Archadeck of Austin wins the Archadeck Outdoor Living Design Excellence Award three times over!

Wow, we’re three for three! Archadeck of Austin entered the Archadeck franchise system’s quarterly design contest in all three categories, and guess what … we won all three categories in the 4th Quarter of 2017. What a feat! We were stunned and extremely pleased to be honored not once but three times in the same quarter.

The three design award categories are Deck, Porch/Room and Hardscape/Patio. Each of these categories represents a specialty area in outdoor living design. Added together, they describe the full range of outdoor living space designs Archadeck of Austin creates month after month, project after project, and no two designs are exactly alike.


Our award-winning deck design was this deck-patio-pergola combination project in Steiner Ranch, TX.
The design incorporated something you don’t usually see outdoors … a spiral staircase, which was specifically requested by the homeowner. We were able to locate a spiral staircase kit that wasn’t too expensive and still delivered the quality we needed for this project. Overall this design is an example of packing a LOT of outdoor living into a relatively small space. The deck features low-maintenance composite decking by AZEK and a black metal railing by Fortress. You can read more about this project in our story Spiral staircase is a winner for this just-right Steiner Ranch combo deck-patio-pergola affair


Archadeck of Austin’s entry in the Porch/Room category was this majestic free-standing covered porch project in Davenport Ranch, West Austin. This multi-faceted design includes a large stone fireplace, an open-rafter ceiling, grand wooden pillars each set into a stone base, a seating wall and a standing seam metal roof. Materials used in the project include white limestone and Western red cedar. The free-standing structure is so large you might call it a pavilion instead of a covered porch!


Our winning entry in the Hardscape/Patio category was a substantial stone patio in the Berry Creek neighborhood of Georgetown, TX. Archadeck of Austin transformed the home’s original patio, which was small and plain, into a beautiful and more functional multi-purpose outdoor living space. The design included an outdoor kitchen at one end and a sweeping stone seating bench at the other end. The homeowners selected an unusual, stunning flagstone for the patio surface and steps, and the effect is gorgeous. You can read more about this project in our story Don’t just own that outdoor space — make it your own, like these Georgetown, TX, homeowners did!

When we entered all three categories, we didn’t expect to win all three! The Archadeck Outdoor Living national Design Excellence Award winners are selected by the Archadeck locations nationwide. Not only is it an honor to win, the award is made more special by the fact that it is decided by our peers!

We share this honor with our three winning clients, because each project is truly a collaboration between the homeowners and their Archadeck of Austin designer.

If you are looking for a winning design for your new outdoor living space, whether it’s a deck, porch or hardscape you have in mind, contact Archadeck of Austin today at (515) 259-8282 or via email at to schedule a free design consultation.

Jim Odom, Owner at Archadeck of Austin

Archadeck porch and pergola featured in Round Rock,TX, total backyard makeover

We love the simple jobs, of course, but it’s the complex projects like this one that keep us on our toes. Archadeck of Austin was thrilled to be called in to design and build this Round Rock, TX, homeowner’s total backyard makeover.

To sum it up, we extended the back porch, added a pergola and built an outdoor fire place. Sounds easy enough, right? Well … sometimes there’s more than meets the eye, as the saying goes.

The family had a sweet porch at the back of the house, but they wanted a porch that was much larger and more open to the back yard. Basically they wanted to give their old porch new life by making it part of an extended outdoor living area. They were adding a swimming pool and hot tub, too.

— Before

The new porch and pergola combination will not only invite people from the house to come out and enjoy the outdoors, it will also serve as the poolside lounge area.

To start, we needed to demolish the two stone columns that supported the original porch roof. We weren’t moving or changing the roofline, but since we were extending the porch footprint, the columns would have ended up being in the center of the expanded porch area. They definitely had to go.

We were able to transfer the weight of the porch roof by inserting a large (5”x16’) Glulam beam into the porch cover and all the way over to the house wall. That Glulam beam is a workhorse.

To complete the transfer of roof weight from the stone columns to the large beam, we took down some of the stone on the corner of the house and rebuilt the point load for the beam to pocket into the wall. Then we reinstalled all the stone. You can’t even tell we were there — unless you remember the original stone columns and notice that nothing but usable space fills the area where they once stood.

We replaced the original Hardieplank porch ceiling with natural tongue-and-groove cedar. The homeowner wanted to paint the ceiling white to help open and brighten space. The white ceiling does help lighten up the area, and it provides a nice contrast to the wooden posts and beams, which are all stained butternut brown.

