform, we also rebuilt the original beam on the projection side of the porch so it looks more like the large new beam on the front edge.

Next, the job of extending the home’s outdoor living area entailed building a pergola over the area not covered by the porch roof. We added a Polygal cover on top of the pergola for shade and protection from rain. You can’t see the pergola cover in these photos, but it’s there.

Keep in mind, if you are thinking of adding a pergola to your outdoor living space, it’s important to tell your builder what you want from the pergola — what its function will be. In some cases, a pergola is purely a decorative element that can help define a space and provide some shade.

In the case of this Round Rock, TX, project, the homeowner wanted the pergola to provide protection from the elements. For this much protection, you do need to add a cover to the pergola. Not only does it protect from rain, the Polygal cover provides UV protection from the sun’s rays as well.

This pergola was a little different because we built it with an angle on the end at the homeowner’s request. If we had extended the pergola all the way to the end of the porch/patio area, it would have required an additional post for support, which would have blocked their view of the pool. Accommodations like this are unusual but not at all difficult.

Finally, we come to the outdoor fire feature — the fireplace. With a width of 7’ it is big enough to house a wide-screen TV over the mantle. We built the fireplace using limestone that matches that of the existing home. You’d think the home and outdoor fireplace were built at the same time! It’s a gas-burning fireplace, so we incorporated gas lines into the design.

As a finishing touch, we are adding sconce lighting fixtures on the three posts at the end of the porch. If you look closely you can see a cap protecting the openings for electrical wiring on two of the posts. The lights are on back order.

Cody Pools installed the pool and hot tub in conjunction with this same outdoor living project. We’re calling this a total backyard makeover because, with the porch greatly enlarged and the new pool taking up much of the remaining area, the whole back yard was pretty much transformed.

If you would like to learn more about designing a makeover for your porch, or your entire back yard, contact Archadeck of Austin today at (512) 259-8282 or via email at [email protected] to schedule a free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Don't just own that outdoor space — make it your own, like these Georgetown, TX, homeowners did!

Picture this: you buy a home in an established neighborhood, and you love everything about it except, perhaps, the size or design of its outdoor living space. What to do? Call Archadeck of Austin for your outdoor living makeover, that’s what! Take this home and make it your own, inside and out.

These homeowners in the Berry Creek neighborhood of Georgetown, TX, were in just that situation. The home they purchased had a covered porch at the back of the house. As a back porch it was small, and it was plain. Its floor was a simple concrete pad.

Archadeck of Austin came to the rescue. Sometimes it’s difficult for homeowners to visualize the potential for improving an outdoor living space. It can be hard to see beyond what’s there, to picture what could be there! That’s the great thing about the Archadeck design consultation. We meet with you, look at your current outdoor living space, listen to your ideas about how you want to improve it, and we offer some ideas of our own.

Some homeowners know exactly what kind of space they want to create, and many benefit from bouncing ideas around with their Archadeck design consultant. We have designed and built such a variety of outdoor living configurations that we always have suggestions once we see your current layout. The important thing is that once you buy the house, we can help you design and build the outdoor improvements that will make it your own.

We have an infinite number of ways we can help shape that vision and bring it to life. Often that involves expanding what’s already there: a bigger deck, a bigger patio, a bigger porch. Other times it involves adding components that were “missing” — in this case, an outdoor kitchen.

The first thing we did to redesign this Berry Creek back patio was to extend it by adding 550 square feet to its footprint. There was no reason to tear down the porch covering because it was sturdy and in good condition. You might notice that the porch covering no longer covers the entire footprint, now wider and deeper than its original layout. That’s okay! As a matter of fact, it’s desirable. These homeowners now have a covered porch and a patio. Now the homeowners and their guests have the option of sitting under the porch cover or sitting out in the warmth of the winter sun — or under the stars. Protection from harsh weather? Covered. Relaxing or dining in the open outdoors? Uncovered.

The expanded patio area absolutely cried out for an outdoor kitchen (as did the homeowners!), so we incorporated that missing piece into the new design. The outdoor kitchen area is tucked off to one side, out of the way but still very convenient for dining al fresco. At the other end, hugging the new patio area is a new stone seating bench with a smartly curved design. This bench instantly multiplies the number of people comfortably seated outdoors for parties and late-night gabfests.

