Your Project And Home

How to tell us about your project and home

Pictures of the project area

• Anyone can take the pictures needed from a cell phone. Stand about 20 ft away and take 3 pictures from different perspectives.
• Also take any pictures of key features like a pool, or tree, major changes in the grade of the yard. Always stand back some so we can get a sense of how far one object is from another.
• 6 or 7 pictures is usually enough.

Measuring the house and project

• For most projects, a 16 ft tape will be fine and most people have a 16 ft measuring tape.

Of course, knowing the width and depth of the project are important.

We also need to know:

- the height above the yard
- the house wall height
- Existing patio measurements
- distance to windows
- distance to trees or other features like irrigation valves, pools, etc…

• A copy of your survey is VERY important, if you have one, please email it to us.

Roof Pitch

• On roof projects, it’s important to know the slope of the current roof. The slope is measured by how far up the roof goes over a 12 ft horizontal distance. We suggest printing this, stand in the yard and hold it up to tell which one is most like the slop of your roof.
• In many cases, we are tying into the roof and the slope will determine where the new roof runs into the existing roof.
• The other important measurements are the floor to bottom of the porch beam.

Here are some examples:

List of what you want

Below is a list of the different kinds of projects we do. Check off which ones you want for use in the discussion with your design consultant.

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