To make the porch roof’s support system look uniform, we also rebuilt the original beam on the projection side of the porch so it looks more like the large new beam on the front edge.

Next, the job of extending the home’s outdoor living area entailed building a pergola over the area not covered by the porch roof. We added a Polygal cover on top of the pergola for shade and protection from rain. You can’t see the pergola cover in these photos, but it’s there.

Keep in mind, if you are thinking of adding a pergola to your outdoor living space, it’s important to tell your builder what you want from the pergola — what its function will be. In some cases, a pergola is purely a decorative element that can help define a space and provide some shade.

In the case of this Round Rock, TX, project, the homeowner wanted the pergola to provide protection from the elements. For this much protection, you do need to add a cover to the pergola. Not only does it protect from rain, the Polygal cover provides UV protection from the sun’s rays as well.

This pergola was a little different because we built it with an angle on the end at the homeowner’s request. If we had extended the pergola all the way to the end of the porch/patio area, it would have required an additional post for support, which would have blocked their view of the pool. Accommodations like this are unusual but not at all difficult.

Finally, we come to the outdoor fire feature — the fireplace. With a width of 7’ it is big enough to house a wide-screen TV over the mantle. We built the fireplace using limestone that matches that of the existing home. You’d think the home and outdoor fireplace were built at the same time! It’s a gas-burning fireplace, so we incorporated gas lines into the design.

As a finishing touch, we are adding sconce lighting fixtures on the three posts at the end of the porch. If you look closely you can see a cap protecting the openings for electrical wiring on two of the posts. The lights are on back order.

Cody Pools installed the pool and hot tub in conjunction with this same outdoor living project. We’re calling this a total backyard makeover because, with the porch greatly enlarged and the new pool taking up much of the remaining area, the whole back yard was pretty much transformed.

If you would like to learn more about designing a makeover for your porch, or your entire back yard, contact Archadeck of Austin today at (515) 259-8282 or via email at to schedule a free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Don't just own that outdoor space — make it your own, like these Georgetown, TX, homeowners did!

Picture this: you buy a home in an established neighborhood, and you love everything about it except, perhaps, the size or design of its outdoor living space. What to do? Call Archadeck of Austin for your outdoor living makeover, that’s what! Take this home and make it your own, inside and out.

These homeowners in the Berry Creek neighborhood of Georgetown, TX, were in just that situation. The home they purchased had a covered porch at the back of the house. As a back porch it was small, and it was plain. Its floor was a simple concrete pad.

Archadeck of Austin came to the rescue. Sometimes it’s difficult for homeowners to visualize the potential for improving an outdoor living space. It can be hard to see beyond what’s there, to picture what could be there! That’s the great thing about the Archadeck design consultation. We meet with you, look at your current outdoor living space, listen to your ideas about how you want to improve it, and we offer some ideas of our own.

Some homeowners know exactly what kind of space they want to create, and many benefit from bouncing ideas around with their Archadeck design consultant. We have designed and built such a variety of outdoor living configurations that we always have suggestions once we see your current layout. The important thing is that once you buy the house, we can help you design and build the outdoor improvements that will make it your own.

We have an infinite number of ways we can help shape that vision and bring it to life. Often that involves expanding what’s already there: a bigger deck, a bigger patio, a bigger porch. Other times it involves adding components that were “missing” — in this case, an outdoor kitchen.

The first thing we did to redesign this Berry Creek back patio was to extend it by adding 550 square feet to its footprint. There was no reason to tear down the porch covering because it was sturdy and in good condition. You might notice that the porch covering no longer covers the entire footprint, now wider and deeper than its original layout. That’s okay! As a matter of fact, it’s desirable. These homeowners now have a covered porch and a patio. Now the homeowners and their guests have the option of sitting under the porch cover or sitting out in the warmth of the winter sun — or under the stars. Protection from harsh weather? Covered. Relaxing or dining in the open outdoors? Uncovered.

The expanded patio area absolutely cried out for an outdoor kitchen (as did the homeowners!), so we incorporated that missing piece into the new design. The outdoor kitchen area is tucked off to one side, out of the way but still very convenient for dining al fresco. At the other end, hugging the new patio area is a new stone seating bench with a smartly curved design. This bench instantly multiplies the number of people comfortably seated outdoors for parties and late-night gabfests.