For any outdoor project these days, the variety of available building materials seems infinite. Materials selection is an area where a new homeowner can easily leave their mark. Here you have the opportunity to select colors and textures that speak to you — and for you. Here, for the new outdoor kitchen and seating bench, we found stone in a color called Oklahoma Autumn Blend that nicely matches the original stone of the home’s exterior.

The homeowners, making this space their own, selected a beautiful flagstone for the porch and patio floor in Oklahoma Silver Mist. It’s a far cry from the original, simple concrete pad! This stone looks unique because it’s not used as often as some others. The colors are stunning, with a great deal of contrast, and more irregularities and undulation than some flagstones have.

To round out this project, Archadeck of Austin designed and built some attractive flagstone steps leading from the porch and patio into the yard. We also added some trim along the edges of the original posts to give them more definition, and we restained the posts and porch beams. These small improvements make the porch cover look brand new.

If you would like to learn more about how to make your outdoor living space your own, contact Archadeck of Austin today at (512) 259-8282 or via email at [email protected].

Jim Odom, Owner at Archadeck of Austin

New outdoor kitchen and upgraded patio leads to amazing views of the Colorado River

These Austin-area homeowners may not have realized, when they ordered an outdoor kitchen, that they would also be getting a side order of fantastic views! Sometimes one thing leads to another … Archadeck of Austin could see right away that their old, bulky cedar railings were blocking much of the view of the valley and the Colorado River below.

This home’s covered patio was ready for an outdoor living makeover. And the homeowners were ready to add an outdoor kitchen on their existing patio. Luckily, when the house was built it had been pre-plumbed with a place for running water and a drain. The builders had also installed an electrical junction box for a potential outdoor kitchen. Wow! We don’t come across advance planning like that every day.

Take a look at the amazing before & after images:

As we designed the outdoor kitchen, it became clear that the patio wouldn’t offer quite enough room for the homeowners to move around the space comfortably. Once the new appliances were built in with countertop and surrounding stonework, the family and guests would need more room for patio furniture and space to move about.

Archadeck of Austin designed a patio extension that follows the lines and curves of the home. The larger patio now provides the room these homeowners need to fully enjoy their outdoor living space. Part of the extension is sheltered by the original roof, and part of it receives full sunlight. Now the family will have a choice when it comes to enjoying the sun’s warming rays on cooler days or protecting themselves from too much sun in the heat of summer.

We were careful to use materials for the extension that blend perfectly with the original patio and the home’s stone exterior. The patio’s concrete floor was dyed so the original floor and extension are the same color. This patio extension does not look like an add-on; it looks original to the home in all aspects!

Another great feature of this patio makeover is its new railing system. We used Fortress iron railings in the hammered bronze color. These iron railings are sturdy and much thinner than the home’s original cedar railings, and they don’t obstruct the beautiful views of the valley and the river below. It’s almost as though you can see right through them. We like this particular style of railing because of its hammered look with dimples and ribbons in the bronze color. It adds a vintage-inspired appeal and at the same time keeps a low profile. What’s more, it’s forgiving because it already looks “hammered.” You can’t hurt it!

Also benefiting from a makeover were the original wooden steps that led from the patio down into the yard. They were no longer safe, so we did more than just change the railings. We redesigned the steps entirely, replacing them with masonry steps and installing hardscape lighting on the risers for additional safety.

Back to that outdoor kitchen the homeowners first requested, the catalyst for the entire project. The kitchen area spans one end of the patio with a gas grill, a door-and-drawer combo set, a sink and a beautiful custom privacy wall. The grill master will enjoy preparing special meals for family and friends without the curious gaze of neighbors.

If you would like to learn more about creating an outdoor kitchen at your home — and the patio to show it off, contact Archadeck of Austin today at (512) 259-8282 or via email at [email protected] to schedule a free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

From simple deck to rugged Texas backyard man cave … Score!

Tucked between the Austin neighborhoods of High Vista and Northview Hills, this rugged pergola/covered patio/outdoor kitchen with stone fireplace takes “combination outdoor living space” to a new level. We are dusting off our hands and standing back to admire our own work now that it’s completed.

This project presented an interesting footprint to work with because the home had a hip roof with two valleys leading into the same area. Initially, the homeowners wanted to build a roof over the whole space, but when they had an architect design that, the roof would have required posts just about everywhere for support. There was really no perfect way to tie into the roofline given its shape. So, Archadeck of Austin designed a pergola structure that is both attached AND freestanding. This innovative design allows for water drainage without the hassle of tearing out the home’s rear roof system and rebuilding it from scratch.

