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Our Favorite Projects

Here at Archadeck of Austin we take pride in every outdoor living space structure we build. From the smallest pergola to the multi-faceted outdoor living environments and combination spaces. When we are designing and building your project, we treat it as if it were our one and only. People often ask us what our favorite projects have been over the years. This is a very difficult question to answer, because each of our designs is as special to us as it is to you. After careful deliberation, we have chosen a few of our favorites over the years and the reason they remain so memorable… enjoy!



Super South Austin deck project. Started out to be a place to sit the spa and turned into a complete outdoor room including the spa, bar with cooler, space to chill out and enjoy the green belt. All built level with the house slab on an AzekPVC deck. The pergola allows shade and lots of attention to low voltage lights, dimmable sconce lights and railing lights. Makes you want to hang out. You can view more images of this incredible project in our Archadeck of Austin Houzz galleries.


Probably our most ambitions roof projects. This one spans 30 ft, replaced an aging pergola and redefined the back of this home. The rear of the home faces west and was scorched by the evening sun, thus the closed gable roof. Inside it has a cathedral ceiling with 2 sky lights, a bar with fridge and several fans. Now everyone can enjoy the pool and have a great space to get out of the sun but still be outside.


Top left

We do a lot of cabanas but I particularly like this one because it compliments the space so well. The size is not too big and not too small and the detail is outstanding. It has a corner fireplace, kitchen, bar, and space for dining. You could just spend all day outside, at the pool and into the evening. It probably the best definition of what it’s all about.

Top right

We can’t take much credit for the general design because the client had been planning projects for many years. The home is their retirement location in Lago Vista. Cooking is the passion here. The roof addition and super looking fireplace we just necessities to house a kitchen with everything. Large grill, smoker, recessed burners, surface burners, warmers, fridge, sink, you name it it’s here. We even returned the following year to build a separate structure for another smoker. Makes me hungry thinking about it. Read the full story behind this amazing project in our blog article titled: Our combination project in Lago Vista, TX, turns up the heat with outdoor living possibilities!


Some projects are hard to capture in photographs. This is for sure one of those. We replaced an aging deck with this multi-level deck and includes a new roof cover over the top deck which serves as the main cooking and dining area. The deck actually has 4 separate levels and is built on a very challenging grade making the back yard unusable without the decks. This provided the homeowner a covered living space at the top center, an uncovered area next to that which is built to provide a perfectly dry area below. The space below the center deck was enclosed to provide storage and stairs to navigate around the trees.



We do a lot of beautiful projects but I put so much of my personal design touch into this one it’s probably my all time favorite. It’s a cliff deck overlooking the loop 360 bridge with stunning views. The horizontal railing with double wide cap is completely unique, as well as the 6 sided tables made from the composite material. There are 3 zones of low voltage lighting including perimeter lights and lights under the tables. Love the customer and super happy they allowed us to build this. This project was featured in the 2016 issue of Qualified Remodelers magazine and you can read all about the details in our blog post: Custom features abound in this Austin, TX, elevated outdoor living space.

Lower left top

This is one of the many Steiner Ranch projects we have done. Other than the great stained concrete patio, kitchen, patio, and pergolas; we also added on the exercise room that extends from the double French door to the left. This was a completely finished extension to the home and you would never know it was not built on the home originally.

Lower right top

Also a Steiner Ranch project that unfortunately can never been seen unless your playing golf at the UT Golf Center. The project has double composite decks and pergolas, a firepit, very unique railing design and under deck storage. This was a complex project and tremendous enhancement of the space

Lower left bottom

South Austin home for someone that wanted to spend more time outside than inside. This project added 30% more living space to the home and include a kitchen seating firepit space and room for nice furniture. Best of all the initial design was accepted without changes. On a
project his large, that was unique.

Lower right bottom

Wow – stunning appeal. This was a very complex roof design in an very irregular space with lots of challenges but turned out really nice. It’s full, giant fireplace, kitchen, cabinets, TV wall and one request from the client was to be able to sit in the spa and watch the game – he got that and much more. Read all about this project in our blog titled: Join Archadeck of Austin as we explore this hideaway in Westlake Hills

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