For any outdoor project these days, the variety of available building materials seems infinite. Materials selection is an area where a new homeowner can easily leave their mark. Here you have the opportunity to select colors and textures that speak to you — and for you. Here, for the new outdoor kitchen and seating bench, we found stone in a color called Oklahoma Autumn Blend that nicely matches the original stone of the home’s exterior.

The homeowners, making this space their own, selected a beautiful flagstone for the porch and patio floor in Oklahoma Silver Mist. It’s a far cry from the original, simple concrete pad! This stone looks unique because it’s not used as often as some others. The colors are stunning, with a great deal of contrast, and more irregularities and undulation than some flagstones have.

To round out this project, Archadeck of Austin designed and built some attractive flagstone steps leading from the porch and patio into the yard. We also added some trim along the edges of the original posts to give them more definition, and we restained the posts and porch beams. These small improvements make the porch cover look brand new.

If you would like to learn more about how to make your outdoor living space your own, contact Archadeck of Austin today at (515) 259-8282 or via email at

Jim Odom, Owner at Archadeck of Austin

New outdoor kitchen and upgraded patio leads to amazing views of the Colorado River

These Austin-area homeowners may not have realized, when they ordered an outdoor kitchen, that they would also be getting a side order of fantastic views! Sometimes one thing leads to another … Archadeck of Austin could see right away that their old, bulky cedar railings were blocking much of the view of the valley and the Colorado River below.

This home’s covered patio was ready for an outdoor living makeover. And the homeowners were ready to add an outdoor kitchen on their existing patio. Luckily, when the house was built it had been pre-plumbed with a place for running water and a drain. The builders had also installed an electrical junction box for a potential outdoor kitchen. Wow! We don’t come across advance planning like that every day.

Take a look at the amazing before & after images:

As we designed the outdoor kitchen, it became clear that the patio wouldn’t offer quite enough room for the homeowners to move around the space comfortably. Once the new appliances were built in with countertop and surrounding stonework, the family and guests would need more room for patio furniture and space to move about.

Archadeck of Austin designed a patio extension that follows the lines and curves of the home. The larger patio now provides the room these homeowners need to fully enjoy their outdoor living space. Part of the extension is sheltered by the original roof, and part of it receives full sunlight. Now the family will have a choice when it comes to enjoying the sun’s warming rays on cooler days or protecting themselves from too much sun in the heat of summer.

We were careful to use materials for the extension that blend perfectly with the original patio and the home’s stone exterior. The patio’s concrete floor was dyed so the original floor and extension are the same color. This patio extension does not look like an add-on; it looks original to the home in all aspects!

Another great feature of this patio makeover is its new railing system. We used Fortress iron railings in the hammered bronze color. These iron railings are sturdy and much thinner than the home’s original cedar railings, and they don’t obstruct the beautiful views of the valley and the river below. It’s almost as though you can see right through them. We like this particular style of railing because of its hammered look with dimples and ribbons in the bronze color. It adds a vintage-inspired appeal and at the same time keeps a low profile. What’s more, it’s forgiving because it already looks “hammered.” You can’t hurt it!

Also benefiting from a makeover were the original wooden steps that led from the patio down into the yard. They were no longer safe, so we did more than just change the railings. We redesigned the steps entirely, replacing them with masonry steps and installing hardscape lighting on the risers for additional safety.

Back to that outdoor kitchen the homeowners first requested, the catalyst for the entire project. The kitchen area spans one end of the patio with a gas grill, a door-and-drawer combo set, a sink and a beautiful custom privacy wall. The grill master will enjoy preparing special meals for family and friends without the curious gaze of neighbors.

If you would like to learn more about creating an outdoor kitchen at your home — and the patio to show it off, contact Archadeck of Austin today at (515) 259-8282 or via email at to schedule a free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

From simple deck to rugged Texas backyard man cave … Score!

Tucked between the Austin neighborhoods of High Vista and Northview Hills, this rugged pergola/covered patio/outdoor kitchen with stone fireplace takes “combination outdoor living space” to a new level. We are dusting off our hands and standing back to admire our own work now that it’s completed.

This project presented an interesting footprint to work with because the home had a hip roof with two valleys leading into the same area. Initially, the homeowners wanted to build a roof over the whole space, but when they had an architect design that, the roof would have required posts just about everywhere for support. There was really no perfect way to tie into the roofline given its shape. So, Archadeck of Austin designed a pergola structure that is both attached AND freestanding. This innovative design allows for water drainage without the hassle of tearing out the home’s rear roof system and rebuilding it from scratch.