The result is a stunning outdoor room sheltered by a beefy pergola that’s covered with Polygal multiwall plastic sheeting. This covering provides thermal insulation as well as protection from sun and rain. Light passes through, but not the heat, giving you the best parts of being outdoors.

Take a look at these before and after images:

To begin this project, we removed the existing deck and poured concrete to create a patio. The new patio surface is textured and stained concrete. We ran conduit from the attic to bring electrical wiring as well as hot and cold water to the outdoor space — definitely a requirement for the outdoor kitchen we built at one end of this covered patio.

The outdoor kitchen features an infrared grill that can sear a steak up to 1200 degrees. The homeowners, from Louisiana, also have a large Kamado Joe smoker; its 14-inch power burner system is perfect for the outdoor crab boils they enjoy hosting.

The sink area also features beautiful wood cabinetry built with marine-grade plywood. The cabinet doors are hand-stained cypress. All of the plumbing is inside the back wall of the kitchen structure, protected and out of view. The backsplash of the sink area, chosen by the homeowner, is porcelain subway tile with a stainless steel cover. We brought in a tile specialist for the job.

The large pergola overhead, supported by only five posts and a partial roof tie-in, is wood stained with a California cedar color.

The centerpiece of the space —you see why we call it a man cave — is an imposing full masonry outdoor fireplace with a huge flat-screen TV mounted over the mantel. The overall space was designed to accommodate this TV. The fireplace and outdoor kitchen feature stone facing by Canyon Stone in their Santa Fe color, a mix of tan, light brown and gray.

If you take a close look at the stone mantel, you may be able to see a stone lip above the TV. The homeowner actually taught us this trick. The protruding stone lip protects the TV from water, should the counter flashing fail. If water penetrates the area, it will drip directly onto the floor, away from the soundbar and TV, without ruining the electronics. It’s a “drip cap” of sorts. It’s hard to tie a pergola into a stone fireplace to make it water-tight, so we are now using this technique on all of our pergola projects that feature a TV above a stone fireplace. An added benefit is that it shades the TV screen to eliminate glare.

These Austin homeowners are thrilled with their new-and-improved outdoor living space and are already planning quite a few events to entertain friends. It’s safe to say a number of these events will revolve around football games on TV this fall.

If you would like to learn more about creating the pergola/covered porch/outdoor kitchen combination project of your dreams, contact Archadeck of Austin today at (512) 259-8282 or via email at [email protected] to schedule a free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Comfortable outdoor living with upscale urban appeal in Old West Austin

The Texas stars aligned for one of our newer clients in Old West Austin when she came across just the right photo on the Archadeck of Austin website. She knew instantly: That’s it. I want that.

This homeowner already had several amenities in her back yard including a swimming pool, outdoor kitchen and a beautiful Lueders stone patio with a rectangular fire pit. What she didn’t have was shade from the blazing afternoon sun.

The picture she found on our website showed a covered pergola, open on two sides, with a seating area and a dining area. She used it as a jumping-off point — a reference point she could show our design consultant and then request some adjustments to create the perfect design for her home in Old West Austin.

Specifically, she wanted the patio cover to provide solid shade but to look more like a pergola. She wanted to include a changing room for swimmers; she requested a steel roof and she wanted the whole effect to be grand. We can do grand!

Grand means big, of course, in terms of the overall scale of the project. For us that means we used Glulam beams and 8×8″ posts to support the structure. Glulam beams are glue-laminated beams made of single wood layers bonded together with strong wood adhesives. These beams are stronger than steel when compared on a pound by pound basis. They’re perfect for long-span designs.

Also big are the massive 2×10″ trusses we used for the pergola effect and the number and length of slats running across the trusses. This project did not use standard lumber by any means. We wrapped the Glulam beams and stained the post trim to match the color on the house. You can’t see the outside of the roof here because of the angle, but it’s a standing-seam steel roof.

This grand covered pergola is open on three sides. We built the back wall with intentional gaps between the boards and tucked a changing room into the back corner with a sleight-of-hand design trick. Seen from the outside, the changing room wall also appears to have gaps in it, leading you to believe you can see into the room. However, on the inside of the changing room we built a facing wall with 1×6″ boards leaving no gaps. The changing room delivers total privacy.

The homeowner selected attractive sconces to light the changing room and to provide illumination for night-time dining under the pergola. A finishing touch to the structure was the Minka ceiling fan for additional comfort in the seating and dining areas.

This homeowner in Old West Austin is thrilled with the results and looks forward to many afternoons outside in the shade!

If you want to talk about ideas to create a comfortable — and possibly grand — outdoor living space at your home, contact Archadeck of Austin today at (512) 259-8282 or via email at [email protected].

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

New deck with lots of shade accommodates this large family in Texas Hill Country

When you have a house this big, overlooking a large swimming pool AND the Colorado River, not just any deck will do. You need a very special deck, a one-of-a-kind deck for this one-of-a-kind Texas Hill Country home situated between Lago Vista and Marble Falls, TX. Archadeck of Austin was the right company to design and build this splendid deck with four pergolas.

The homeowners wanted their old wooden deck replaced with a larger deck made of low-maintenance material. One of the criteria was that the new deck be large enough to have room for a dining table that can seat six people. We were able to achieve that by adding two feet to the size of the deck.

For the decking boards the client selected AZEK decking in the autumn chestnut color, part of AZEK’s Harvest Collection.The deck features Fortress vertical cable railing with a black sand finish. The vertical cables are marine-grade stainless steel cable, and the railing and posts have a durable, multi-layered anti-corrosion coating, virtually maintenance free and long lasting.

We also replaced the old deck’s three existing pergolas with four new ones. We mounted the new wooden pergolas on 6×6-inch custom-fabricated steel posts with a black finish matching the deck railings.

Even though the homeowners didn’t want a roofed structure tied into the roof of the home, they did want a roof over each of the pergolas for additional shade. We installed a standing seam metal roof over each pergola. Three of those are flat roofs, while the fourth is a gabled roof that covers the portion of the deck opening out to the stairway leading down to the pool.The gabled pergola is tied into the roof to make it more rain tight.

The gabled roof design of the fourth pergola provided a covered space for sconce lighting and a ceiling fan. Archadeck of Austin did all of the necessary electrical work to add these finishing touches.

To complete this low-maintenance project, we added wooden latticework underneath the deck. All of the wooden surfaces were stained in a subtle gray color.

This handsome new deck, nicely shaded, accommodates the entire family as requested. No one will be left out as they dine al fresco overlooking the river and the pool. Furnished with a collection of comfortable seating including a couple of rocking chairs, this grand deck is a crowd pleaser.

If you are looking to expand and replace your existing deck, or create one from scratch, contact Archadeck of Austin today at (512) 259-8282 or via email at [email protected] to schedule a free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Round Rock, TX, homeowners enjoy our newest patio-and-patio-cover combination — The next one could be yours!

Sometimes you just have to trade it in! We all know this about a car or truck, but how about a deck? These Round Rock, Texas, homeowners have enjoyed their ground-level deck over the years but found that the pergola over the deck didn’t always provide enough shade. It can get pretty hot out here in the direct sunlight! They called Archadeck of Austin because it was time for a double trade-in: (1) the deck for a patio and (2) the pergola for a patio cover.

As we talked with them about replacing the pergola with a more-shady shade structure, it became clear that the deck needed to be replaced as well. Rather than a new deck, they were more interested in a patio this time around. Patio cover, meet patio.

Before we began the project.

Archadeck of Austin removed the deck and pergola. As with most demolition situations, once the original structures were gone, we were looking at a blank canvas — the site of our next piece of outdoor living artwork.

The combination patio and patio cover is a work of art in the genre of outdoor living spaces. These Round Rock homeowners are extremely pleased with the results. They are especially pleased that the exterior of the patio cover looks original to the home. Nothing about it sticks out to say “this was added on later!”

Stage one; installing the patio.

We built a concrete patio and applied an overlay that we textured, stamped and stained. The effect is attractive, and the textured patio surface will be slip-resistant in the event of a spill.

Second and final stage; adding the patio cover.

For the patio cover, we used the durable, low-maintenance HardiePlank siding for the soffit, the fascia, and to wrap the posts and beams. We built the ceiling with Synergy Wood, a beautiful pre-finished, hand-stained wood of very high quality. There is something about the richness of Synergy Wood that we find soothing.

These homeowners are spending the remaining days of summer on their new patio, shielded from the harsh heat of the Texas sun. And they will appreciate another benefit of the new patio cover every time it rains; no longer will they have to run inside when a storm pops up.

If you would like to learn more about replacing a deck, patio or porch with a new outdoor living space, or adding a patio cover or porch roof to your existing outdoor structure, contact Archadeck of Austin today at (512) 259-8282 or via email at [email protected].