The result is a stunning outdoor room sheltered by a beefy pergola that’s covered with Polygal multiwall plastic sheeting. This covering provides thermal insulation as well as protection from sun and rain. Light passes through, but not the heat, giving you the best parts of being outdoors.

Take a look at these before and after images:

To begin this project, we removed the existing deck and poured concrete to create a patio. The new patio surface is textured and stained concrete. We ran conduit from the attic to bring electrical wiring as well as hot and cold water to the outdoor space — definitely a requirement for the outdoor kitchen we built at one end of this covered patio.

The outdoor kitchen features an infrared grill that can sear a steak up to 1200 degrees. The homeowners, from Louisiana, also have a large Kamado Joe smoker; its 14-inch power burner system is perfect for the outdoor crab boils they enjoy hosting.

The sink area also features beautiful wood cabinetry built with marine-grade plywood. The cabinet doors are hand-stained cypress. All of the plumbing is inside the back wall of the kitchen structure, protected and out of view. The backsplash of the sink area, chosen by the homeowner, is porcelain subway tile with a stainless steel cover. We brought in a tile specialist for the job.

The large pergola overhead, supported by only five posts and a partial roof tie-in, is wood stained with a California cedar color.

The centerpiece of the space —you see why we call it a man cave — is an imposing full masonry outdoor fireplace with a huge flat-screen TV mounted over the mantel. The overall space was designed to accommodate this TV. The fireplace and outdoor kitchen feature stone facing by Canyon Stone in their Santa Fe color, a mix of tan, light brown and gray.

If you take a close look at the stone mantel, you may be able to see a stone lip above the TV. The homeowner actually taught us this trick. The protruding stone lip protects the TV from water, should the counter flashing fail. If water penetrates the area, it will drip directly onto the floor, away from the soundbar and TV, without ruining the electronics. It’s a “drip cap” of sorts. It’s hard to tie a pergola into a stone fireplace to make it water-tight, so we are now using this technique on all of our pergola projects that feature a TV above a stone fireplace. An added benefit is that it shades the TV screen to eliminate glare.

These Austin homeowners are thrilled with their new-and-improved outdoor living space and are already planning quite a few events to entertain friends. It’s safe to say a number of these events will revolve around football games on TV this fall.

If you would like to learn more about creating the pergola/covered porch/outdoor kitchen combination project of your dreams, contact Archadeck of Austin today at (515) 259-8282 or via email at to schedule a free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Comfortable outdoor living with upscale urban appeal in Old West Austin

The Texas stars aligned for one of our newer clients in Old West Austin when she came across just the right photo on the Archadeck of Austin website. She knew instantly: That’s it. I want that.

This homeowner already had several amenities in her back yard including a swimming pool, outdoor kitchen and a beautiful Lueders stone patio with a rectangular fire pit. What she didn’t have was shade from the blazing afternoon sun.

The picture she found on our website showed a covered pergola, open on two sides, with a seating area and a dining area. She used it as a jumping-off point — a reference point she could show our design consultant and then request some adjustments to create the perfect design for her home in Old West Austin.

Specifically, she wanted the patio cover to provide solid shade but to look more like a pergola. She wanted to include a changing room for swimmers; she requested a steel roof and she wanted the whole effect to be grand. We can do grand!

Grand means big, of course, in terms of the overall scale of the project. For us that means we used Glulam beams and 8×8″ posts to support the structure. Glulam beams are glue-laminated beams made of single wood layers bonded together with strong wood adhesives. These beams are stronger than steel when compared on a pound by pound basis. They’re perfect for long-span designs.

Also big are the massive 2×10″ trusses we used for the pergola effect and the number and length of slats running across the trusses. This project did not use standard lumber by any means. We wrapped the Glulam beams and stained the post trim to match the color on the house. You can’t see the outside of the roof here because of the angle, but it’s a standing-seam steel roof.

This grand covered pergola is open on three sides. We built the back wall with intentional gaps between the boards and tucked a changing room into the back corner with a sleight-of-hand design trick. Seen from the outside, the changing room wall also appears to have gaps in it, leading you to believe you can see into the room. However, on the inside of the changing room we built a facing wall with 1×6″ boards leaving no gaps. The changing room delivers total privacy.

The homeowner selected attractive sconces to light the changing room and to provide illumination for night-time dining under the pergola. A finishing touch to the structure was the Minka ceiling fan for additional comfort in the seating and dining areas.

This homeowner in Old West Austin is thrilled with the results and looks forward to many afternoons outside in the shade!

If you want to talk about ideas to create a comfortable — and possibly grand — outdoor living space at your home, contact Archadeck of Austin today at (515) 259-8282 or via email at

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

New deck with lots of shade accommodates this large family in Texas Hill Country

When you have a house this big, overlooking a large swimming pool AND the Colorado River, not just any deck will do. You need a very special deck, a one-of-a-kind deck for this one-of-a-kind Texas Hill Country home situated between Lago Vista and Marble Falls, TX. Archadeck of Austin was the right company to design and build this splendid deck with four pergolas.

The homeowners wanted their old wooden deck replaced with a larger deck made of low-maintenance material. One of the criteria was that the new deck be large enough to have room for a dining table that can seat six people. We were able to achieve that by adding two feet to the size of the deck.

For the decking boards the client selected AZEK decking in the autumn chestnut color, part of AZEK’s Harvest Collection.The deck features Fortress vertical cable railing with a black sand finish. The vertical cables are marine-grade stainless steel cable, and the railing and posts have a durable, multi-layered anti-corrosion coating, virtually maintenance free and long lasting.

We also replaced the old deck’s three existing pergolas with four new ones. We mounted the new wooden pergolas on 6×6-inch custom-fabricated steel posts with a black finish matching the deck railings.

Even though the homeowners didn’t want a roofed structure tied into the roof of the home, they did want a roof over each of the pergolas for additional shade. We installed a standing seam metal roof over each pergola. Three of those are flat roofs, while the fourth is a gabled roof that covers the portion of the deck opening out to the stairway leading down to the pool.The gabled pergola is tied into the roof to make it more rain tight.

The gabled roof design of the fourth pergola provided a covered space for sconce lighting and a ceiling fan. Archadeck of Austin did all of the necessary electrical work to add these finishing touches.

To complete this low-maintenance project, we added wooden latticework underneath the deck. All of the wooden surfaces were stained in a subtle gray color.

This handsome new deck, nicely shaded, accommodates the entire family as requested. No one will be left out as they dine al fresco overlooking the river and the pool. Furnished with a collection of comfortable seating including a couple of rocking chairs, this grand deck is a crowd pleaser.

If you are looking to expand and replace your existing deck, or create one from scratch, contact Archadeck of Austin today at (515) 259-8282 or via email at to schedule a free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

Round Rock, TX, homeowners enjoy our newest patio-and-patio-cover combination — The next one could be yours!

Sometimes you just have to trade it in! We all know this about a car or truck, but how about a deck? These Round Rock, Texas, homeowners have enjoyed their ground-level deck over the years but found that the pergola over the deck didn’t always provide enough shade. It can get pretty hot out here in the direct sunlight! They called Archadeck of Austin because it was time for a double trade-in: (1) the deck for a patio and (2) the pergola for a patio cover.

As we talked with them about replacing the pergola with a more-shady shade structure, it became clear that the deck needed to be replaced as well. Rather than a new deck, they were more interested in a patio this time around. Patio cover, meet patio.

Before we began the project.

Archadeck of Austin removed the deck and pergola. As with most demolition situations, once the original structures were gone, we were looking at a blank canvas — the site of our next piece of outdoor living artwork.

The combination patio and patio cover is a work of art in the genre of outdoor living spaces. These Round Rock homeowners are extremely pleased with the results. They are especially pleased that the exterior of the patio cover looks original to the home. Nothing about it sticks out to say “this was added on later!”

Stage one; installing the patio.

We built a concrete patio and applied an overlay that we textured, stamped and stained. The effect is attractive, and the textured patio surface will be slip-resistant in the event of a spill.

Second and final stage; adding the patio cover.

For the patio cover, we used the durable, low-maintenance HardiePlank siding for the soffit, the fascia, and to wrap the posts and beams. We built the ceiling with Synergy Wood, a beautiful pre-finished, hand-stained wood of very high quality. There is something about the richness of Synergy Wood that we find soothing.

These homeowners are spending the remaining days of summer on their new patio, shielded from the harsh heat of the Texas sun. And they will appreciate another benefit of the new patio cover every time it rains; no longer will they have to run inside when a storm pops up.

If you would like to learn more about replacing a deck, patio or porch with a new outdoor living space, or adding a patio cover or porch roof to your existing outdoor structure, contact Archadeck of Austin today at (515) 259-8282 or via email at

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

How hot does it have to get before you consider adding a shade structure to your Austin home?