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

How hot does it have to get before you consider adding a shade structure to your Austin home?

How hot does it have to get before you consider adding a shade structure to your Austin home?

Where do you go for shade at your home? With temperatures hovering around the 100 degree mark in Austin, we are looking for shade anywhere we can get it. It’s amazing how much difference a shade covering can make.

Let’s talk about that heat. The temperature reading you see in a weather report is actually taken in the shade. So if it’s 100 degrees outside, that really is “100 degrees in the shade.” In direct sunlight, you will be even hotter. Direct sunlight makes the air feel 10 to 15 degrees warmer than the official temperature.

You can stay inside, but those of us who enjoy spending time outdoors each day are looking for other solutions, something more comfortable than sitting under the nearest tree.

If you have an uncovered outdoor living space such as a deck or patio, do you find it less enjoyable this time of year? Perhaps your deck or patio sees plenty of use during more temperate seasons but sits empty and forlorn in the Austin summer heat.

Archadeck of Austin, the area’s premier porch builder, does have a solution for you — several solutions, in fact.

Covered porch

A covered porch provides a more comfortable way for you and your family to enjoy the outdoors during the summer months. The roof of a porch shields you from the sun’s harsh rays but doesn’t interfere with any breeze that might drift by. You’re still in the open air, just not feeling the summer heat magnified. You may even enjoy gardening there, nurturing potted plants that can’t take the full-on sunshine all day. Container gardening is a perfect hobby to take up under the protection of a covered porch.

We recommend adding a roof over your existing deck or patio to convert your outdoor living space into a covered porch. Or, we can design a porch to include a new paver patio if you don’t already have one. The best of both worlds would be to extend your patio and add a porch roof over part of it, leaving a portion uncovered for those times of year when you do want to sit in the sun.

Under a covered porch, the deck or patio surface won’t get as hot, making your outdoor living environment more comfortable for bare feet. Also, that porch roof will protect you and your family from exposure to the harmful UV rays associated with skin cancer. Finally, an outdoor roof will keep you and your party guests dry during those pop-up showers that otherwise send everyone scurrying for cover.

Attached, detached?

Now that you’re convinced you need a covered porch, we will work with you to design one that fits perfectly with your home, your current outdoor living environment and your lifestyle. All of the porches we build are custom designed to meet each homeowner’s needs. Depending on the layout of your back yard and existing deck or patio (if you already have one), you may want a porch roof that ties in to the roof of your home, or you may want a detached porch — something like a pavilion — that provides the perfect setting for an outdoor kitchen. There are many possible variations. Archadeck of Austin has designed and built all kinds of porch covers, attached as well as free-standing, so we are experts in this field.

Screened porch

We couldn’t talk about porches without mentioning screened porches. With a screened porch, you get protection from the hot sun, and you also gain protection from the nuisance of insects. Returning to “the best of both worlds,” you may be most pleased with a combination of two kinds of porches. You could have a screen porch with a roof that extends beyond the screened room, creating an additional covered porch outside of the screened porch. While it may sound extravagant, it is the perfect place for the rocking chairs you have always wanted outside on the porch you knew you would have some day.


Do you have a swimming pool surrounded by a hardscape area exposed all day to the brutal Texas sun? Consider the comfort a free-standing covered porch would add to the area beside the pool. We’ve already mentioned bare feet and how a roof over the patio can keep cement or stone flooring a good bit cooler. Another benefit of having a covered porch poolside is that it provides a shaded area for the adults who are watching the children swim and play. The kids in the pool don’t mind the sun, but if they are young enough that an adult needs to watch them, it can be torture sitting next to the pool without shade.

Have you considered adding a cabana, bathhouse, changing room or utility closet near the pool? Archadeck of Austin can design the perfect set-up to include whatever poolside building you desire, extending the roof toward the pool to provide a shaded seating area. This design will be a hit with family members and guests who enjoy the fun and games poolside but don’t actually want to get in the water — and don’t want to be scorched by the sun this time of year.

There are many reasons to add a porch to your home. In addition to providing shade, a porch can add value to your home and enhance the look and appeal of your home and landscape. Regardless of your motivation, with a covered porch you are more likely to enjoy the outdoors on those hotter Austin days.

If you are looking for shade and interested in seeing how our creative porch designs could work for you, contact Archadeck of Austin today at (512) 259-8282 or via email at [email protected] to schedule a free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

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