How hot does it have to get before you consider adding a shade structure to your Austin home?

Where do you go for shade at your home? With temperatures hovering around the 100 degree mark in Austin, we are looking for shade anywhere we can get it. It’s amazing how much difference a shade covering can make.

Let’s talk about that heat. The temperature reading you see in a weather report is actually taken in the shade. So if it’s 100 degrees outside, that really is “100 degrees in the shade.” In direct sunlight, you will be even hotter. Direct sunlight makes the air feel 10 to 15 degrees warmer than the official temperature.

You can stay inside, but those of us who enjoy spending time outdoors each day are looking for other solutions, something more comfortable than sitting under the nearest tree.

If you have an uncovered outdoor living space such as a deck or patio, do you find it less enjoyable this time of year? Perhaps your deck or patio sees plenty of use during more temperate seasons but sits empty and forlorn in the Austin summer heat.

Archadeck of Austin, the area’s premier porch builder, does have a solution for you — several solutions, in fact.

Covered porch

A covered porch provides a more comfortable way for you and your family to enjoy the outdoors during the summer months. The roof of a porch shields you from the sun’s harsh rays but doesn’t interfere with any breeze that might drift by. You’re still in the open air, just not feeling the summer heat magnified. You may even enjoy gardening there, nurturing potted plants that can’t take the full-on sunshine all day. Container gardening is a perfect hobby to take up under the protection of a covered porch.

We recommend adding a roof over your existing deck or patio to convert your outdoor living space into a covered porch. Or, we can design a porch to include a new paver patio if you don’t already have one. The best of both worlds would be to extend your patio and add a porch roof over part of it, leaving a portion uncovered for those times of year when you do want to sit in the sun.

Under a covered porch, the deck or patio surface won’t get as hot, making your outdoor living environment more comfortable for bare feet. Also, that porch roof will protect you and your family from exposure to the harmful UV rays associated with skin cancer. Finally, an outdoor roof will keep you and your party guests dry during those pop-up showers that otherwise send everyone scurrying for cover.

Attached, detached?

Now that you’re convinced you need a covered porch, we will work with you to design one that fits perfectly with your home, your current outdoor living environment and your lifestyle. All of the porches we build are custom designed to meet each homeowner’s needs. Depending on the layout of your back yard and existing deck or patio (if you already have one), you may want a porch roof that ties in to the roof of your home, or you may want a detached porch — something like a pavilion — that provides the perfect setting for an outdoor kitchen. There are many possible variations. Archadeck of Austin has designed and built all kinds of porch covers, attached as well as free-standing, so we are experts in this field.

Screened porch

We couldn’t talk about porches without mentioning screened porches. With a screened porch, you get protection from the hot sun, and you also gain protection from the nuisance of insects. Returning to “the best of both worlds,” you may be most pleased with a combination of two kinds of porches. You could have a screen porch with a roof that extends beyond the screened room, creating an additional covered porch outside of the screened porch. While it may sound extravagant, it is the perfect place for the rocking chairs you have always wanted outside on the porch you knew you would have some day.


Do you have a swimming pool surrounded by a hardscape area exposed all day to the brutal Texas sun? Consider the comfort a free-standing covered porch would add to the area beside the pool. We’ve already mentioned bare feet and how a roof over the patio can keep cement or stone flooring a good bit cooler. Another benefit of having a covered porch poolside is that it provides a shaded area for the adults who are watching the children swim and play. The kids in the pool don’t mind the sun, but if they are young enough that an adult needs to watch them, it can be torture sitting next to the pool without shade.

Have you considered adding a cabana, bathhouse, changing room or utility closet near the pool? Archadeck of Austin can design the perfect set-up to include whatever poolside building you desire, extending the roof toward the pool to provide a shaded seating area. This design will be a hit with family members and guests who enjoy the fun and games poolside but don’t actually want to get in the water — and don’t want to be scorched by the sun this time of year.

There are many reasons to add a porch to your home. In addition to providing shade, a porch can add value to your home and enhance the look and appeal of your home and landscape. Regardless of your motivation, with a covered porch you are more likely to enjoy the outdoors on those hotter Austin days.

If you are looking for shade and interested in seeing how our creative porch designs could work for you, contact Archadeck of Austin today at (515) 259-8282 or via email at to schedule a free design consultation.

Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.

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